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    Ryzen R5 3600
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  1. Geothermal is also very very good if a countries geology support it, for example Iceland. I think I red somewhere that Italy could support quite a bit more geothermal, if so they should. Hydro is also good, better than wind and solar if you ask me, but could argue for it affecting fish life and stuff.
  2. Almost all aluminium cans are recycled in Norway, (not aluminium foil tho). Mostly because you get a small amount of money back from delivering them to spesific machines.
  3. At the factory I work at, parts that took just a week or less to get before, now take months because aluminium shortage. (Sensors, pistons)
  4. I would argue that foldable ebike probably works better than non electric because when biking, the extra weight is less of a problem than a non electric one.
  5. If your bass or speakers are placed with a solid connection (hard against hard), you might lower what vibrations is transferred to that surface with some sort of rubber/foam or tip legs on them. How much difference it makes I am not sure about tho.
  6. It happened with the launch build of windows 10 too, but the cause then was a bug that only happened if you had some Spesific Antivirus installed, didn't happen with windows defender. Don't know if you can blame windows or the Antiviruses for that.
  7. Good Job Fractal, doing it how it should be done, faster than I would have expected. My two cases have been Fractal and at this point maybe the third one will too.
  8. Wonder of there will ever be quantum computer that don't require temp close to minium. Also wonder if we will ever have normal CPU/GPUs running on something else than Silicon in my lifetime.
  9. Do they do the same with TV or Shows and stuff? If not, maybe this is more an effort to try to get them to watch Chinese TV/Shows/movies instead.
  10. Solar, wind and Hydro ofc (and some other things that might or might not become a thing in the future). Making bio fuel from non waste organic material sucks so much/is terrible.
  11. The solution isn't Nuclear or Renewables, it's Nuclear AND Renewables. At least for now, priority should be to get rid of coal.
  12. From what I have seen, I doubt it will flop, but I think it will get market share slower than Windows 10 did.
  13. I have two chargers, both I think is Qualcomm quick charge 2 or something. From my previous and current phone. As long as those work on the phones I get, I do not feel I need another charger anytime soon. I only really use one of them. But if companies really cared for the environment, they would have two versions, one with and one without the charger, where the price difference wasn't too large (less than buying separate), so people could choose what one to take.