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  1. yes i tried to do a SMART check but the dive did not have SMART capabilities also i would be less likely to get an SSD used because they have a countdown timer basically they have a limited number of wrights to the SSD
  2. i was making a NAS and saw a "steel" on 10TB used NAS drives 1 month later i had lost 400-500 photos 60 hours of saved streams and 40 hours of non uploaded content and my full Blu-ray backup collection. yes i did have it in 3 raid 5's of 5 drives each i lost 3 drives in one array so goodbye data
  3. DONT under any circumstances buy a used drive of ANY kind unless you love to lose data
  4. tell me that's not funny


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    2. Murasaki


      thats not funny

    3. Bombastinator
    4. Lurick


      oh, right hurr durr that's the sex number


  5. i made this funny yet true video


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    2. Linus No Beard

      Linus No Beard

      18 minutes ago, flibberdipper said:

      So are you just gonna like... Keep posting that same video once every 30 minutes until someone gives you attention or...

      no i just thought it was funny and it mike make someone laugh sorry you dont like it

    3. Bombastinator


      Part of the problem is there is nearly nothing on earth that everyone thinks is funny.  

    4. Linus No Beard

      Linus No Beard

      4 minutes ago, Bombastinator said:

      Part of the problem is there is nearly nothing on earth that everyone thinks is funny.  

      yes i see that i just thought i would have a little fun take one part nostalgic (at least for me) song and 2 part hay it is better than nothing and make a vid

  6. it was not the pcb because the board had hot swap switches when i replaces the switches it worked again also it was over the course of a week that they broke this is how i see it clones are those Family run restaurants on the side of the highway and charry is a chain restaurant and the quality of the clone can vary a lot where with charry you can be shore that it will work the same also on that board each switch felt different i was not the one asking for true charry that is just what my friend wants so even if you changed my mind you wont change his
  7. last time i got non cherry mx switches the board lasted a month then wasd did not work i know what i am getting with charry switches
  8. ok i will try taking him to a mediocre buy if O-rings are not enough
  9. ok thanks for the input i will ask him if he has tried O-Rings
  10. he likes MX browns because they feel like blues but are not as loud he likes browns his current has blues so he wants to keep the feel but go quitter
  11. he has a max budget of 80$ and wants the following an arm rest true Charry MX switches tactile bump no noise or at least minimal switch noise 104 key layout wired USB rgb is not important edit while not needed alot of macro keys would be good he is a macro king
  12. because if they do nothing next time they sell cards less people might even try to buy a card i mean i was looking forward getting a 3080 but then it was out of stock so wilted for the 3070 but then it was out of stock so i have just given up on buying one till they get there shit together and i don't think im alone
  13. not just cookies you can use founts and other things like that fingerprinting exist to bypass not allowing 3er party cookies