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  1. I agree on the diminishing return, 90-110 FPS is the sweet spot anything high is just not making that much differance apart from esports
  2. Set core to 50 in bios with ur required voltage then in windows leave it in balanced power mode
  3. Try 5ghz at 1.35v if stable try 5.1 if not up voltage by 0.01v till stable
  4. Yeah about 18c it dropped me always annoyed my coldest core is 5c lower lol my fan speed was 1200rpm so not crazy either and my ambient temp is about 20cand I idle at 31c
  5. I’m not testing with 95 that’s the temp on the hostess core after 10 loops or r32 and 60 mins of Aida 64 I don’t need to test it further as I only game on it and my gaming temps are 60c also my voltage is quiet low for 5ghz 1.31v is very nice
  6. U think 75c on a 5ghz 8700k is high for a 240 ?
  7. Yeah so 95c with no delid is to be expected
  8. Not really I have a 240 aio on my 8700k 1.31v 5ghz and I hit 75c and I’m delidded
  9. All depends how well each chip overclocks mate
  10. 5950x and get a high end 3090 like a strix oc or kingpin so u can overclock the crap out of it
  11. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/3xs-x570-rgb-hardware-bundle-amd-ryzen-9-5950x-asus-strix-x570-f-32gb-ddr4-corsair-h100i-elite-capel here u go job done even had a aio cooler and ram
  12. Get a 5950x with a decent board and re use ur ram if u got 1.5k
  13. I’m 30 and want to play it but not if it’s a child’s game