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  1. I don't get it. It seems like Intel can't cope with the hassles of manufacturing laptops or they just don't wanna get into this market.
  2. I would use an ORM. EF Core is pretty good.
  3. The code is correct. You could try to compile it from command line. See what happens gcc filename.c -o filename then run it with ./filename
  4. SOAP, REST, WebSockets or lower level stuff You can create an account at a broker firm and they will give access to their API.
  5. It also depends on what do you mean by ray-tracing because global illumination isn't cheap and ahhh.. the terminology is a big mess..
  6. Yes but RTX ON / OFF is a meme now. It's fair use
  7. In this video (2:26) the author says that this scene runs at around 20fps and 30fps is a practical max due to bandwidth limits.
  8. The GPU has to "shade", compute the color for each pixel in every frame. If you only push the resolution higher, the CPU will do the same thing but the GPU has to shade more pixels. Resolution is not the only option you have. Any game settings that more demanding on the GPU will have similar effect. Anti aliasing for example.
  9. @Skiiwee29 actually.. it's quite good. Thanks.
  10. Dark theme wherever possible. I will try this out. Usually these kind of extensions don't do a great job. It's harder to find a great stylesheet for Stylus but the result will be much nicer.
  11. It's a command line tool but you can use ffmpeg to cut out a segment without re encoding it. ffmpeg -ss [start] -i in.mp4 -t [duration] -c copy out.mp4 Source: https://superuser.com/questions/377343/cut-part-from-video-file-from-start-position-to-end-position-with-ffmpeg