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New icons are YouTube’s latest way to alert creators of video demonetization

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Source: Ars Technica & YouTube Creator Blog





After the ad-pocolypse earlier this year, YouTube put many new systems in place for advertisers to better control which videos their ads appear over on the platform. The company also clarified what it means to be "advertiser-friendly" on YouTube, as well as what kinds of hate-speech would be ineligible for monetization. However, many creators have expressed frustration with YouTube, its lack of transparency and communication, and the number of videos that were (and continue to be) demonetized after the incident. So now, YouTube is rolling out a system of new icons that should help creators understand which videos are earning them money—and why other videos are not.



YouTube is billing this as a way for creators to glean a "more detailed understanding of whether your video has been identified as not suitable for all advertisers." It's important to note that YouTube has had icons like this to describe video monetization for quite some time. The company is simply updating the system with a few new icons that cater to the needs of creators who are worried about how their "advertiser-friendly" status affects their paychecks. The green and black icons make it clear which videos are totally acceptable in YouTube's eyes and which are not, but the yellow icon is a bit more nebulous.


The new icons are being rolled out to users over the next few weeks, so it's hard to say how a creator will decipher a partially monetized yellow icon from a completely demonetized yellow icon. There could be a message that pops up to indicate the meaning of the yellow icon when hovering over the icon in the Video Manager. For now, YouTube has a troubleshooter tool that explains each icon's meaning, in addition to the meanings of other icons that may pop up while a video is under review if you're sharing revenue from a video with another account.


It sucks that just because a content creator is making videos out of sensational topics would automatically mean demonetization or having less ads. It seems that Google's advertisers wants to turn YouTube back into a safe space or just a website for uploading cat videos. Personally, I'd like to keep an eye on this because there are a lot of content creators who lost up to 90% of their incomes because of the ad-pocalypse brouhaha. 


I really hope Luke and his team can pull off Floatplane as a standalone video platform and be successful.

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We'd need a lot more big youtubers but I pray every day that they cut ties with youtube, and delete all the videos off youtube and move onto another platform. YT have gotten away with making billions are are not been dicks 

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26 minutes ago, Misanthrope said:

I'm surprised they didn't went with this for the demonetization icon instead

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Image result for troll face


Ironically, this would more accurately depict youtube's stance towards their own creators right now.

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I just make stupid anime and gaming videos for fun but yeah Youtube needs to die

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I always liked Google's software UI icons :3.

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Youtube isn't exactly in a favourable position either. Sure they are big, but they make absolutely no profit in their operations either (please cite, too lazy to research and prove grapevine). Not to mention that they have a rather convoluted business model to operate in which they have to acquire viewers, content creators AND advertisers, rather than more traditional business models.


Essentially Youtube has to manage a love triangle... We've all sat through enough romcoms to know where that is going.


To me, Youtube is nothing more than a hosting platform, not the media empire it seeks to be.



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For those that complain about YouTube not having adds on some reason, there is a good reason, the ones that pay for the adds, the companies, don't want their adds on certain videos.

If anyone really believe that YouTube could just ignore what those companies says they don't want adds on, well, you are wrong. But even if they could, that would mean overall add income would be lower for all videos. That hurt would hurt majority of YouTuber's and YouTube, but only benefit those that make content that many companies don't want their adds on.


YouTube Algorithm is far from perfect, and it needs to be improved a lot.

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I don't think youtubers care that their stuff is demonitized, but why it was demonitized. The new icons literally show up on videos that shouldn't have it. It doesn't help that you need 1k+ views in a certain time frame to appeal it.


I've already tested a video with safe content, but not so safe tags/words. Instantly demonitized. Also tried with not as safe content, but almost no tags. Took a couple hours to get demonitized. Sure, you can just delete all tags, but that doesn't really help you unless your pewdiepie with millions of loyal followers.

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