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Mark Kaine

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  • CPU
    RYZEN5 3600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B350M
  • RAM
    2x8GB GSKILL TRIDENT-Z @3600 16-16-16-36
  • GPU
  • Case
    INWIN 301
  • Storage
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    CORSAIR RM650I 650W
  • Display(s)
    ASUS M279H
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    LOGITECH Z906 5.1
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  1. Ok, let's assume for a moment you did, but did you install all motherboard stand-offs?
  2. What light? The PSU is toast (most likely). Edit: does the monster thing still function properly? Did your PSU come with a PSU tester? Regardless, it's either of those 2 devices and most likely its the PSU, whatever happened took it out apparently.
  3. Ah so it was ddr2 then that probably ran a bit hot... Could also be used to comb your hair apparently! Such forward thinking! Yeah I did some research on this, ddr4 ram is rated for insanely high temps (100c i think) but it does become "unstable" at around 50c... so better to avoid that. : o
  4. Well what kinda ram was hip 11 years ago? Note this is already the updated "silent" version. : D
  5. XMP will help, but you'll still get fluctuations, if you can lock it to 60fps it might help also.
  6. AMD has typically higher highs and lower lows. Looked up some benchmarks (incredibly hard to find as usual) And in some games its 50fps low, 100fps high, so as expected high fluctuations. You need a gpu for more stable experience most likely. What resolution are you playing at? How do the fps numbers actually look like?
  7. Yeh, I oc my ram @ 1.36v (1.35 crashes??) and its about 35-40c max, but if I'd push it a little more im sure temps go up. It was once at 46c, not sure why, scared me a little lol. Yeah, but wasn't these coolers "invented" for some really hot ddr3 stuff? i seem to remember reading something about that, not sure.
  8. Basically all of your concerns - yes pretty much, hence I would (and did) go Nvidia. And Nvidia drivers really aren't that great, but its rather small issues, at least they are (usually) stable. Rt and dlss are great features but you aren't really missing out much either, except i would argue dlss certainly helps longetivity. This... depends on the games, but I think generally its over exaggerated, I don't really see a huge difference in vram usage at 4k , but again that obviously depends on the game. The amd obviously has more ram, its big
  9. While this doesn't apply to op's question, if you overclock the ram cooling can become necessary. RAM above 50C becomes unstable, it won't get damaged, just unstable so cooling is necessary hence they have these "meme coolers" : )
  10. The only way this potentially works is if your idea is absolutely staggeringly groundbreaking. Otherwise I don't have the impression you have the ability to pitch a videogame. No offense but - Netflix? Why? -there's no way to contact the big gaming companies? They all have contact info on their websites, etc... you just have to look it up. So this gives the impression you aren't really trying, and in that case as said the only way this would work is if its the best idea for a game of all times... and even then you have to make the right people interes
  11. Why? Thats pretty darn good... better than everything else, how is it underwhelming? And thats the problem, its entirely possible to make something that's good at ~30C but sucks at higher temps... so these results are just not conclusive... Also I'm wary, this video raised a bunch of red flags... he seems a "nice guy" I just don't trust him at all tbh... i was almost expecting a snakeoil ad at the end lmao.
  12. Well, some people apparently said f it and bought it anyways lol.
  13. Yeah, i heard ppl say that, but i didn't believe it because it didn't make sense to me - but after this and hearing about the decoupling thing i believe it... It already has been released - i have no idea why tho...theres like no mobos / cpus supporting it (i thought) https://us.amazon.com/TEAMGROUP-4800MHz-PC5-38400-Unbuffered-Computer/dp/B096KN5N9K Already sold out
  14. Yeah, they have decoupled memory speeds from memory controller speeds, there are 3 modes, 1:1, 1:2, and whatever is in the picture, to support higher frequencies...which always adds latency each, apparently... Seems weird to me. (^as far i understand) But yeah, maybe RAM manufacturers will be able to fix this?