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  1. You breath in, hold, then slowly exhale using your nose. You do have to adjust the Metronome so the sound is softer and the Arm moves slower.
  2. Actually faster and higher amounts of RAM will boost the Computer's overall speed so the OS doesn't have to swap to much slower Storage. The CPU will still run at the same Clocks.
  3. I find those who call a computers Hard drives, and Displays Computers to really annoying... It drove me nuts back in the Early 90's when Computer/Programing Teachers kept referring to Personal Computers as the CPU.... The same with Storage to Memory... The Former doesn't any sense. The Later makes Folks sound Outdated...
  4. Anything for Linux btw? Not that I'm using multiple keyboards or numpads, but I can how this would be useful.
  5. And how far is the New AI along? I doubt that this in anywhere near Skynet.
  6. I'm sure my Refurbish Thinkpad T430 will run circles around that Socket 775 PC the OP found.
  7. I'm wondering how many of the Computer owning Population consider PCs to be disposable appliances? I myself known Folks like this where will they have fixable problems with their cheap PC and buy another one...
  8. How big is the Cake? Being Diabetic I would cut the sugar by at least half and keep the teaspoon of salt. I don't like dessert to be overpowering sweet anyway.
  9. Many People simply do not know how to properly cook or never learned anything beyond the bare basics. Only use Salt and Pepper...
  10. There another one I played called Battle Raper right around the same Time. Games like this were more acceptable on Computers then would have been in North America and the EU then. Again I only heard about both of them due to some Group making a Tempest in a Teapot over them simply being available. But back to the Steam Deck.
  11. I quit doing this due Malware and it is easier to buy from GOG and Steam.
  12. How do you live with only 512GB for an SSD? I would go with the 11600k instead of the 10700k.
  13. Since the Majority of the Earth Surface is covered in Water, that would be of course Impossible.