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  1. I honestly don't know. But if hitting F1 key changes the Qcode that means you're progressing even if you get stuck on a different Qcode. I described my points a bit wrong before, this is exactly how I get from a failed IF OC with 02 code. 1.) 02 code after PC reboots when 1900MHz+ IF is applied in the BIOS 2.) turn off PC and reset CMOS with the button 3.) turn on PC and get stuck at 02 code again with blank screens 4.) Press F1 and the code changes (I don't remember to which one exactly in my case, I would have to purposely mess my OC
  2. 3E is memory initialization. Try each memory stick in each slot separately, not just reseating. If that doesn't help I would suggest trying a BIOS flashback via USB stick to a different version, it doesn't even require CPU to be present.
  3. Wait, read my edit first, I'm 90% sure that will work. There is a setup process after failed BIOS boot and it prompta you to press F1 but the screen is not displaying anything but it should still work.
  4. Unfortunately 02 code can be a number of issues. Often I get 02 after a failed infinity fabric OC or DRAM but I also had it happen after I cleaned the graphics card. After moving it to different PCIe slot, resting CMOS and putting it back to the first slot it worked fine again. EDIT: One more thing. If you get black screen after going to BIOS and 02 cide. 1.) restart PC and press F1 on the black screen when you get 02 code if that didn't work 2.) attemp to go to BIOS by pressing Delete key, if you get black screen and 0
  5. As I said, I don't agree with it. Also it depends on what kind of stats you get. The basic K/D/A, accuracy, etc... are quite useless if you want to improve competitively. If they can track stuff like rotation time, positioning, smoke effectiveness, etc... that's a lot more valuable information that may be difficult to obtain by 3rd parties for comparison reasons besides actually watching the actual gameplay demo.
  6. I have to agree. That is as long as a free alternatives exist out there and Valve won't go after them. For example the SBMM that was recently shut down by Activision. Have they provided bulk of the stats for free? Well, yes but they've also hidden the more advanced stuff behind a pay wall. And there are many of such a "free" stat tracking websites and often the stats are not even that accurate. Getting that info from 1st party is so much better and people are already paying for the less accurate stuff so why shouldn't Valve claw back at this m
  7. You should be able to add the game to Steam as a non-Steam game then launch it trough the big picture mode
  8. my dad has R3 1200 in a B350 board and it's not supported all the way to the newest BIOS, it's the ASrock ITX board. I believe that both the B350 and X370 variants of this board share the same upgrade path. Need to double check.
  9. Yes, that's why I specifically stated an early DDR5 vs older gen. Like was the case with DDR4 vs DDR3 and DDR3 vs DDR2, etc... The early new gen DDR is almost always significantly slower than the previous gen and yes, I am comparing the high end old version vs the new version. But we still don't know the price of DDR5, it may be as expensive as the high end DDR4 is right now, we don't know. There will definitely a good benefits to DDR5 like the lower power usage with lower power requirements, built in ECC, etc... Also the CPUs that will run DDR5 will be faster
  10. The early DDR5 seems that it will be much slower because of the timings. Yes, the early JEDEC 4800MHz looks cool but they mentioned 40-40-40 timings which is absolutely terrible. Right now you can run DDR4 4800MHz at 18-24-24 for example https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/DOMINATOR-PLATINUM-RGB/p/CMT16GX4M2K4800C18#tab-tech-specs So until the DDR5 matures, DDR4 will simply be just better. That's always the case with new vs old DRAM within the 1st to 2nd year from launch.
  11. That's normal. Ryzen uses high idle voltage and when boosting single core, resulting in high idle temp. But that temperature is on only one or 2 cores, not the entire CPU, you just see the hottest temp being reported, other cores do nothing and are in sleep state at well below 0.5V which is very chill.
  12. looks normal, camera makes it likely look a lot worse than it actually is
  13. adjust memory controller voltage, I believe on Intel it's called System Agent Voltage (don't know by how much, I don't have experience with 10th gen). You may need to bump up the DRAM voltage as well if you have a voltage droop due to LLC or at the very least try LLC (Load Line Calibration) that has less voltage droop. Then you may also need to change VTTDDR voltage (should be 1/2 of the DRAM voltage) and VPP_MEM voltage. But honestly, in most cases adjusting DRAM voltage and System Agent voltage should do the trick. Just be careful with the SA Voltag