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  1. It’s a known issue that it messes up audio ? Or just the high cpu usage ?
  2. Hey guys the last few weeks my audio has been going out of sync, starts off small and goes further and further out the longer the video goes on, only thing I have updates are video drivers and noticed a process called nvrla running high cpu usage now, like 8 percent all the time, if I boot the pc and close that nvlra process right away it’s a 5050 weather it works ok for the night, anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas I’m gona reinstall windows
  3. Thanks man, I only worry more because I run a constant 1.31v I don’t use a offset
  4. I was thinking about longevity as 1.31 is a bit higher than normal voltage plus heat isn’t good I hear
  5. Anyone else underclock in the summer, normally my temps in the uk are 60c with my 8700k at 5ghz 1.31v but last few days have been melting outside and iv hit 75c a few times which is a bit to hot for me for a daily oc was thinking of running 4.7ghz at 1.2v again to try reduce temps anyone else drop oc when weather is hot ?
  6. Last week I had black screen when gaming and gpu fans went to full speed, had to hold power button to turn off and then it booted into a blue screen, was ok for a week, the last night tried the metro exodus enhanced edition and had 2 blue screens but the blue screens were low res, didn’t catch the code, could it be bad gpu drivers ? Should I ddu or it is gpu or psu maby ? 2080ti temps 65c
  7. I’d say the 3080ti will perform about the same as the 3090, the ftw3 will be a better built card as it’s a premium model, however the 3090 has more vram and when u cam to sell u will get more more money for it, if u want to overclock and max the card out get the 3080ti, 3090 u won’t have to oc as much to get same performance. if it was me personally I’d take the 3090 but I’d be happy with either
  8. Machine has power and mobo lights up cpu fan spins but nine of the things plugged into USB ports light up, and no output to display
  9. Machine has power now but no output on screen so I’m thinking dead gpu
  10. Not my oc but a friends just died and won’t come back on after power cut, what’s mostlickly gone on it?
  11. Might be worth looking up if digital compression takes up 2 chanles ? Try running ur monitor at 60hz and see if that enables the other one, or try unplugging tge g9 getting the others working then putting the g9 on last and see if that then becomes disabled ?
  12. Windows defender works just fine u less you trying to buy a midget sex slave off of the dark web
  13. How many inputs does ur Samsung monitor require ? Does it run on 2 DisplayPorts ?