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    Intel i5 3570k
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    4x4 GB Corsair Vengence
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    256 GB Samsung SSD, 1TB Seagate HDD, 2TB Seagate HDD
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    JBL LSR 305, Philips Fidelio X2 and Schiit Fulla 2
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    Windows 10

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  1. From another, (newer) one: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/fact-fiction-glass-liquid/
  2. This is a myth that is not true. Reason why old glass is thicker at the bottom is only that they were shit at making glass panels back then, it's not that it's flowing.
  3. That might be true, I have no idea how they are doing in US.
  4. They are Danish not Swedish, and they are known for more than one product. Their customers is people that have money they are willing to spend exstra on something that looks different and subjectivity better than other products on the market.
  5. I do have m.2, is it safe to disable them on bios?
  6. A while ago YouTube had an amount of ads on the videos I saw that I found acceptable, aka only short or skipable after 5 sec ads at the beginning or total end of the video. But recently when YouTube have put more non skipable ads and ads in middle of the videos automatically (without youtuber spesifically doing it) it have become too much for me and I will probably be turning on and blocker on YouTube soon.
  7. Is that secure even if other storage devices is connected too?
  8. I have som HDDs from the old family PC, from before 2013 probably, that I want to look at the contents at to see if I can find any photos that isnt other places. They are 2 500gb drives, neither of them was the OS drive itself. I was young when that was in use so I do not know if it could have any viruses or not, but they would not have any intentional things on them How would I go about looking at the contents secure way? And I have no idea if those two was in a RAID or not, how would I see that and deal with that?
  9. One thing AMD possibly could do eventually is to place come core chips on top of the IO chip. I did read somewhere that someone suggested the possibility to have L3 cache (or L4) in the IO chip, having the IO die be larger than it is now, and stack the core chips on top of it. Personally I don't have knowledge to know of that is possible or not. Would doing that make the cache in IO chip be too slow to be L3 cache or not?
  10. I will reccomended a program called Cold Turkey for your computer. You can use it to block spesific things on a schedule, that way, if you want to, you can still allow half an hour or whatever of YouTube every day, or simply block it forever. With that program you can't really just turn it off either, if you just uninstall it while a block is active it stays blocked, at least is supposed to. There is a way to get around a block but it's not simple, so it can be enough to stop you, it has been for me, it helped me lower my time spent on news sites a while back, I wasn't as
  11. There is only one part of EU that have written this draft, I really doubt it of will go through. A draft do not mean it will actually happen at all.
  12. UK would never have GDPR if it wasnt for EU.
  13. Hopefully it will last a long time when my NAS dont even draw 100W at max. Would have gotten the 400W version if I knew that tho, might have just missed it when I was looking, it was 1,5 years ago ish.
  14. I see now that Be Quiet Pure Power 11 300W is not ranked as high as the other Pure Power 11, Either that was not the case when i Looked at it when I bought a PSU for my NAS, or I saw wrong. Dont seem like the best choice of PSU