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    Elisis made me a logo. :P
  • Birthday June 6

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    Haroto. (or TofuHaroto)
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    I made one, I forgot about it.
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    Ask. c:
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    Haroto i think?
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    Techincally exists, but I don't use it.

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    PC hardware in general, more specifically, I'm interested in CPU's in general and Motherboards.
    I'm New to audio, And so far i'm Enjoying it.
    Want to get into photography.
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    Ryzen 3 3100
  • Motherboard
    B550m TUF plus
  • RAM
    16gb 3200 cl16 (2x8) Hyper x fury RGB
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Windforce 1650 super
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    Stock Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Prebuilt Gk61 with optical Gateron reds
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    Death adder elite
  • Sound
    Logitech G432
    MoonDrop Starfield
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Phone
    Pixel 3a

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  1. Again.. I'll believe it when they can back up their claims with actual evidence not some picture that "doesn't look photoshopped".
  2. What? I'll believe something when I see it from a trusted source who can back up their claim(s) with actual evidence.
  3. "Legitimate sources" and "MLID" do not go in the same sentence.
  4. Let me guess, you got that from the popular conspiracy theorist MLID?
  5. If you can afford something like a unify I'm going to assume your budget is somewhere between 250-300ish euros. If so: To give some more options, Or the X570 tomahawk or the B550 strix f, the two boards that you mentioned above. All of these boards are good.
  6. Main difference between B550 and X570 is that on X570, the lanes that are wired to the cpu and to the chipset are gen 4 (Assuming you're using a zen 2/3 chip),on B550, the lanes that are wired to the cpu are gen 4, but the lanes that are wired to the chipset are gen 3. Unless you need the extra gen 4 lanes on X570, you're not missing out by going with a B550 board. What are you powering? budget? and location and currency?
  7. You do know the pro vdh max is pretty close in terms of vrm to these two boards? The b450m pro vdh max has 4 SM4337 and 8 SM4503 and the mortar just has more high sides (So 8 SM4337). It's a decent board, and will handle the 3100 just fine. As for other boards for around 100 usd: Or the b450m mortar max if you want an mATX board. Or the b450 a pro max if you can go ATX. All of these are 100ish usd or below. But the b450m pro vdh max is a pretty decent budget board if you want to go for it.
  8. So this came today and I was a bit surprised: 



    (Sorry for crappy phone pic)

    My Gk61 arrived! It was suppose to arrive on the 6th of December but it arrived today, this was my first time really using a mechanical (Or optical mechanical in this case. :3) Keyboard and it feels, sounds and looks awesome, worth every penny, I wont be able to use my old rubber dome ever again lol.  

    1. sub68


      looks good, my logitech g610 orion red is still going strong

    2. Eschew





      That is... acceptable.

      But if you start calling it mechanical again muh 🗞️ hand is gonna get twitchy. 619039042561900544.gif?v=1

    3. Haro
  9. The first Final test starts in a couple of days, pretty scary but I got multiple days to study for it and I should be able to manage it just fine, This time our school is going to try to finish the finals as quick as possible to avoid some random lockdown or something, so we don't have a lot of time to study for each final test, but the material is less. 

    But putting that aside.. 


    - - -



    - - - 

    Hab Picture of Dips being Cute as usual. 

  10. In terms of vrm, they're practically the same thing. It's an over all better board, it's got better IO, a better vrm that being 10 4C024N and 10 4C029N doubled compared to 10 4C06N and 10 4C010N. B550 doesn't support zen 1, you won't be able to use the 1600 with the new board. As I said, the a pro has a bios flashback button so you can update the bios to support zen 3 without needing a cpu installed.
  11. Then for around the 140ish bucks, the B550 a pro will be more than enough for a 5600x, the Gaming X is quite subpart especially at 140ish USD and the a pro is far better out of these two. Do note that the board might need a bios update to support zen 3, though it does have a bios flashback button at the back, so you can update the bios without needing a cpu installed.
  12. Budget? Location and currency and what are you powering?