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  1. I'm not asking for myself, I'm running a RTX 2060 and have no need to upgrade. One of my friend wants to upgrade his GPU on his 7 year old (judging by the CPU) machine.
  2. Can all PCIe 4.0 GPU be used on all PCIe 3.0 motherboard? (I know it will run at a reduced bandwidth)
  3. Hi, I'm trying to my head around how ARGB works when you don't have an ARGB header. Does the Cooler Master Small Addressable RGB Fan Controller allow you to: 1) Control your ARGB components using software on your PC? 2) Give you the same functionality as you would get if you had a ARGB header on your board? Thanks in advance (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, i wasn't totally sure where to put this question)
  4. It wasn't actually a question of SATA backwards compatibility, both the motherboard and drive are SATA 3. To reword my question: why do SATA 3 motherboard manufactures provide a list of compatible SATA 3 SSD, are there SATA 3 drives that won't work with certain SATA 3 motherboards?
  5. Given a motherboard that supports SATA III and a SATA III SSD, that isn't listed on the motherboard manufacturers support list, what is the risk (or chance) that the drive is incompatible with the motherboard?
  6. Both the Seagate and Kingston software designed to access the health of the drives has come back with the drives as healthy as has crystal disk (sorry should have mentioned that above)
  7. For a while now I've been having issues when installing games to either of my hard drives. The download and installs will start off fine with the drive achieving 8+ MB/s but after a while it drops to tens of KB/s or less (disk activity goes to 100% on the drive being used and I've seen the disk queue climb to more than 2 mins). I have been unable to diagnose any problems with the disks using crystal disk and the software provided by Seagate and Kingston (on their website) however I've attached the results of a passmark drive test below. I haven't noticed the dip in performance on the SSD (my C
  8. I'm after some custom cables SATA power cables for my Cooler Master Masterwatt 650 PSU. Having gone on Cablemod.com, I've been able to customise what i believe is the cables i want. However, they are for a different model of PSU (Cooler Master V650). Will these cables be compatible? Thanks in advance
  9. Having gone on Cablemod.com, I've been able to customise what i believe is the cables i want. However, they have been customised for a Cooler Master V650 instead of a Cooler Master Masterwatt 650. Will these cables be compatible?
  10. I'm looking for a place that sells 5 pin SATA power cable. Can't find one online. Thanks in advance to anyone who can send me a suggestion.