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    remember, anime pic = can't be taken seriously
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    Technology (GPU especially), Anime, Manga, Cute Things, Crypto Mining
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    Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Mechatronics
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    Full-time geek


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    R9 3900x 1.1v CCD0 @ 3.8 CCD1 @ 3.6&3.7
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    Asus x570 TUF Gaming WIFI
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    Generic 2666MHz CL16 2x16
  • GPU
    2070S, 3060, 3x 3060Ti, 10x 3070, 4x 3080, 4x 3090
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    NZXT Noctis 450
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    Samsung 860 Evo 250GB + Silicon Power A55 512GB + 640GB Seagate Momentus HDD + 2TB WD Blue + 3TB WD Green
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    Corsair HX1000 Platinum
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    Acer XV272U + Asus VX239H
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    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Armaggeddon Stealth Raptor MKA-7 Cherry Blue
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Edifier M1386, Senheiser Momentum on-Ear
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
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    Asus N55SF (love n hateit, and it's dead)
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    Sony Xperia 10 ii (love it so far)
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  1. i've rediscovered an old anime, some mods may enjoy it here's a snippet: entire series is only 27 minutes long
  2. oh god, i found this anime again while sorting files and it's still just as funny
  3. after not having USB issues for a while (after updating bios and what not)

    it started having issues again now, and my mouse is double clicking, my USB audio is breaking


    who should i kill this time?

  4. 14:43 tl;dr: the 3070 is 30% faster than 2070 Super averagely, so if both are at the same price, 3070 is easy pick 3070 is more like a 2080Ti, which is a much faster GPU than 2070S
  5. coz i bought all of em when i decide to sell my GPUs ofc
  6. I built a PC in one and it runs warm but nowhere near dangerously hot Plus modern computers have decent thermal precautions in place Unless you can find me a case where the h500 killed a component due to heat, I find your recommendation is just being over the top, especially if OP already owns it and is using it just fine as he states Sure, I would recommend op to consider other cases if he haven't gotten it yet, but asking him to buy a whole new case just because their components are running warmer (not overheating or throttling) is just absurd How
  7. Iirc Intel came out and say that it may degrade the imc faster bla bla bla... Which caused some fiasco back in the days But I guess it's fine if everyone is running ddr4 at that voltage anyways
  8. There's seems to be boards with both generations of RAM for the transition generation I own a board with both ddr2 and ddr3 support, for socket lga775 There's also a couple of boards that support both ddr3(I think ddr3l, not the regular ddr3) and ddr4 during Skylake release too So I'm not too surprised to see this news
  9. ...no? i literally ran 2x 3060ti and a ryzen 5 3600 full tilt on a CX550M... albeit i undervolted them a few (120w per GPU from ~180W stock) i would say don't worry about it until it's actually an issue By issue, i mean tripping the PSU's OPP while it is not a thermally ideal case, it's nothing to worry about until it's actually an issue I wouldn't suggest OP to go for it and spend money unless it's an actual issue rather than based on speculations as for OP's questions: i recommend looking into pugetsystem's benchmarks for the
  10. If it supports the feature then sure, I'm not too sure if it does without looking it up
  11. Holy crap I need one The resolution is op, there's no layer lines too
  12. "tear up the label, you will ont be able to enjioy the waarramtu serice"
  13. what games do you play and are you competitive or just looking to enjoy gaming?