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    Ryzen 7 1700@3,675 GHz
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    MSI x370 SLI Plus
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Gaming X MSI
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    Be Quiet pure base 600

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  1. If it is a normal 2.5" HDD, you can just swap in a 2.5" SSD
  2. Dont compare CPUs by frequency. Different CPUs have different IPC ( instruction per clock) which means, that 2 different 5GHz CPUs can be completly different in speed. Look at the AMD Bulldozer chips. They reached high frequencies, but they are really bad, since they have such a low IPC
  3. USB to USB wont work as far as I know, since it needs a master and a slave device. You could use an external Hard drive. Sure, its slow, but you dont have to wait the whole time.
  4. Also, just because your PSU is rated for 800W, it wont take 800W all the time. During idle, it wont need more than 100W
  5. The 5600x is a 65W chip afaik. Even a pretty cheap tower cooler should keep it cool quite easily.
  6. If you bid to it and dont pay a lot more than the second highest bid, you should be able to get rid of it, without a huge loss. You could try to fix it, if it doesnt work just resell it. That said, you will need some tools and also experience with electronics which you apparently dont have (just an assumption, I dont mean anything bad by saying that)
  7. Just look in the used market I would go for something like sandy bridge. go for an SSD and possibly 1080p display.
  8. You could have cracked a chip, even without removing the heat sink. If everything else is fine, I dont know, what else the problem could be
  9. Which BIOS version did you flash?
  10. They seem to be fine. That was the only thing that came to my mind, but I will think about it
  11. Is the fan connected? Sometimes a not connected fan causes the mainboard to shut off
  12. You could also just get a better air cooler. The cooler master 212 evo is pretty good and also pretty cheap
  13. Oh yeah, i might have forgotten to mention AIOs. If you want to water cool just for the fun of it, I would go with a custom loop, though