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  1. Well one could order a Pinebook Pro if you don't mind waiting until the Company gets enough Orders in to be worth getting a bunch made and shipped to the US from China.
  2. Well MacOS X back when Apple wanted it to meet UNIX Standards and gotten the OS Tested for that, was really good. Even still meet the Standards after switching to Intel. The Current AmigaOS which is something like Ver 4.1 is only a few PowerPC boards, one of which is in the AmigaOne 500 priced around ~$800 or so. Which can run AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS, or the few Linux Distros still supporting PPC. Better off off getting the Raspberry Pi 400...
  3. I rather have the Refub Thinkpad. That is what mine is. It uses a notebook Ivy Bridge i5. I gotten it to test Linux Distros and to use as a Spare Computer just in case...
  4. Oops I meant to say wouldn't be... Sorry about that. A Chromebook? Oh Please...
  5. Yawn!!! I swear the only Users worse then those of The Cult of Apple are the Members of The Cult of AmigaOS. Those Guys Make Apple Worshipers look perfectly Sane... Yes AmigaOS is still around. It is at Ver 4.1 for PowerPC CPUs/SoCs.
  6. Would be anywhere nearly as quick as my Thinkpad 430 /4GB but for a cheap very Basic PC, this will meet some Folks needs. For YouTube and Streaming Services I would lower to 720P@30fps at the most for video watching. For an Office Suite? I'm sure LibreOffice will work. Or Google Docs perhaps?
  7. I'm wondering if this Keyboard Computer has WiFi and Bluetooth. Didn't see it mentioned in the Specs or in the reviews. Really odd if it doesn't. Edit: Nevermind it has Wireless Networking. Just checked here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-400/?resellerType=home
  8. Well this may require folks to DIY Rig or by "White Box" PCs. You know the Bog Standard PC.
  9. Well I for am assuming the OP meant a New PC in 2020. Especially DIY ones. In that case: Just the Box: Quad Core CPU w/ iGPU 8GB 500GB SSD dGPU /4GB If needed.
  10. The issue isn't that Geekbench is on ARM, but that it is not considered to a Real Benchmarking Suit for proper PCs. Post again when Apple releases a real CPU for actual PCs.
  11. Oh please, Geekbench designed for benchmarking cell phones and Tablets? Are you for Real? Answer me when the M1 SoC is properly tested with with Real Benchmarking Tools. You know for actual PCs.
  12. I rather get a Notebook using a Core 2 Quad... But back to the Subject... I wonder if or when there is going to be a Model with 8GB Memory and proper size Ports?
  13. Please Pardon me for not accepting this as Factual. The M1 ARM SoC might be quicker then the SoC in Apple's high end iPad. But I shall wait for more reviews.
  14. So I watched and read a few reviews of this ARM based PC and while a bit slow for such uses, the complete kit is only $100. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/11/raspberry-pi-400-the-under-100-desktop-pc-you-didnt-know-you-needed/ Now I never messed around with the SBCs so I would know how they are like using. But wondering what everyone's opinion of this Keyboard PC is? Does anybody on this Forum have one yet, or are they too new? Maybe I'll point this out to those that need a cheap PC but can't spend much.
  15. I was referring to an older computer, not building a computer with older parts...