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    nightmarevoid reacted to Bombastinator in Power cleaner for single electronics?   
    I looked for such things long ago.  The only stuff I could find was either industrial and designed for mainframes or whole house residential.  I use a UPS as a sort of garbage power cleaner because I can’t get anything better.  I’d like to though.  Cost was a big one. I couldn’t find anything under five grand.  I would have laid a couple hundred out for a single machine device in A heartbeat though.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to ShizzenDizzen in Doom 2016 hangs up when on loading screens, Ctrl+Alt+Del fixes it   
    Topic is old, but this was the only site where I found someone with the same problem. So that's why I am still writing here. After finishing Doom Eternal, I wanted to play Doom (2016) again (had played it on a PS4 some years ago).
    I had the same Issue as you did. And after researching a little, I found a fix, that at least is working fine with my system:
    GTX 1660 Ti (Mobile)
    Intel i7 8750h
    32 GiB RAM
    And an SSD (not so important, I guess)
    So Sauron's assumption was right. Vulkan did the thing for me. But when you are monitoring your FPS or any other data with GEFORCE Experience or any similar program, something's off. This is what I'd found from the devs:
    So I have turned off my GEFORCE in game overlay and am using the advice from the devs to show the fps counter you can use in the advanced settings in Doom. Compared to Doom Eternal the loading is still slow, but I don't have to ctrl + alt + del all the time when I am dying or so.
    Hope this still is helping some...
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from AngryPandaPC in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    Linus has done plenty of videos on using a server to simulate multiple user systems, but I'd like to see one that uses current hardware on both the server and consumer side. Namely, I'd like to see them build a typical gaming PC ($700-$1000 range) and some other stuff like a NAS, home work station, and maybe dedicated linux game server, and then compare it to a virtualized system running in a server rack (or just a big beefy case) using beefy current hardware from AMD/radeon, Intel, and Nvidia. I'd really be interested in a total comparison involving cost, footprint, power consumption, noise, convenience, and where that intersection is where one method becomes better than the other (if there is one). I'd like to see where the performance hits are, if any.
    I think a circular chart with each category on a point around it would really help to visualize this (all I can think of as an example is those vehicle stat charts in racing games or for stands in JoJo's bizarre adventure).
    I'm interested because one big virtualized machine sounds like the best option for minimalist/compact living in terms of materials, power, and noise, but I just don't know. Any thoughts from other users or LTT employees? I promise to buy some merch if you make it!
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    nightmarevoid reacted to vukos in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
    this is hilarious
    I tend to buy quite a lot of refurb products but I've never seen a packaging job this bad
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in Acer, newegg... wtf...   

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    nightmarevoid reacted to MadAnt250 in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
    I feel your pain, they need to use foam and have it fit snug in the box.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to VadersDad in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
    Dude that is beyond absurd, I would be irate.  Had a similar thing happen at microcenter a couple years back, bought a open box PG348Q, sticker said good on it, brought it home, corner of the screen was cracked from clearly being dropped.  noticed the sticker was over another one, peeled it back and sure as s*** the yellow sticker said cracked screen on it.  In my case I threw a giant bitch fit and had unmistakable proof they were shady, they gave me a brand new one for the same price as open box.  Best of luck on your RMA.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to kirashi in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
    Then login to Newegg and open a support ticket, including pictures of how absolute SHIT their packaging job was. Ask them for a full refund, then take your business elsewhere, or risk ordering another refurbished unit. (or buy something new?)
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    nightmarevoid reacted to The_russian in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
    What did they expect to happen, the monitor would be protected by some magical bubble around it? Or that shipping companies don't treat packages like shit?
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    nightmarevoid reacted to Purgent in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
    That is an inexcusable attempt at packaging.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to r2724r16 in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
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    nightmarevoid reacted to Statik in Acer, newegg... wtf...   
    Did you buy this used or new?
    New products should be shipped in manufactures packaging, and would never be packaged like this.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to Samfisher in Please Educate Me On VR Headsets   
    Both first gen devices from Oculus and Vive share the exact same specs IIRC.  Same resolution and refresh rates.  Refresh rates are a major concern, as the PS4 VR only does 60hz and that's....not enough for VR.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to Samfisher in Please Educate Me On VR Headsets   
    The sensors on the quest are great, and don't require external sensors if you're doing the wireless thing.  I don't know about the wired usage of that though, it's pretty new functionality for it.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to Samfisher in Please Educate Me On VR Headsets   
    None of these headsets eliminate the screendoor effect.  You'll need to go quite a bit higher resolution for that to happen, and for once it isn't the GPU tech that's holding it back, it's the display cable bandwidth.
    1. It has both with a new update, it's firstly a wireless device powered by a mobile processor in the headset, but it can now also be connected to the PC.
    2. Yes it's still going on but there's various workarounds for most of them, and they're all collected in a community spreadsheet that gets updated frequently.
    3. Sensors are a must, and 2 is the minimum recommended.
    4. CV1 is still viable, but IIRC it's a bit lower res etc Just get a Rift 2nd hand, that's what I use.
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from DaggerBomb in Help! Can't Remove GPU   
    Just pull the tab backwards ("up" in the reference frame of the picture) as you pull out the card. They are really annoying, but not dangerous. Some tweezers or a screwdriver might help.
    This is actually nice compared to the sliding locks that need to be pulled backwards to unlock. Those are luck based.
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    nightmarevoid reacted to Donut417 in Educate me on Plex please   
    Shortcomings wise plex doesnt run well on all streaming devices. Up til recently the Live TV functionality ran like dog shit on Fire Sticks. Strength wise it can transcode on the fly and Plex is very versitle when it comes to setups. I for example store all my media on a NAS and use an old desktop for transcoding.  My Plex setup runs on Ubutnu current LTS release. Runs fine, I havent had issues unlike when I ran it on Windows 10. Just the setup on Linux might be a bit more invovled.  Plex could pretty much give two fucks where you storage is. It can be internal or extenral.  Transcoding is based on what streaming devcies you using. Prime example, I have the Plex Pass which allows me to do the Live TV recording. OTA TV is done in MPEG2. My firestick has no issues, the two Roku sticks in our home wont do MPEG2, so it will transcode if eaiter or both of those devcies are being used with Live TV. Further more, Plex pass also gives you Hardware Transcoding. Depends on your hardware you can utilize that or just do sofware transcoding. To be clear, hardware transcoding happens on the GPU side, but it only does VIDEO, Audio will still transcode via your CPU. All my media besides live TV are in MKV format. But thats because all my devcies support MKV.  Keywords here. Make MKV and Handbreak. Those two pieces of software will help you out.  I only deal with DVD's at the moment. I think make MKV can do Bluray, but it might be hit or miss. Just be aware that blurays are probably going to be about 25-50 gigs if you want full quality.  The first step should be looking at the devices you want to stream to. Determine what video/audo formats they support. Next would be to rip your media in to that said formats. Keep in mind that if your device doesnt support the resolution that the video file is in, it will have to transcode that file as well. So its good practice that if you do 4K videos, that you also maybe do a 1080P version to keep for devcies that dont support 4K. 
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from Animal901 in Anyone else uncomfortable with people being rude to digital assistants?   
    I feel like I'm pretty much alone in this regard. I've been using digital assistants for as long as I've been able, mostly because I find it fascinating how close we can get to approximating our own interactions, and whether or not there's a point where assistants will have to deviate to continue being efficiently helpful. 
    But you know what? A lot of people are super mean to them! ;_;
    I was raised to be polite at all times, and the boyscouts really cemented this ideology in me. Terminator and The Matrix helped me figure out why I should apply that to Digital Assistants. I don't really get frustrated with them because I know they are nothing more than a system of inputs and outputs, capable of little more than comparing lists of commands. Yet, I see a lot of people getting super frustrated with them and shouting profanities at them. My own girlfriend is guilty of this, which is why I have to quickly mute the self-checkout assistant as soon as we start checking out. Her father has wired the whole house to be controlled with Alexa, but both her and her father get really annoyed by it and behave very rudely to it, and I see many other people doing this as well.
    What makes me uncomfortable and worries me is how this behavior may reflect onto people. Yeah, digital assistants aren't going to fight back or acknowledge your rudeness in any way, but what about people? I'm really worried that this trend will eventually lead to people being rude to human assistants and workers. I also feel bad for the people who put a genuinely high amount of effort into making these devices, and being so dismissive and rude to it feels like treating those people the same way. Does anyone else feel this way?
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from akio123008 in Anyone else uncomfortable with people being rude to digital assistants?   
    The microphone part is really creepy. Let me tell you, there's an Amazon intern that has to go to therapy after hearing what I say to myself in "private".
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from wasab in Anyone else uncomfortable with people being rude to digital assistants?   
    The microphone part is really creepy. Let me tell you, there's an Amazon intern that has to go to therapy after hearing what I say to myself in "private".
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from dalekphalm in Anyone else uncomfortable with people being rude to digital assistants?   
    The microphone part is really creepy. Let me tell you, there's an Amazon intern that has to go to therapy after hearing what I say to myself in "private".
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    nightmarevoid reacted to steelo in Anyone else uncomfortable with people being rude to digital assistants?   
    I will add, if you have children or younger ones who look up to you, it doesn't set a good example to treat a digital 'assistant' like a slave in front of them...
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    nightmarevoid reacted to kompetenzbolzen in can't log into my minecraft sky factory server externally   
    Try leaving server-ip blank
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    nightmarevoid got a reaction from Canada EH in Super Off Topic: purchase piece of forest for conservation?   
    I understand that many are scams, which is why I came to ask for personal recommendations. Rainforest Alliance has a good rating on charity watch, and Frangiosa Farms seems trustworthy--I mean, they were on NPR after all.