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  1. I agree it can be... loud, but only under certain circumstances, in fact I think the only situation where it becomes actually loud is defragging, which I do like once a month. My Seagate barracuda that I had previously was generally more loud and more often, I have to say I also experience a lot less issues since I don't use the barracuda in my pc anymore. It's in an external enclosure now, and even there it seems to "hang" sometimes, sometimes even to the point where windows becomes completely unresponsive... It's not a drive I would recommend personally, I like Hita
  2. Beaten, but nope? My Toshiba x300 has 4TB and it can go a lot higher
  3. Are you sure? https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/36331/intel-atom-processor-n270-512k-cache-1-60-ghz-533-mhz-fsb.html
  4. Yeah theoretically, if you find them at or close to MSRP, which is highly unlikely for the foreseeable future, especially on the GPU side. At the moment a 3070 seems to be about 700-1000 dollars, IF you can find one...
  5. 500-800 dollars Calling bs on this, unless you have a link where I can buy at that price ... Thats how I understood it too, though I don't agree, it's just extra fluff that I'd have to replace with a non Yolo cooling solution...
  6. There is no gpu "shortage" only new gen gpus are in low supply and high demand. Which naturally occurs when manufacturers launch prematurely. I get why they did it - though I don't get how people refuse to see this (you basically just have to understand that these gpus were really supposed to launch somewhere in March next year when enough supply would have been produced, and what the word prematurely means, but I digress lol) You can solely blame the new gaming consoles btw, that's all there is to it, really... ~
  7. How come? Is it a motherboard issue I suppose? That kinda sucks I guess, I couldn't live without fan control, despite what I described above my pc is near silent - at least in theory, it really was when I had a msi 1060 gaming x, even while gaming, but now the evga 1070 is more noisy, the fans are pretty weak, it's ok but compared to the msi a joke, fan control on the msi was a lot better too, by default and otherwise (I always use custom fan curve tho to avoid throttling, which basically always occurs with nvidia default fan curves, they kick in much too late...) Wha
  8. Couple of C can make a huge difference, especially when it means hitting the threshold for throttling which naturally is a lot lower than the theoretical max safe temps. It can mean 25 fps with dips or 30 stable, *huge* difference. I can only assume you don't game on a laptop, or you just didn't figure this out yet. Depends, tho using a laptop cooler with at least 4 fans is a must in my opinion, unless you have AC cranked up to absurdum, which works too, although runs the risk of condensation damage long term (theoretically) therfore a laptop cooling p
  9. Basic demand and supply. Happens when a manufacturer of highly popular items does a "paper launch" ie never planned to have enough supply to meet the demand. As for *why* they do this is up for speculation... Though a few reasons seem obvious - "launch" before AMD - free advertising due to high prices / low availability (basically everybody wants one and it's a main point of conversation) They're losing nothing by doing this, supply will ramp up at a later (planned) point, it's already known they will switch to another chip manufact
  10. You don't say! (this is Amazon US btw...) That said I would wait, and generally availability should be a bigger concern to you than non binding MSRP prices that aren't met anywhere...
  11. There aren't any silent fans, you can only try to have them running at low rpm, as high rpm is what makes them noisy. Thats not to say there aren't some fans that produce lower noise than others... I have 2 noctua and 2 Bequiet fans in my case, the Bequiet are more silent, but I feel the noctua push more air. I also don't really care how fast they run, think the noctua are at around 1000 rpm (or maybe 600) while idling, and when under load all 4 fans are near their max. Also when idling both Bequiet are off (one of them is the exhaust) cause I don't need
  12. Ah, cool never saw those... thanks guys! There's black ones too but these come with cables and stuff that cost easily more than the complete package including fans lol... Well they should definitely fit!
  13. that aren't trash preferably? I really have no idea if this exists, but I just back ordered a 3070 ftw3 and it's going to get very tight (length is ok, case has enough space for 310mm gpu) but I'm using bottom intake fans (currently just one) and I'd like to keep using them but it's going to be too tight with normal sized fans so I need slimmer fans. If they exist?
  14. wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey is sketchy now? FYI this will find the original product key, which is all you need for reactivation through Microsoft, afaik.
  15. This is incorrect. You can use a win 7 key from any old pc that will work with a completely new pc and win 10, which is essentially what the op wants to do. Also in case this really doesn't work (due to a bug) OP can call Microsoft CS, as long they have the original win 7 or 10 license Microsoft *will* activate the new PC with online activation at no additional cost whatsoever.