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  1. I don't think so, sounds like the shitty auros hardware doesn't save settings like pretty much any other hardware would and thus loads settings every time from the app which it only can do once windows loaded. usually, with the hardware I had, u can set rgb however you like, deinstall the software and the hardware will *keep* the settings forever. you may try this but it doesn't really sound like it would work. thats why it's important to do research before buying things, I would never buy asus or gigabyte pc hardware for example, asus monit
  2. should be easily doable, I did this occasionally with r5 3600 and a GTX 1060 using Nvidia Shadowplay, you just have to find the right settings and maybe lower your ingame settings accordingly. as for quality i found its best to play super sampled at "1440p" (my monitor is 1080p) as youtube will allow a better bitrate at higher resolutions... again you have to find the proper settings and possibly adjust ingame settings accordingly depending on the game, it may also not work at all with some demanding games. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/285370
  3. NV gfe should basically work for any game - except maybe if it's only in some weird windowed mode... Afterburner same thing. Also I really like PrecisionX, it even shows the overlay in the little preview window of NV control panel lol
  4. oh ok got it, thanks (I still do have to digest the invisible wires thing though, but I guess they're just really thin or something)
  5. how does this even work... don't monitors / TVs have all kinds of circuitry in the back? And what about cables (for electricity)? I'm not saying this is fake, just how does it work lol - I know they have a box thing under the screen but still...? ps: these don't even seem to have a box!
  6. umm, isn't it just a TV at this point? fun fact : I can watch satellite TV on my monitor at any time, because it has... hdmi...! Also fun fact : I don't watch TV ever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. what do you expect from people who buy jpgs of their favorite waifu or "spaceship" for 1000s of dollars? because I'm pretty sure those are the same people.
  8. it's not Miku that's why... rookie mistake!
  9. I also prefer thick t-shirts, you know the kind that is usually 100 bucks or more for one shirt... but I do agree with the others, thickness isn't necessarily a sign of quality, tho personally I really don't like these see through shirts... I also don't believe I have a single t-shirt that's thin like this (and I have hundreds). is it made of 100% cotton or anything else? that'd might explain it.
  10. cancel the order. then complain about it on their twitter. may also seek compensation, may ask a lawyer about this first tho!
  11. I mean its written right under the video... BTW this looks really good not like ur usual upscale "4k remaster"... did they use some deep learning AI stuff I suppose? anyone know?
  12. if the movie isn't shot in 4k (which it may be tho) "quality" won't be great due to artefacts and upscaling algorithms. kind of like if you would say I can take an old, grizzly VHS tape and improve quality by "digitizing" it... it's not possible unless you use something like deep learning algorithms which isn't available to everyone and probably costly... Therefore the real question is where do you get the original movie in highest possible quality to do any of this?
  13. I believe this is mainly made to prevent modding of any kind, you really didn't think Microsoft likes people being able to tinker with files as they see fit? afaik they have their whole store locked down in such a way already, the rest of the OS will follow suit... Linux save us all! (lol never gonna happen though)