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    i7 7700HQ
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    2x8GB 2667 MHz
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    GTX 1060
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    Alienware 13R3
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    512GB Toshiba NVMe SSD
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    1440p OLED display
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    Logitech MX Master
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    KZ ZSA
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  1. Wait... What are your current PC specs?
  2. Idk the software is pretty make-or-break with video editing. As a beginner, it's impossible to beat Final Cut Pro, and in terms of having a great, colour accurate screen as well as a decent PC, a macbook is actually gonna save him money, and the m1 chips are bananas in OSX
  3. If you're a beginner learning new software, final cut pro is the best. Just like Garageband is almost exactly like Logic Pro, except free, iMovie is also a lot like Final Cut Pro, except free. M1 Macs are pretty powerful and actually reasonably priced, and the colour accuracy you get with a Macbook screen is almost impossible to beat without spending $500+ on the monitor alone. So yeah, as a big PC fan, I would just get a mac. There are huge student discounts on Macbooks and on Final Cut Pro. Go ahead and do that
  4. I met up with someone called alcohol-something but no in-game mail - was that you? Also quick question, does GW2 have sometimes unplayably laggy servers? It worked for a few hours yesterday and I had fun, but today only 1 out of every 10 login attempts even work, average ping is in the 3000s, I've done 'victory or death' like 5 times to be yeeted at various stages
  5. Yeah I could, but I also remember not liking having to grind. I just might though - which class was it that could set up portals? Seemed the most useful for jumping puzzles I'm on Aurora Glade btw, username is Aereldor, character is Caedmorin
  6. I started off as a human elementalist because I liked the main theme for Divinity's Reach, explored every starting area and did some of the jumping puzzles, but my character's level 80. I have no idea how I got there, it's been years, and the story is on the Mouth of Zaitan boss fight. I think I set it up when I was in New York but I'm in India now so yes, I feel the time difference. This would be great, thanks! But wouldn't I have to make a new account to use a EU server?
  7. Yeah WOW was very unfriendly to a newcomer, I tried to get into it on no less than 5 occasions. I could give GW2 another chance - with a free account it won't let me change servers though
  8. Idk it just felt quite isolating, nobody to talk to and nothing to actually do with other players - everyone seemed to just be running past the world events; I tried to do a few of them solo but kept getting killed since they were likely set up for more than 1 player. Tried asking around the main cities but only one guy talked to me and said 'pay for the game or it's impossible to have fun' haha. I wouldn't mind some company to explore the maps, do the jumping puzzles, dungeons, some PVP maybe
  9. Just rejoined GW2 after like 5 years, can't find much to do on a free account. Anyone want to play?
  10. So I decided I wanted to give MMOs a go again, and the general consensus was Guild Wars 2. I checked it out - the main story was boring as fuck, none of the players so much as spoke, I couldn't reach any of the guilds, no LFG results after 3+ hours... Game seems dead. Are there any games out there where I could find people to play and hang out with?
  11. That card is just fine for 1080p. You're not getting a new GPU anytime soon with these shortages. I'd wait and see what 3070 ti pricing will be.
  12. 'Reasonable' and 'Scalper' don't often go together... Define 'reasonable'.
  13. It probably doesn't help that I tried on 5 different occasions, 2-3 years apart, to play WOW but couldn't stand it for more than an hour each time.
  14. Right now is also an awkward time to build, there's a global supply shortage of GPUs, and there are problems even at the semiconductor level. It's got so bad that NVidia may re-introduce the RTX 2060 at nearly retail price. You might want to think about waiting a little longer before building.