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  1. Right, i got confused with this , so what i think i really need to do is buy two 3pin fans, because im like 99% sure i tried that before and those actually stopped spinning on that header. i mean thats the thing, it works on any header with pwm or dc fans, except that one header only stops dc fans - if i remember correctlly. i guess i should really try swapping the 3pin fans with the 4pin vans to be sure .
  2. Did you actually buy it directly from them? Because if you did not. You also do not have a contract with them.and they do not whatsoever have any obligation to accept your RMA request. Ah, well , dont get me wrong, its scummy from them for sure, but legally they arent doing anything wrong. its quite baffling the seller refuses to honor the warranty though , unless you bought it used or something.
  3. Its not overlooked, the comparison is indeed beween whats *popular* and nowadays popmusic is simply at an all time low, no innovation, no energy, nothing... that doesn't mean there is no good music made anymore, but its usually niche genres that thrive, you dont hear that stuff on the radio. So yes, if you want to get into semantics, those may still be pop music, but not necessarily popular music, which i think most people talk about when they say "pop music nowadays sux" *with exceptions, like these girls who give metallica a run for their money for example
  4. Had the same with a Seasonic "Prime". It was so bad that it didn't only blow all fuses in the house, it also managed to somehow "melt" the plugs where youd plug the power connector in... Lesson learned, when your PSU comes with a "tester" return it ASAP.
  5. Try rolling.back the windows update and before you do that uninstall warzone and the blizzard launcher. Because if this is caused by updates that should actually fix it. Restart PC and try to play any other game then after you rolled the update back.
  6. This is kinda like PBO im guessing, without it my cpu (3600) is 10C cooler, and with PBO it clocks a bit higher on average but i see nearly no difference in performance (maybe 1%) And no, im not using cinebench to test performance as its a highly unrealistic workload (im just using gaming oriented benchmarks like 3dmark, as thats whats relevant to me)
  7. i have 120mm bequiet pure wings 2, theyre incredibly strong, try getting those instead And yes, i did the "paper test" even at low rpm they're very strong and move a lot of air. yeah, that is hot, im getting a crisis when mine is above 60C! Percentage is a bit of a useless measurement here, you gotta look at rpms, all my fans run at around 1000rpm under load, front intakes around 1500rpm and they're near inaudible (2x noctua 120mm) 20210505_165851.mp4 20210505_165851.mp4 this is with front panel off, the only t
  8. I found something still not really conclusive... looks like the 900 arent pwm and the 1700 indeed have *minimum RPM* of 450, oof. Edit: i guess i get what you're saying , but my current PWM fans will *not* ever turn off, theyll be 600rpm minimum... i do know silent wings 2 (3pin) do turn off completely on the same fan header, so i either need to buy those (apparently my exact model isnt available anymore tho) or i have to swap some fans, and hope it works.
  9. eh, not really, some fans have specified minimum RPM, such as the Lepa (600 minimum) or the other Noctua(1400 minimum!)... the problem is the info is sometimes not given , i guess i have to dig some more then, as i couldn't find the info for this specific fan yet.
  10. I know, i actually set it to higher clock, at less voltage tho, so its really an overclock-under voltage , and ive tested it a lot, its stable and improves performance (not sure, depending on application 5-10% im guessing) i can go much lower, i think this GPU is an undervolting champion but then itll clock lower obviously, it can do still above advertised boost at around idle voltage (so ~700mv) but that indeed becomes unstable in some games. And yeah heat is why i did this, i have just been surprised at how high it clocks, ive never got any GPU above 2000mhz *stable* before
  11. Tbh, me neither and i think i wouldn't be able to use it anyway on win ver 1809... But yeah, i *undervolted* my GPU, 2025mhz instead of ~1930mhz or so stock (interesting concept, give the GPU less power, itll boost higher ) (aso i really dont do unlocked framerates often, higher frequencies are still good for recording and stuff I wager) so I really do wonder what resizable BAR would even do or if it maybe is just snake oil after all
  12. I need replacement fans for my bottom intake to cool my GPU (3070) i currently have some Lepa fans installed which are ok, but their min speed is 600RPM, so I want to make sure the replacement fans can actually turn off completely when the GPU is not in use, i found the info for some other Noctuas (they do *not* turn off completely) but i cant find the info for the redux ones...
  13. Yeah, but it takes away a huge factor what made these games so unique in the first place, ive been playing RE Outbreak recently and its probably easily my fav RE game, so corny lol, but the only reason zombies / monsters are scary is due to the extremely limited player movement, otherwise you'd just run circles around them (which i did in RE remake especially lol) yeah, i can see that, its just a preference thing and what someone's used to i guess, and well aiming is probably better with kbm for sure, but the games i play arent really designed around precise aiming, so its not
  14. Generally one for each room and you're good to go!