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  1. I have this kit, OC's well. Being single rank 16gb per stick you can run it 1T and have 32gb of ram.
  2. if thats the only thing plugged into it, sure.
  3. @Dragonisles You can also check motherboard QVLs to help determine memory ranks. At 3600mhz I've not seen any 32gb single rank kits from gskill and they do not use micron. Whilst not guaranteed I would be pretty confident with that kit. At the lower speed bins you're more likely to find single rank hynix junk. @Jurrunio maybe you should research a bit before guessing. Crucial specifically says the "memory rank" on the official product specs. = Dual rank. = Single rank.
  4. All the expensive kits are dual rank B-Die outside Ballistix max (rev B) which is single rank. I have doubts you're going to run into many single rank 16gb sticks at the low end, MOST will be dual rank. All Standard Ballistix 32gb is dual rank rev E so thats an option.
  5. 2x16GB is easier to clock than 4x8 as most motherboards run daisy chain.
  6. Then you need two sets of those 5100 kits and a crosshair dark hero. Tune them down to 4000 with ultra tight timings.
  7. if anything the shorter trace runs and higher layer count of the PCB on ITX would improve the power handling its up to the GPU anyway if it draws power out of spec.
  8. Desk clap will be fine. - Check the max weight supported by the arm / mount. Wall mount will be fine if installed correctly. - Check the max weight supported by the arm / mount. If you want a 2 in 1 you need to also check you are well within the max size of each display in addition to the weight.
  9. Stick with your current board, the update will be out in Jan. If you have issues, then consider swapping boards.
  10. Faster and cheaper than both: https://www.newegg.com/hp-ex950-2tb/p/N82E16820326181
  11. Thats sounds like something someone from Eve would say to get a last minute promotion off negative press. Just google it if you give a shit.