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    Ryzen R5 3600
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  1. This discussion reminds me about a thing I did when I was a small child: I thought that just searching in explorer for the program and deleting the files that was in folders that came up there, was to uninstall them. It obviously became a mess and eventually learned from it. This not a thing I am proud of...
  2. It's because no moving parts. Other electrical fields also use the words solid state for things, it's nothing new. For example Solid State relays. It just means that the relay is one solid part that don't have moving parts.
  3. They have? I haven't seen that outside rumors but I might have missed it, I don't follow it that close.
  4. I personally don't really have an opinion about this yet, I will wait and see untill I can try a more final version. Tho, I highly doubt it will be called windows 11, it's more likely they will just call it Windows, or Windows One, or something like Windows 10 [Insert some name here].
  5. For those saying many settings on Windows should be off by default and have to be enabled, I don't think that is the best choice, as then many futures some people might want to use (even if many don't), don't get used because they don't know it exists and how to turn it on. The better option would be that when you install it, you get asked if you want a minimal install or a regular one, and what's enabled is based on that. Possibly with an optional advanced setup that you can change things individually.
  6. Just curious, what size was the 1080p monitors?
  7. 50-60c is fine in a laptop. Tho to really see you have to look at the temp when it's under more heavy load to see if it's "overheating".
  8. I am also a person that have ha hard time learning any keyboard shortcuts that isnt used a ton btw. Not all, but from what I have seen, some of the things that terminal pros use the terminal for isn't actually faster than not using it. For example on Windows, having a folder with many files where you want to change a part of all file names with something else, let's say it's images where all is called Italy [Number] and you want to change it to Rome without changing number. Doing that in terminal is not any faster, maybe even slower unless you have lightning keyboa
  9. Neither, I care that it's easy/user friendly. And that it does what I want it to do ofc.
  10. I am not scared of the terminal, but I very much prefer not using it as it's more user friendly to use GUI.
  11. I have sat in front of flat 32" IPS and VA myself, was like 1,5 years ago and saw it with my own eyes, but as i said, a curved one might make up for it, I haven't tried that.
  12. They are hardware, but there are some keyboards where you can rebind them, at least scroll lock, I have on my Ducky keyboard. Haven't tried caps lock and my keyboard doesn't have mum lock.
  13. I don't know other sizes, but If you look for a 32" monitor, it do make a difference, monitor being curved can possibly make up for it, haven't tried, but when I was watching a IPS one and VA one, and both was flat panels, things closer to the edges edges of the VA panel did have very noticeable colour shift compared to IPS, possible it would be noticeable in the corners of flat 27" too, but haven't tried personally, but it would be less issue probably. If you look at colour accuracy and not how wide the colour is, from what I have seen IPS is still better, bit if the difference is bi
  14. Other because I am not in US. I have OneCall. Tho I might change it, only have it because they is what my dad gave me.
  15. @KisaiFrom what I remember, in court filings that have to do with money, it's quite common for the side that demand money, to demand an amount that is more than what is realistic, in hopes that that pushes the end result higher up then what it otherwise would have been. Correct me if wrong tho...