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  1. Might be worth looking up if digital compression takes up 2 chanles ? Try running ur monitor at 60hz and see if that enables the other one, or try unplugging tge g9 getting the others working then putting the g9 on last and see if that then becomes disabled ?
  2. Windows defender works just fine u less you trying to buy a midget sex slave off of the dark web
  3. How many inputs does ur Samsung monitor require ? Does it run on 2 DisplayPorts ?
  4. It’s a test of a true pc when the game rendering looks better than the cut scene
  5. Use display port on back of ur mobo if u have onboard igpu on ur cpu
  6. Found out they do a wireless version of the basilisk with infrared instead of mechanical so hopefully the switches will last longer
  7. My mouse right click broke and im in the market for a new one, I play FPS games iv had a 502 and a basilisk both were great and lasted 2 years each, there no limit on budget I want a high end mouse for FPS please recommend me some to look at thanks
  8. U need the latest afterburner then there a tick box in the options to unlock voltage controls