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  1. how dose that take a binary dump and fill an eeprom?
  2. I don't feel like spending 60$ on an eeprom programmer for one project are there any more in the 20$ range that can program a 28C256 the eeprom i am using thanks
  3. not even just home brew i need the usb ports working to pair a controller to it
  4. this is mostly for the love of tinkering but also i have some games that dont work in emulator and if i can fix it this way it only cost the $6 for the thermal paste vs $80 to get a working one
  5. I found a ps3 super slim in mostly working odder except both usb ports are dead currently i am waiting for some thermal paste to ship off amazon to close it back up i took a ps3 charging cable and shouldered the wires to the right place on the board so now i need to see if it works any tips or thing i should do to improve my chances an image of the board is below
  6. look i just want a good drive to transfer windows too i have it on a nvme drive but with win 11 coming out i am putting Linux on my main drive so i need to put windows on something else and i wont use a hdd
  7. only requirements SATA 3 2.5 inch drive with dram cache that has about 500GB so 512, 500, and 480 are fine
  8. in that case anything better than the one my IPS(AT&T) gave me
  9. it seams like the game does full pauses for 1/2 a second and shows nothing on the fps counter
  10. i only was using the fps counter to see if it was an fps drop or something else obviously it is something else i want to know what that is
  11. it is worst when running around my specs are 6850k oc to 4.5ghz on a rampage v extreme with a ASUS Strix 2080ti plus 32gb of corsair vengeance 3200mhz ram i am storing it on a 10TB 7200rpm HDD i have a nvme ssd but it is small does CryEngine use some form of asset loading in game? if i am still or move slowly it is fine so maybe my gpu is at 60% utilization on max setting my cpu is at 50% usage locked at 1080p 144FPS the biggest dip i see is to 120fps so the lag is not from my hardware cpu/gpu side so i have no clue
  12. i have a 6850k oc to 4.5 GHZ on a rampage v extreme with a 2080ti and 32 GB of ram all hocked up to a 144hz 1080p(yes i know low for a 2080ti waiting to afford an upgrade) gsync panel what happens is it will slowdown and then go super fast for like half a second then it will return to normal it seams to happen when i go from a uncrowded place like a tunnel to a more crowded place and it is worse in a car or when leaving a safe house
  13. GTA  Online Tryhards Be Like