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  1. This is sort of a bullshit recommendation, you don't know if that's available in OP's country and you don't know how much it will cost if it's available. An Rm750 is listed at 13,000 INR on PCPartPicker India, and OP's budget tops out at 8,000, which is very clearly stated at the top of his post.
  2. The silverstone SG02 is a tiny MicroATX case... Perhaps the tiniest. But no 240mm radiator support. The Inwin 301 comes to mind.
  3. In terms of wattage, yes, your components only eat about 375w. In terms of quality? I wouldn't trust that VS 650 as far as I could throw it. Get this instead - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B077GFQVR4 Much better PSU, more overhead for upgrades, better protections, 7-year warranty. Also in your budget.
  4. It looks like you just bent the fins and scratched up the surface, so if it's not leaking it should be fine. The one thing I'd possibly worry about is that it's broken off stuff on the inside and pieces may get lodged somewhere. Doubt it though.
  5. Does anyone know about a lav mic that has a true mute switch? Not like the one on the Boya BY-M1, which just turns the LR44 power to the mic on/off, which just increases the signal. I need to be able to turn the lav mic on and off from the switch.
  6. Got one hooked up to a 5700xt + OC 3600 in my friend's PC, been going strong for well over a year. Budget or no, it's a really good PSU.
  7. This PSU has no business being this good at this price. Rated as one of the best units in Tier B on our forum's PSU list https://www.newegg.com/corsair-cx-series-cx450-450w/p/N82E16817139201?Item=N82E16817139201 Perfect for a budget build, though a 450w can handle surprisingly high-end components; a 5600x+3070 build only gets to about 375
  8. I would just get a USB card (the front panel ones are nice) and either a pcie wifi card that includes bluetooth, or just one of those USB bluetooth dongles.
  9. What are you talking about. There's literally no risk, just take off the side panel and look inside the thing. They're designed to be dealt with exactly that way. If you're planning on building a PC but you're too afraid to take the side panel off your existing one, building a PC will pose a very serious challenge...
  10. You need to be more specific about your budget and location, availability and pricing vary drastically Here's an affordable one, rated for 100hz but you can probably overclock it to 120. https://pcpartpicker.com/mr/newegg/tFbCmG
  11. Apple will do everything in their power to prevent a mod like this, since it'll invalidate their M1 computers. So not likely.
  12. If this is a prebuilt, likely an OEM 560 - AMD made those. Maybe try the old school method of... Opening the case and looking at the card?
  13. It's great value. Really hoping to pick one up refurbished for $500ish next year.
  14. Should have upgraded your GPU, a 6100 is fine but an R7 360 sucks
  15. No. That's completely insane, the R7 360 is an extremely outdated card that wouldn't even be bottlenecked by a Sandy Bridge i3.