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  1. Yet here you are comparing the 6800 and the 6800XT slides Think youre the one full of bollocks here friend.
  2. IMO this only makes sense if there is a new dock that will handle the increased resolution. like a docked gpu.
  3. I wouldn't want 7200rpm drives in my companies NAS. I imagine for server farms this is actually a critical distinction.
  4. What's the interest rate on the finance options, if any. And if all the xbox games will continue to be on PC, then what's the point.
  5. One can only hope. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Sony-is-working-on-the-Xperia-Compact-a-5-5-inch-phone-for-lovers-of-small-devices.445492.0.html
  6. How about if your phone kills itself you still have most of your data on the sd card? The issue isnt so much about capacity.
  7. I live in NYC. I kept the heat off in winter, and after long enough did open a window lol.
  8. As someone who ran a FX 9590 in tandem with two radeon 6990s, this is fine.
  9. I feel like this bill was made to be outlandish to get people to come up with more practical solutions the issues addressed by the proposal.
  10. Ive seen some of these cables with a 4g modem and a nano sim in the head of the cable.
  11. I'd prefer they release the s10e but with a camera that performs at night
  12. Sonos arent bricking the ones units. Sonos has an option to disable the unit. Users are the ones who, with full knowledge of what they are doing, select that option and then "brick" it. Your title implies sonos is bricking units without user knowledge or by planned obsolescence. You're basically saying shop gun owners are killing people. When it's the people who buy the guns that kill. But you know that your title implies as such and are just being as click baity as a lot trash outlets are these days.
  13. The title definitely needs to be changed. Pretty sure LTT is better than allowing misinformation in titles
  14. I dont disagree with your arguments but I think its worth noting you can update current chromecast to play stadia. I did that myself. I only purchased a controller and got a buddypass, and updated my chromecast that I bought last year.