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    Ryzen 7 1700@3,675 GHz
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    MSI x370 SLI Plus
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Gaming X MSI
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    Be Quiet pure base 600

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  1. Hi forum, I am currently working on something extremely stupid. I want to connect an eGPU directly to my laptop CPU. its socket g2 and I have the pinout. I am now wondering, what I need for a working connection. Does anyone have any suggestions, where I can find more Information on that? I know I need the lanes and I need the PCIe clock, but what else do I need?
  2. would it be theoretically possible, to connect the GPU directly to the cpu? it has 8 pcie lanes as far as I know. I know its not really practical, but is it theoretically possible?
  3. I upgraded the cpu a couple of years ago to an i7 2760qm. Its not fast, but it is sufficient for the 1060 as far as I know
  4. I am using the wifi card adapter. I got it to work with a borrowed amd card (265 or sth) but i wanted to try the 106 if i can find it cheaply
  5. Hi Guys, i am thinking of adding a p106 to my laptop as an eGPU. As far as I know, there are some drivers out there, that enable it to run games. The laptop currently uses a gt540m. Has anyone any experience with the p106? Is the driver somewhat stable?
  6. No problem. I will try that then, thanks. I am currently building a gameboy "zero" but with a rpi 4. I took of the ethernet jack and the usb ports to get it to fit. now I need to connect the usb ports and the power directly to the board
  7. Thats helpful, but there are not all points in this diagram, for excample, I cant find tp 17 there.
  8. I'm not really sure if this is the correct subforum, but I didnt know where to put it. I am looking for pinouts for the Raspberry Pi 4. I dont mean the GPIO ports, but the solder points on the back site. They are numbered from tp01-tp34. I couldnt find anything on the Internet. If anybody has an idea, where I can find the pinout or even has it, I would really appreciate it. Greetings devryd
  9. If you have a different Mainboard with the same socket, you could switch it, to prove, that the mainboard is the problem. But getting a new one is not really worth it, i guess, since the system is already pretty old
  10. This looks to me, like your cmos battery is empty and the motherboard doesnt like that. Normally this screen shows up, if your CMOS battery is empty, after your pc was not plugged in for a longer time. If you choose one of the options, it should boot however, so I guess something in the BIOS is not working properly
  11. B550 has nearly the same features as x570, is a little cheaper and doesnt have a fan to cool the chipset.
  12. The hardest part in building a computer is getting the right parts. After you bougth the parts, its only a matter of putting it together as @brob said
  13. The sec The second storage drive in there is also an SSD. This gives you pretty fast storage, but it is also really expensive. For a secondary drive, a hard drive, like the one in your first post, is sufficient