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  1. Well the units are stupid too. Would make a lot of sense now that you mention it.
  2. Well shit What kinda material differences would there be trying to go that high?
  3. Hey man, when I get go from 5 mpg to 6, that's a huge increase for me. I gotta hyper mile the shit outta it.
  4. Adding #s to Excel is too much hassle....? You set up a graph once by ranging more cells than you need and add info when you fuel up. It graphs automatically..
  5. That CPU is probably more than enough for keeping those cards fed, especially if it's not doing any rendering work itself.
  6. I would love this for when I travel, just bring a keyboard and mouse with me instead of a whole desktop or even my laptop.
  7. I'm very disappointed. Seen that in an accident before, it's fucking gnarly what loose things can do. I always put stuff in containers / away.
  8. Does this mean we can no longer harass you for bottles of hot sauce?
  9. They haven't been found yet. Gotta say that walking around on the green is a surprising amount of exercise when you're playing for a few hours. Shouldn't be your only exercise. But it's not bad. I should definitely look at getting back to golfing one of these..years. Lol.
  10. Problem? Solution. I wonder if I'm still okay, haven't played in years though. Might try to find a place to play and get a new set of clubs next summer.
  11. It very much is, you sometimes have to be pretty blatant with static to damage something and even then, not a huge deal most of the time. This is from someone who has yet to kill hardware being in high static environments, on carpet. @OP, touch your power supply / case with the power supply installed every once in a while and you should be perfectly fine. Hardware is grounded for a reason.
  12. Great way to extend the life of the car. Hahahahahahahahaha. Wagons are stupid.
  13. Okay but imagine taking one of those old Civics and doing an EV swap on one of them, that'd be pretty legit imho.