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  1. No. There is no hard limit to memory frequency. With an up to date bios, gen 1 ryzen struggles to boot over 2933 - 3200mhz.
  2. if you have the release version of the motherboard, you can bios flashback without a CPU anyway.
  3. If the capture card is X4 you can use a riser for an m.2 slot.
  4. There isn't any. ??? Can you not use a riser cable?
  5. Dxdiag doesn't correctly measure clock speed. It says my 5ghz cpu is running at 4. If you want to measure clockspeed use CPU-Z.
  6. Its running at normal speed: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/42915/intel-core-i5-750-processor-8m-cache-2-66-ghz.html There is no way a HP prebuilt was ever overclocked. The CPU will boost to 3.2 under a single core workload.
  7. If you type a number in the box and it turns PURPLE or RED (yellow is fine) --- Clear it and put an a instead, hit enter.
  8. Ai overclock tuner: XMP I multicore enhancement: disabled Dram voltage: 1.4v