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  • CPU
    AMD FX-8320
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
  • RAM
    16 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz Low Profile
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Aorus RX 570 4 GB GDDR5
  • Case
    Aerocool XPredator Black Edition (Full Tower)
  • Storage
    128GB Sandisk X400+4TB HGST-NAS+2TB-WD+1TB-WD
  • PSU
    Seasonic X-650 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    Samsung T240 (1920x1200 24") + Samsung 2494HM (1080p 24")
  • Cooling
    Zerotherm FZ-120 w/ Nexus RealSilent 120mm fan
  • Keyboard
    Microsft ComfortCurve 3000
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX518
  • Sound
    Logitech X-540 (5.1) + ALC889 onboard
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Home Premium

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  1. For some reason my brain farted MIPS when I was thinking of PowerPC and I didn't bother to google and check myself. You're correct, PowerPC is RISC, not MIPS.
  2. They can't, because they don't have x86 licenses. Also, no need for chipset if everything is inside the cpu. For example, Epyc motherboards can have no chipset, all that's needed is inside the cpu. Also no, they wouldn't want to go x86 because that would make them less different They were using MIPS RISC processors .. PowerPC processors from IBM, moved to x86 because windows got too popular and intel processors were faster and lower power, now they're moving back because Intel screwed them and can't make enough processors for them at the right price and power bud
  3. This is not correct. A lot of recent motherboards no longer split the 16 lanes into 2 pci-e x8 slots because SLI is no longer that popular and requires a license (which would add to the cost of the board), and because with pci-e 4.0 there is a length restriction, so if the length of traces all the way to bottom slot is above some threshold the board needs redriver/amplifier chips which again, cost $$ Again, not correct. In this particular motherboard he has, the 2nd pci-e x16 slot is pci-e 3.0 x2 well, again, you'd be incorrect. On this particular mo
  4. The sound card will run in any slot, as long as the slot is big enough to fit. It will run at pci-e x1, at x2, at x4, or whatever. The problem is the motherboard will disable pci-e slot OR disable sata ports or do things depending on what you install in your computer. If you insert m.2 nvme SSD in bottom slot, then the bottom pci-e x16 (electrically x4) gets disabled. If you connect a sata device to sata ports 3, 4 or 5 then middle pci-e x16 (electrically x2) gets disabled So since you have m.2 nvme ssd in bottom slot, your bottom pci-e x16 slot w
  5. Yeah ... 2nd m.2 connector will disable the bottom pci-e slot. One option would be to buy a pci-e adapter card to put your 2nd m.2 in the middle slot, which runs at pci-e x2 speed. An example of such adapter board : https://www.amazon.com/YATENG-Controller-Expansion-Card-Support-Converter/dp/B07JJTVGZM/ It's only half the speed, but almost 2 GB is still better than nothing. edit / ps ... middle pci-e x16 if use, will disable sata ports 3,4,5 ... so again if you have sata something in those connectors, middle pci-e x16 slot may not work.
  6. You have 24 pci-e lanes from the CPU AND 8 pci-e lanes from the chipset. CPU - 16 pci-e lanes go to video card pci-e x16 slot OR 2 pci-e x16 ( splits in 2 pci-e x8) if the motherboard supports it. CPU - 4 pci-e lanes go to first m.2 connector CPU - 4 pci-e lanes go to chipset (always wired to chipset) Chipset has 8 pci-e lanes Chipset - 4 pci-e lanes usually go to the bottom pci-e x16 slot Chipset - 4 pci-e lanes go to 2nd m.2 connector On x570 chipset, you have 8 pci-e 4.0 lanes. On B550 you have 8 pci-e 3.0 lanes.
  7. They're all idiots. Go with something with good ratings and from a known brand, try to go with 3200-3600 Mhz, and you'll be fine. Since you say Romania, my preferred store is pcgarage.ro , go there to memory and filter by 3600 mhz or 3200 mhz if you want cheapest and get something from corsair, crucial, hyperx, g.skill, patriot ... adata, kingston and teamgroup are also acceptable. If you're really paranoid, look up what memory chips are on the sticks and maybe avoid the ones that have hynix memory chips as it's said/rumored they have less overclocking pot
  8. QVL list is just an informative list, it's never meant to be complete, or a purchase recommendation. It's just a " we had these memory sticks in the lab and we tested the board with them" list. It won't even be updated. For example a board that was launched a year ago, will have a QVL memory list last updated maybe 10 months ago, but the board may have 3-5 bios updates since then all claiming improved memory compatibility or performance, but you won't see all the memory sticks in that list retested with the latest bios, it's too much work and manufacturers don't reall
  9. It's not booting from DOS. It's booting from floppy, loading bootloader which then simply converts the audio to bits and makes a ram drive. Nothing special. Would have been special if he made a custom floppy drive controller using an arduino and some stepper motors or something to provide seeks on the vynil, lifting needle to move to other track and so on. As it is, you can replace the vinyl with a cassette tape and you get the same thing. There was MS-DOS and Basic on casette tapes, sold commercially even.
  10. Also b550 chipset is pci-e 3.0 only, so the "downgrade to pci-e 3.0" fix would not apply to it. same for b450 chipset. Could there be some bugs? Yeah, could be... but I wouldn't rule out various Windows updates being a big part of it ... for example, can't tell you how many times the printer/copier monster at work failed to send the scanned pages to my shared network folder due to various Windows updates fucking with it and disabling the share without any notice.
  11. They don't make 80 GB drives anymore. They probably don't make 250 GB drives anymore but I may be wrong. Refurbished means it was probably pulled from a working pc that was sent to recycling as outdated, they erased the contents and tested the drive for errors and sold it to you. You can use applications like Aida64 or HWInfo or other applications to read the SMART information from the drive, which will tell you how many hours the drive was operational, if there were errors in the past and so on. As for what to do with that code .... it's up to you. Proba
  12. I'd suggest trying other genres of video games ... if you played mostly shooters, try some RPGs like let's say Neverwinter Nights or Dungeon Siege or other similar games with nice inventory, character classes etc... maybe try some adventure/puzzle adventure games like Syberia, The Longest Journey (the original), Phantasmagoria ... or try some real time strategy like Dune 2000, World of Warcraft, the original Command and Conquer games... or even some turn base strategy like Heroes of Might and Magic, King's Bounty etc Maybe you're ready to expand your taste in games, maybe you're s
  13. I guess it's possible ... there is some water in that thermal paste, so that could provide a good environment for bacteria. You can clean it off with some wet paper towels optionally dabbed in some isopropyl alcohol or regular sanitary alcohol or really any strong alcohol (vodka for example) to help disolve it. Then any thermal paste that's better than those silicon grease baggies will work.
  14. It's possible for a program to do that. Some ISPs will route some traffic through more congested fiber cables, and other traffic through more "premium" networks. One can rent a dedicated server in a datacenter that only offers a mix of "premium" networks which aren't oversold, so your packet goes from your pc to the isp and then much faster to the server through "premium" networks and then from the server to destination again through more "premium" networks. It would be faster than let's say ISP moving the data packets through a fiber cable that's oversold and which traf