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    Indiana, USA
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    17yo student studying IT and PC hardware. But I am too poor to actually get my hands on any good PC hardware and make myself a rig.
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    i3 4170t
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    No idea, used prebuilt
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    4GB DDR3L, will be upgrading to 8GB soon bc I am bottlenecked
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    GTX 860M
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    Alienware Alpha R1
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    500GB HDD, upgrading to a 500GB or 1TB SSD soon
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    LG 24GN50W-B 23.6" 1080p 144Hz
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    Windows 10

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  1. I feel like a 12-15 volt shock on a high frequency of like 200 Hz is the most realistic thing. And by realistic I mean you are dancing in socks on carpet while working in a PC.
  2. I actually quite like the design of the card, at least compared to other blower style cards from AIBs, but the 10xx FE cards still blow it out of the water in terms of looks. Something about the color choices makes me think about the Nvidia DGX workstations, and being a 3090, would actually make sense as a use. (Except that the current DGX workstation uses A100 GPUs which are better suited for the target customer of a DGX station.) But the DGX series are also watercooled, and everybody has already mentioned this as a water-cooling candidate. I personally don't like it when v
  3. Is that a mobile 1050 Ti? I haven't seen a small form factor 1050 Ti desktop board that wasn't half-height, and that is more than half height. Custom board, mobile, or am I stupid?
  4. The text is too broad to limit it to just re-streamers, and there is definitely a couple of big media companies that will threaten content creators with a felony and fine (because jail time is unrealistic for content creators) for repeat offenders of unlicensed broadcast of their IP. And too many people will be scared shitless of any fine (because not receiving any money is a lot less scarier than having your money taken away, even if its money you just received from content that wasn't DMCA'd), and lawyers know that if there's money to be found, they will look for that money. They probably wo
  5. Good news, turns out thermaltake has a video on their youtube page with the exact same case and is using white coolant. I'm using white tubing and clear coolant, but close enough to give me peace of mind. Turns out I need to keep my screws loose, and remount my pump to the bottom of the case, partially behind the vertical GPU. I can keep my hard drive cage next to the middle fan for the front. Now my concerns are whether or not I have enough fan headers. The website for my mobo (MSI B350 PC Mate) claims to have 6 headers, but that is 2 pre-installed fans, 3 ARGB fans from corsair, and a pump,
  6. Good to hear. Unless there is a significant restocking and/or shipping fee to return, and if you had any doubts about the motherboard purchase, I would return it. I had an issue where I bought a ASRock B450 K4 back in March, but never actually used it until October of this year. Anyway the top M.2 slot, connected to the CPU, was dead. I never actually checked if the thing was still under warranty because I was under a time crunch and I didn't have time for a replacement. So I plugged it into the bottom slot, and I hoped that the USB ports didn't get the same issue as you have. Even SATA
  7. Thank you. The case had two thermaltake 120mm fan with diffused blue LEDs (one at the back for out and one at the bottom of the front panel for in) and we will have 3 RGB fans from corsair coming eventually. Looks like it will be a red video card and blue water cooling in a black case with very tinted glass. And in reality, the PC will almost never be used. It's only purpose is to run pirated copies of VR games (and old versions at that. The only game we can actually play rn is Beat Saber because it is easy to share between multiple people and every other game was banned when the
  8. You don't understand. I am a student, I am not authorized to make any purchases on the school's behalf. The best I can do is try to arrange a return/replacement but that will be a nightmare A) The school just shut down for COVID (my county has the highest levels per capita in my side of the state) till the second semester aka January. B) The grant system isn't designed for making returns. It is meant to make purchases on your behalf as a piece of the school's budget. Being a public school, the budget is very strictly controlled and we can't start adding shipping charges and restocking fees. Ma
  9. Clearly you didn't even read the first paragraph, this is not an option as said here: I get that I write very long messages, but I know that not writing enough is not going to get an answer because of a complete lack of context. I gave you context and more but you just read the title and answered.
  10. Context: I am upgrading a PC that doesn't need water cooling (R7 2700) to a custom loop to improve the aesthetics of my IT Class' showcase PC for open houses. I really do love the class and what more people to experience it. Because all the supplies were purchased from the school's Newegg Business account, and working with the school when we just closed down till New Years is near impossible. Anyway, all the parts are ordered (the CPU block, corsair lighting node pro, and fans are stuck in shipping) and are set in stone. No returns and no purchasing more parts. Here is what I am u
  11. Alright you should definitely get a replacement PCIe Wi-Fi card if you are getting those sort of speeds. Also don't go X570 if you don't absolutely need PCIe 4.0, Just go B550, it is practically the same. I am not familiar with remote desktop software. And to be honest, the latency and frame rate has barely anything to do with the software after optimization and totally depends on your connection to the host. I had considered the program Rainway a while ago, am still interested in it, but have never had a need for it so I hadn't bothered. It is known to handle 1080p from 30 to 60 fps
  12. Because not even the 5950X is stable with 4000 MHz RAM. At least if you want a 1:1:1 ratio for the infinity fabric, which is the optimal path because any other ratio takes a bite out of performance. And a lack of instability on a pre-built like this will doom the ratings. The maximum they could go is 3866, but that isn't even guaranteed. They really need to go to 3600 MHz because that is practically guaranteed on all Zen 2 and Zen 3 CPUs. And they could probably do 3600 C15 instead of C16. Barely any better, but whatever. That is why the CPU is running an overvolt. Because if they
  13. The water pump has nothing to do with it. And I'm very skeptical of it being a interference problem because interference would only mess with wired items if it was a very powerful signal interference, like running a radio or microwave nearby. Could you link me to a newegg link for the suspect wifi card (so I can get an idea of the level of quality I am working with). Of course borrowing a new wifi card would be best because then we could test with a known good. I highly doubt upgrading to X570 would fix this issue. I suggest upgrading to X570 not to solve an issue but if it would
  14. I would have suggested replacing the three front RGB fans with non-RGB variants and use the extra budget to get 3600 MHz C16 RAM instead.