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  1. Pailt make all the quadro cards for nvidiot so there pretty trust worthy
  2. Get a nzxt bracket in it and a 280 aio
  3. So I just opened my new monitor and I noticed a dead pixel, I read about applying a bit of pressure and to fix it, didn’t work, so I gave it a little flick and it disappears lol !
  4. You would think that a big company sending 100’s of thounsands of pounds worth of stuff out the door would get more staff this time of year
  5. They really need to sort there warehouse shit out
  6. Hope u got ur money back for next day delivery
  7. Because he said if I payed next day delivery they would pick it now to get it in the post but because I’m collecting I’m not important
  8. Ordered a monitor today click and collect, There was suposed to be a follow up email with a collection time, heard nothing all day called customer services and they said it will be ready on Wednesday ? like wtf ? Click and collect should be same day? He said the ware house was busy so I said if I ordered it for next day delivery would u go pick it now to get it in the post? He said yes. So I asked if he would pick it now so I can get it ( shop front shit because of COVID but they do click n collect out the warehouse) and he said no. what gives ? Surly people willing to coll
  9. I wish they would just make a bad boy 1440p crt monitor and just work on that tech as it was miles better than what we have today
  10. Hi guys, will 240hz and high response times help with clarity in motion, ei looking around in game things are blurry when moving the mouse I currently have a ips 144hz panle 4ms response time but I’m looking at a 240hz va panle with 1ms the only reason I want to upgrade is for being able to see better why the camera is moving what are your thoughts
  11. 2080ti and both are 1440p so there won’t be a hit
  12. Currently I have a Xb270hu 144hz 1440p ips gsync monitor looking at the Samsung oddesy g7 32 inch va panle 240hz gsync va hdr600 with 8 edge lite zones, my current monitor has really good motion blur reduction at 120hz would the 240hz look less blurry ? Or does it depend on the monitor is it worth upgrading from what I have I play overwatch a lot and love shooting games so high refresh sounds good but is it going to be a better experience than my 120hz with ulmb ?