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  1. Well that turned out to be wrong. My original comment being if there was gonna be a performance hit on and.
  2. I had a feeling this would be the case since Ryzen had issues with win10. I'm surprised that it is, not really that shocked. Glad I held off.
  3. So anything on AMD cpus and gaming performance? Asking out of caution more than anything. Saw wan show say there is a significant gaming perf hit
  4. Those fans just seem to be the 15mm nf-a12x15 black fans stuck on the front. Original reddit post is deleted too. And this looks like it could be 3d printed. You can sand out and polish off 3r prints to look more finished.
  5. This is why I ditched ff back in like 2012. The constant updates just constantly break everything. Can't deal with that. Like tbf i had ff customized with looks and extensions, but it shouldn't just break without warning.
  6. Alright. Well this arguments over with as it won't go anywhere. You don't have enough understanding of architectures of cpu/gpu/apu design if you believe that they can take the tegra chil and just add tensor cores. And you don't want to be educated about how that's not possible either. I.E. waste of time to go further with this.
  7. A slightly newer core? Even the tegra x3 wouldn't be able to do Dlss. Switch runs on the old tegra x1. And the architecture can't just get tensor cores slapped on it. Not how architectures works. And you can't just give the switch a new architecture all together. As at that point it's a new system, not an upgraded model. And again it's a very low power apu. It's not going to do Dlss ever. The power and heat output just literally can't do it.
  8. Ain't no tegra core, unannounced or not, that's gonna give you 4k Dlss. It's a mobile low power apu series chip. Stupid to think otherwise. Best anyone will get is a new dock with an external dgpu via USBC. Even that's unlikely.
  9. Y'all were expecting Dlss and 4k gaming on any tegra based processor??? Y'all out your damn minds. Christ.
  10. Yet here you are comparing the 6800 and the 6800XT slides Think youre the one full of bollocks here friend.
  11. IMO this only makes sense if there is a new dock that will handle the increased resolution. like a docked gpu.
  12. I wouldn't want 7200rpm drives in my companies NAS. I imagine for server farms this is actually a critical distinction.
  13. What's the interest rate on the finance options, if any. And if all the xbox games will continue to be on PC, then what's the point.
  14. One can only hope. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Sony-is-working-on-the-Xperia-Compact-a-5-5-inch-phone-for-lovers-of-small-devices.445492.0.html
  15. How about if your phone kills itself you still have most of your data on the sd card? The issue isnt so much about capacity.