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  1. Update: Found a way better source/video on UPS that isn't super old/out-dated
  2. What about this? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FBK3QK/?coliid=ILV5PLXHBTBD7
  3. Didn't know where exactly this forum would be since I don't know a UPS would count as a PSU
  4. Watched this video from Linus... but I am pretty sure most of the relevant information is outdated... (NCIX Tech Tips probably only has outdated information that remains)
  5. Just want enough time to save my current state of my game, close it, save and close everything else, and shut down. Don't know if limiting the amount of wats the powersupply can get would also hurt the computer.
  6. I honestly have no idea how UPS works and 30 minutes was a rough shot to be honest. That's why I'm here to ask about kind of UPS I would need so I can get an idea of a budget and what to be looking for.
  7. CPU: 5900X GPU: RTX 3080 Ti RAM: 32gb G.Skill TridentZ 3200 Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
  8. My new computer's powersupply is 1200w, idk how much power my other equipment uses.
  9. I just want it to have enough time to shut down. Maybe at least 30 minutes until the power runs out?
  10. I have been getting random power outages lately (two so far in the same month). Before I deploy my new computer, I want to at least have a peace of mind that my computer won't be affected by a power outage. I have heard when a computer using a lot of wattage, updating, or anything else and suddenly a power outage occurs it will damage the hardware damage or corrupted data. Can someone suggest me a UPS to get for a 1200w computer that can also handle monitors and peripherals? I want to have a peace of mind that I have enough time to shutdown my computer properly. Don't care abo
  11. The "joke" was probably make fun of the videos which had these weird title names, like 5MinuteCraft. They even did that dumb chocolate trick/joke thing at the beginning of the video.
  12. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS THIS IS MAKING ME FEEL I HAVE OCD I am never going to see another video the same way with the same trust. @GabenJr could you please explain why the graphs are just so... screwed up? Was it a rounding issue where 98.4 or 99.6 or something was rounded up to 100%? I am so confused here on why this graph is so messed up.
  13. What is the difference between 100% and 100%? Did they round decimals to the nearest whole number, displayed it as that number, but show the actual unrounded information through the graph size? I'm confused
  14. I have my back Corsair LL140 fan connected to the CPU_FAN header since it was the only header that looked reasonable at the time and I figured I could still control the fan curve. Unfortuently, neither Armoury Crate nor iCUE is able to edit/change the fan curve/speed. Is it possible, on my ROG CROSSHAIR VIII Dark Hero motherboard, to change the fan cable from the CPU_FAN header to the CHA_FAN1 header? I am thinking that if I switch the fan to the CHA_FAN1 header I will be able to edit/change the fan curve/speed through iCUE. I don't want to go through the effort of un-doing my cabl