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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600x @4.2
  • Motherboard
    Asrock B450M Steel Legend
  • RAM
    4x Samsung 8gb 2133 @ 3200mhz cl14
  • GPU
    RX580 8gb
  • Case
    Modified Apple powermac G4 case
  • Storage
    500gb Samsung PM981 + 250gb crucial MX500 ssd + 2x 2TB 5400rpm HDD + 1x 1TB 7200 HDD
  • PSU
    Antec Neo Eco Gold Zen 500w
  • Display(s)
    LG ET83 23' Touchscreen monitor + 2 19' Samsung on the side.
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 + OSX

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  1. That laptop suppose to have m2 ssd out of the box. Are you referring to this. Or you actually having a regular hdd? If you have m2 ssd, you can clone the new ssd, but you need a usb to m2 adapter. If you have sata hdd all you need to do is plug the new (m2) ssd and just clone it.
  2. Yes im not familiar with eos R and its compatibility with ef lenses (i clearly said im not sure), doesn't mean i cannot say something. Its a free forum bruh. Just expressing my opinion.
  3. https://cdn.shopify.cn/s/files/1/2695/9506/files/Redragon_K552_RGB_software.rar?v=1558083467
  4. As people staying indoors, they buy more electronics. Datacenters ramping up their capacity to meet the demand. We are a year in the pandemic, another year is not far off. Well that's the best case scenario, i predict the work from home culture will be continued post pandemic. Plus the crypto mining is making it worse.
  5. If you are as adventurous as me, get a samsung OEM memory of any speed (2133 - 2666). If you're lucky you can get the B-die (best for OC), D-die (second best) or C-die (not so great). 3200 cl14 is guaranteed using samsung B-die, that's why they are more expensive. Depending on your CPU / Mobo, it can overclock to 3600 easily, in my case i cap out at 3200.
  6. Yeah that was my case, DP to VGA is very expensive in my place. I can get both adapter cheaper, fortunately it worked.
  7. Intel + gpu will be very hot, keep that in mind. A slim and light ryzen 5000 without gpu will be better on your back.
  8. DP to HDMI works without conversion, unlike DP/HDMI to VGA which translate the digital signal to analog.
  9. Yeah that will work to, but my experience with adapters are not that great. At least if you're ready to use manual focus, go ahead.
  10. Yes it will work, if not return it. I suggest getting a DP to HDMI, then a HDMI to VGA. As you will more likely to buy a DP or HDMI monitor in the future.
  11. B450(M) steel legend / bazooka / aorus elite / tuf
  12. The RP has a new mount (if i'm not mistaken). Which means your lens selection will be limited. Unlike sony or canon dslr mount which exist almost a decade. Third party brand and also the used market (this is important) can get you cheaper lens. You need at least 2-3 years for the same access for the RP. The RP with it's good features at $1000 body is a brilliant offer, but the lens is expensive. If you do landscape i highly suggest full frame.
  13. check event viewer for errors and warnings.
  14. Yes, it make sense. i've done this before. It's better if you place it under the gpu. If the air circulating faster, the gpu fan won't need to ramp up as often.
  15. check the temp. you might also wanna check the ssd health.