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  • CPU
    Intel 7700K
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    ASUS Maximus VIII Gene Z170
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    2*8GB G.SKILL RipJaws IV 3000CL15
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    Intel HD Graphics 630 (sold my 2070)
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    Silverstone SG04B-H mATX
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    Intel 660P 2TB M.2 SSD + Seagate 16TB HDD
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    Thermaltake London 550W Gold
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    LG 65E7V Oled TV
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    ID-Cooling IS-50
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    Logitech K800
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    Logitech Performance Mouse MX
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. I made a mistake, DC fan don't have an RPM signal cable (the fourth). Maybe it doesn't work because the signal gets scrambled when you daisy chain DC fans, it would work with PWM fans.
  2. You didn't answer to "Only one of those reports its speed to the mobo, maybe switch those fans so another one reports its speed."
  3. I guess your psu should be powerfull enough (I didn't check) but maybe it isn't. Do you daisy chain your 2 gpu power plugs ? do you have other to try ? Once I fixed my build by simply switching my 2 gpu power plugs I'd reinstall that gpu to be sure it fits well in it's slot, same with Ram. Then I'd replug all my connectors...
  4. Nice build ! Did you change anything in the Bios ? did you try resetting it ? I wouldn't suspect the psu in that case, I'd be more after the mobo (I'm no expert). But still, I doubt it's a hardware failure. You probably have your original psu cables, in that case you could try those (one easy step). You also could check if you connected those few pins correctly from case to mobo. Also maybe check your Bios, I believe there are settings about what to do when a case button is pressed...
  5. Did you set CHA_FAN3 to DC mode and the PWM fans to PWM mode ? I've had speeds not reporting correctly when being too low but 1000rpm is enough. I guess you daisy chain your 3 DC fans. Only one of those reports its speed to the mobo, maybe switch those fans so another one reports its speed. You probably have a utility that shows those speeds in Windows, what does it show ?
  6. You can 3 front fan, it's a bit over the top, but it makes sense to me too. I'd try without the top fan, too. Maybe even give it a try without the rear fan. I've done airflow bending in the past. With transparent plastic foils, easy to cut and bend. Between fan's and gpu to force their airflow.
  7. A few weeks ago there was an HP Omen 11700, 3060Ti, 2TB SSD new for 1570usd available here (I understand it's not the answer you want, but it's sort of a reference)
  8. I don't understand what you mean. A 1TB HDD is small to me, maybe not to you
  9. "It should run at default." I meant, those stick will probably run alright at 2133mhz. Seems like a sensibel thing to try next, to me. Then maybe slowly increase frequency (or decrease to 2800 from the 3000 setting) Probably you'd hardly see a difference.
  10. Around here a 1TB hdd is worth 38usd. But that drive has a pretty bad value (0.038usd/GB) because it's so small.
  11. Do you run the Ram at 3000 or at default ? It should run at default.
  12. I'd say it depends on your motherboard, My motherboard can update Bios without even booting, this is one thing I'd try. Some motherboard have 2 bios chips, which helps, I guess. Can't you reupdate the Bios ? Maybe something's wrong otherwise, I've never had my pc crash while updating bios (And I do each available update, I crave updating)