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About Somerandomtechyboi

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    The ludicrous budget stretcher

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    I just wanna (try to) help and find some meaningfull purpose in society
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    Long live the penguin os
    Shatter goes the window os

    Ways to piss me off : overspending on useless garbage like rgb
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    Demolishing and flaming pcpartpickers xD


  • CPU
    Pentium e5400, it can run 4.5ghz on my testbench but the motherboard on mu testbench seems to kill any oem psu that tries to power it (psu voltages go haywire). Currently running on a g31 board @ 3.63ghz & 1.184-1.2v
  • Motherboard
    Currently using a gigabyte g31 board but i have a p5q and p5q pro that has a broken pin, both with p5q pro turbo bioses
  • RAM
    A 2gb chinese 800mhz stick and a zepplin 2gb 800mhz stick, seems like chinese ram will work pretty well on picky boards like the p5q
  • GPU
    Igpu (g31) or a gts 250 that will not work unless another graphics card is attatched to the system (9500gt that cant install drivers)
  • Case
    Nope, just a mobo box
  • Storage
    240gb hdd and a whiny 80gb hdd
  • PSU
    Random 500w oem psus
  • Display(s)
    Syncmaster 752
  • Cooling
    A chinese alseye cooler (eddy-90b)
  • Keyboard
    a logitech keyboard
  • Mouse
    A chinese gaming mouse, which is useful as a power led and has multiple buttons, though i should have just bought the bloody a90 instead
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 ftw!
  • Laptop
    A craptop with a dualcore celeron that performs worse than my pentium at stock clocks
  • Phone
    Vivo y51

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  1. Im more talking about the vcore ajdustment So is nb multi the fsb strap? Or is it something different? Cause on my p5q the nb volts go up to 2.2v but theres no option to adjust nb multi nor nb gtl
  2. Im also considering dabbling in selling computers though ill prob focus more on ultra cheap at first to actually test if theres a demand and see if they sell If they dont sell you need to lower prices If they sell pretty well then you may wanna raise prices slightly Honestly i think you should try some cheaper options like upgrading and flipping prebuilts for a profit Ive considered prebuilts but for some reason i can just build my own systems for the same price (considering that in a prebuilt ill prob discard the psu, cooler, etc.) But your situ
  3. No do not Id say 1.5v absolute maximum, and thats already really sketcy 1.45v is a max that i reccomend My rule of thumb is just go and see how high of a voltage extreme overclockers go then -0.3v and you get a max safe voltage, most extreme ocers that ive seen seem to go max 1.75v on ryzen which equals 1.45v if my rule of thumb is applied so going over 1.45v is sketchy
  4. I dont really care about style as much as i care about performance but ill look into this mesh case
  5. Actually i suggest going to x99 and buying e5 2683 v4 es cpus, 16 cores for 145$, and the ipc is not garbage since i think these are broadwell 14nm cpus
  6. Pbo enabled or no? Average temp? Average clockspeed if you run a benchmark? If you are wondering why im asking this, basically to just see/confirm if these aios are trash or not
  7. Eh its pretty much the generic first time builder choice Rams are overpriced garbage, idk why ppl even buy this inferior corsair ram when crucial ballistix 3600mhz cl16 is at the same price I do not suggest going intel, you are most likeley not overclocking so intel is no good, just go for a 5800x, good performance out of the box A cheap 240mm aio gets obliterated by cheap dual towers like the fuma 2 or phantom That drive for being dramless is overpriced trash, just go for a mushkin pilot e or kingston a2000 instead as those have dram cache
  8. I think ive seen someone else on this forum that "upgraded" from a drp4 to a core liquid 360r I think that guy experienced some horrible temps vs the drp4 and a 360mm aio like the liquid freezer obliterates a d15 so prob some rather garbage aios or just his sample Anyways what are your temps? You should be able to just jse a fan control program like speedfan and make the fans spin slower
  9. No one ever even overclocks anymore so wasting on a z board and k cpu is a really dumb choice unless you are ok with high volts (~1.6) and the cpu running like a nuclear reactor, even then your aio is prob still not enough so dont bother unless you are willing to buy a waterchiller and use a custom waterloop or just switch to phase change cooling Just get ryzen, much more efficient and you dont even need to overclock it, + you can get a cheaper board with ryzen and you dont need a beefy cooler so better value overall If you are just gaming then a 5600x is enough
  10. Board is a g31m s2c Cpu is a c2d e8400, this particular sample im using is similar to my other c2d so 4.05ghz 1.28v Ram volts ive set at 2v Fsb term/vtt ive set to max offset (idk the exact volt, maybe if i find the ic that controls this volt) I could use a p31 ds3l since its identical to this board and has a setting for nb but for some reason these things are as expensive as p5q boards ;-; oh and my 1066 ddr2 isnt stable at 900mhz on this board so def nb
  11. Well if you arent forced to go overbudget or downgrade something actually important (cpu, gpu, ram, etc.) Then i think its ok, though liquid freezer are better value and potentially better performing aios And yes if it isnt obvious i go performance +value >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anythi
  12. Idk Basically just means ram compatibility list, though most low end boards will not be picky with ram so you should be good with most rams
  13. Mobo qvl is bs and most rams will work fine for your board, just buy 2 8gb 1600mhz ddr3 sticks and you should be good