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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    Biostar x370gt3
  • RAM
    HP 2x 16gb ddr4 Kingston HyperX 3200
  • GPU
    RX580 8gb
  • Case
    Modified Apple powermac G4 case
  • Storage
    500gb Samsung PM981 + 250gb crucial MX500 ssd + 2x 2TB 5400rpm HDD + 1x 1TB 7200 HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair CX450
  • Display(s)
    LG ET83 23' Touchscreen monitor + 2 19' Samsung on the side.
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 + OSX

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  1. Nice to know, might try it someday, unfortunately the servers are mostly in europe like hetzner.
  2. well you need another computer to download and install it to your usbdisk.
  3. the only way is to get a fan speed controller. like this:
  4. Always put the GPU on the top slot as close as possible to the cpu.
  5. Do you live in brazil? If you're comfortable with PCYES brand, go for it. Else just get the gainward. Looking at their website their not even listed any gpu. Probably it's a white label gpu that they put their stamp on it.
  6. never trust what the manufacturer tells you, always get your numbers from independent reviewers.
  7. reformat is fine as long as you don't wipe it. wiping a ssd counted the whole ssd, so if you're wiping 240gb, it should reduce the lifetime to 240gb.
  8. disconnect everything but the boot drive. and test again.
  9. Gainward is ok, pcyes, never heard of it. But if only PCYES available, i would get it in a heartbeat.
  10. search for "graphics settings" in settings. Choose an app to set preference > browse the game exe. click option and set it to "high performance (using RX5500)".
  11. that's why you should investigate with the lastwake command.
  12. IOS emulator is not the same as running another os on mac, which is not againts anything. CMIIW. An emulator is like ripping the IOS design that violates apple IP.
  13. What causes eye fatigue: - blinking less, this makes your eye dry. remedy : eye drop - staring at a single distance for a long time, just like holding a weight midway, your muscles will get tired. remedy: take a break every 20 minutes and stare something far. - too much bright color, this happens with large display. the larger the display, the more light goes to your retina. remedy: use dark mode. - your eyes getting old, remedy: use reading glasses. - room lighting, this mentioned a lot, try having the room lit as brigth as the monitor. that way the pupil won't h
  14. disable wake on lan and usb wake up. to check which process woke your pc try this: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-find-out-what-woke-up-your-computer-last-1550549116
  15. 3200mhz won't run with ryzen 1600af unfortunately. The best you can do is 3000mhz, 2666mhz to be safe.