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  1. Just to buck the trend, here are meh bigg keys. Beta tested by a certified pro:
  2. Cool. Finally catching up with Odroid and Tinkerboard. But with much more software support. I think.
  3. I might as well make an iScroll... A phone that rolls up instead of folding.
  4. It sets the wrong expectations for unreleased games. A discounted launch price is going to hinder game sales at full price later.
  5. Pretty sure the 8-core is just there to sic customers onto the cheaper quad-core options. People tend to work their way downwards from the "best" option.
  6. Soo... Another bus arbiter for PCI Express? Or are we talking more like a PCI Express network where each device is attached to a networked CXL node?
  7. Home automation, I can do. Online service to handle home automation, no. While IFTTT is great, I would prefer local control. Nothing wrong with running a Pi image with a localized, NodeRED-based IoT network. I for "Intranet", for "Intranet of Things".
  8. I personally am a fan of the XboneS joysticks, but prefer the DS4 controller overall for its ergonomics. So I ordered spare XBoneS joysticks and swapped them onto my DS4 controller. They both use the same joystick pot so you can swap sticks around.
  9. I started actually with 3D printing my cases. Here's one that used a 3D printed case: I also started out with handwiring, but eventually decided to design PCBs for it using KiCAD. Ordering PCBs online has become quite easy, so it shouldn't discourage you. It is also relatively cheap (around $20) for 10 pcs of a small 4x4 keypad. But at that rate you are delving into geekhack territory.
  10. Created an 8-button keypad with PCB plates powered by a Pro Micro, with single-colour backlighting support and underglow LEDs via LED strips. Keys are currently programmed using Arduino, as I haven't figured out TMK/QMK yet. Current keypad is rocking Kailh BOX Dark Yellows, essentially Blacks but less scratchy. Also features a famous anime character on the bottom plate, though I can try out other characters. Enjoy
  11. Welcome to systems-on-chip, where the embedded space has been enjoying it for years. Considering that Xilinx and Intel-Altera have been strapping ARM CPUs beside their FPGAs (Zynq and Cyclone SoCs come to mind), I don't see a conceptual issue strapping a Linux-capable CPU right beside a full nVidia GPU through some proprietary interconnect. Heck, nVidia's Tegra CPU might even play a role in such a possible development. (I am in a uni course where we play around with such SoCs; check the Terasic DE1-SoC evaluation board for more info).