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  1. Well. The new price for 2x16gb is 2,5 times the 2x8gb. That's one problem in my book. (and no one selling cheaper used one right now too) Not to mention if im going to use a ram with lighting on it ..... using 2 gonna look... idk... ugly? lol But yea , the price is more of the problem. Double the price of a new 2x8gb is fine (since the capacity is doubled anyway), 2,5times ? ..... that's... weird.
  2. I can test it to some extent, if I buy a used one it will be through an online marketplace. The marketplace gives me 2 days to complain (after receiving the product) about problem(s) before it automatically completes the transaction. And yeah, I also going to ask the seller to agree to me memtest86-ing it for a day. I just don't know whether buying 2 kits of the 2x8 gonna cause trouble or not. Since each kit is from different seller.
  3. Hey guys I want to upgrade my ram, planning to buy a Trident Z Neo 3200mhz (F4-3200C16D-16GTZN) , a 2x8gb kit. My question is whether using 2 of the kit to get 32gb won't cause any error, I'd buy a 4 sticks kit if it's possible but bleh, in my country no one selling them. Nobody even selling the CL14 version of the ram. Why 32gb? because the PC often used to multitask a lot when I'm designing something. If you need an info about my spec to help give an answer, it's : CPU : 5600x (gonna upgrade to 5900x once the price in my country gets better) Motherboard : MSI
  4. Well, very old. GA-P55-UD3L (non usb 3 revision) Nah, I plan to install it on a 5600x and b550m. Just that.... the motherboard is having problem (which I asked about in troubleshooting section), so i need to RMA it i think, RMAing gonna take time in my country, meanwhile the seller might not want to wait that long. So I was thinking if it's possible to do some simple stress test for the RTX3060ti on my old pc, just so I know the stuff isn't broken or something. But yea, no UEFI on my mobo i think, its a product from when UEFI bios was still a dream afterall.
  5. Hey guys, can I use a... let's say RTX30 series on a very old pc ? Like... i7-870 (LGA1156) old I need to know because there's someone selling a 3060ti, unfortunately, the new PC motherboard is having trouble. I'm just wondering whether I can perform some simple stress test for the GPU on my old pc.
  6. MSI B550m Mortar (Non-Wifi version) AMD 5600x Ez Debug Led lights up at start, starting from CPU, then CPU Led turns off, changing to VGA and stays at VGA forever, and no display. All case fans, cpu cooler fans, and gpu fans spins. Have tried : Checking CPU for bent pins, none as far as I can see Plugging in only 1 ram, 2 rams, and 4 rams Tried with 2 different GPU (old gpu, 1 is something that doesn't even need a power cable, one is a gtx 660), VGA Led stills stays on and no display. Tried both GPU on other PC, both works just fine. Tried plugging each GPUs int
  7. It's good if you have a full time job and treats mining just as side income. But can we say the same mindset will happen for everyone? especially the less mature?. Even an adult can turn into a lazybum if they are given enough dose of it. This was my main point behind "Might promote lazyness". A part of it due to Linus is a big name influencer. Someone might say "Meh" when s/he hears me say "Mine Before It's Too Late", but s/he might go on a total frenzy when she hears it from a big enough influencer / notable person. Scalped price always moves with supply & demand, not with coin
  8. Well yeah, Linus made it clear right from the beginning. But if we were to think that using an old GPU with it's wear and tear already to run on high for mining, it might break and leave the owner without a GPU in current stock/price issue. There's always a long-term effect for something. For me, that's probably like saying to someone that it's okay to eat fried fatty food all the time, while knowing that the subject doesn't even have a health insurance. And in this case, LTT is like a Doctor while I'm just a friend/bystander. Well, most mining rig are open bench/case, wher
  9. Well, for me : 1. Linus sometimes talks about environment, and this vid might make almost every GPU in the world running 24/7, which uses a ton of electricity and lets off a ton of whatever bad. 2. Just like narcotics, "Free Money" is addictive and debilitating. And most people will want more after they tasted it once. - Considering current stock, it might make some people who have tasted it and want more buy from scalped price, which will increase the price more. When this happens new miners will have a longer ROI, only the big and old time miners will be able to buy with eas
  10. I wonder if the affiliates for the VAG program tilts their head at this video.
  11. Well, yeah. The whole idea of a business is to make as much money. I do know that. But there's also this thing called principle, taking a stand, cammaradierie, or whatever (pardon me, it's 4AM at my place & english is not even official 2nd language in my country). Let's say I wanna sell something, which my good friend needs and he's willing to pay for it eventhough a bit, I'd make profit either way., and I opted to sell it to other people knowing full well my friend will suffer because of it. For me, that's my greed getting the better of me. Especially if the friend is the one who h
  12. First of all, hats off to you Linus for saying it blatantly, there's a lot of tech-tubers that can and should learn from you. It's good to know that there's someone who cares about gamers enough to the point that they make such an honest blatant video, even when there's a chance it might anger the dragon and it's cult. Nvidia doing what nvidia usually do. Hence why we really need a good competitor for GPU so that at the very least they (NVIDIA) should feel wary before deciding to be as arrogant and greedy as they usually are. Yeah I know, there's AMD, but AMD still a bit behind IMHO, not
  13. In my country there isn't that many DIY PC Enthusiast so new batch of stocks doesn't sell out that fast, especially if their prices is way above local MSRP. But yeah, actually taking my time and see whether there's new options showing up from AMD & NVIDIA
  14. Hey guys, very sorry for the very late response, things got kinda hectic irl. Thank you for the opinions, seems all three of you thinks option A is best. I'd get 3900x but here in my country the price is pretty much the same as scalped 5900x, so i don't think it's a wise decision to buy it since it means I'll be buying a past generation priced as next gen. And yes, I planned to save money and just use my current ram and psu. Yeah, since Asus price is bleh here, Asus Prime series to downhill is fine, above it though..... ugh. MSI price isn't so bad but I'v
  15. Budget (including currency): IDR 22,720,000 (USD 1600 by today's exchange rate) Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: High end games on high setting atleast (RT is optional), some designing (most often heavy typed ones), some video editing (design & video editing request usually comes in a sudden and need to be completed kinda fast) Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Have a 4x8gb DDR4-3000