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  1. I have no idea on both Youjo or Isekai? I'm very much a anime casual, One's I've loved are the normal ones Black Lagoon Neon Genesis Evangelion Knights of Sidonia Kuromukuro Hunter X Hunter Log Horizon Sword Art Online Samurai7 Samurai Champloo Full Metal Alch Death Note And now can finally add some Gundam onto that. There are a lot more, but decided to narrow it down a bit.
  2. Welll Shit.. here we go again. Won't like for something I saw coming, the Second part of SAO2 man that got me right in the feels. Actually think thats what got me back into Anime was the more darker stuff thats got a epic story but people get lost along the way.
  3. I read up on a few of them and MS Team really does peak my interest. Looks a lot more on the ground type which interests me massively, and what perfect timing, finally finished SAO 1&2 and now getting Alicization, so while I wait for that thinking I was going to do Iron Blooded and then MS Team
  4. OH so I have to correct myself from a post I made a while back, Finally got around to watching a Gundam Series (Watched Unicorn on Netflix) and damn I really enjoyed it and didn't expect it to be so much war and not all flashy colourful mecha. Looking at watching a few more of them, but that Sword Art online movie on netflix got me enjoying that, so I'm doing a rewatch of season 1. Also think I've been putting off both berserk and Overlord for a bit too long. Can't believe I went years without watching any Anime and now getting right back into it
  5. Any time man, Should have another Big post coming up soon with all the work thats been done over the winter break.
  6. So Next up Was some Repair work. New Intercooler From Mishimoto, Also upgraded the plastic Boost Pipes from 2" to 2.5" and did them out of Alloy. They'll also be sent off for a Ceramic coat for heat as well as some good old Gold Wrap. Then Began the Prep work for the Final Round, It was decided the Car would be leaving Street class and moving to Pro Open, so might as well begin now. So Much work to get done, just to make it to the next round. First Strip everything out the inside Dash Got the Chop Chop So Total with removing Carpets and Body panels and all the Aircon
  7. Oh boy, Long time been away, but for those few Focus ST boys on here, Update on my Racecar build. So After getting more power I decided to do some Handling. XYZ Top Track suspension. car was given a 60mm Drop. After that I was able to Destroy my Front brakes at a Track day doing a shakedown of the suspension. New Ceramic Blend Zonelli SP500 Brake pads with There S6 Discs added. Also Was having some Pedal issues at the track as the stock ones are frankly just to small. So Quick call to our OMP Dealers and Some epic new pedals were sent out Car All Ready we were Getting re
  8. Hey Heaven Society, hoping some of you way more clued up guys can help me find something new to watch, so below I'll go through some of the Animes I've watched but I am pretty much a filthy Casual so putting aside the Naruto/Dragonball/Bleach series that we prob have all watched. These are some of the Animes I've watched over the years that I've really enjoyed and hoping you guys might pick up on a theme here and be able to point me in the right direction, I def like the Darker stuff, And mecha Hell yeah but please not those Gundam Colorful ones, Growing up with Power rangers may have
  9. Please let me know soon as yuo gone on that setup, I'm looking at the TS-PC which for all is the same wheel and would love feedback on how good it is
  10. DAmn Wish I would get a DD wheel here in NZ but FK they expensive especially when the Real race cars gets all the money! I'm actually looking at upgrading to a Thrustmaster TS -PC and building my own pedals
  11. Thanks, man, Just more worries I'm going to begin and 10min in get bored again
  12. Thanks man, uumm I did find it somewhere, but its pretty much one wire to all 3 buttons and the other 3 go to each switch. Got the switches off Banggood, and they perfect. Very highly rate the G27 center hub adapter, but I kept snapping the 3D printed paddle extenders even at 100% infill over the weak point. Was super easy to just make them out of Alloy plate.
  13. So long story short, I've always tried playing each one as they come out, and after a short bit of time I'm over it and thats how it goes. Same with the TES games. played skyrim for a bit and just never returned to it. So was thinking of returning to Fallout 3 (with a Graphics mod) and give it a second go, but wanted to find out, am I really missing a lot here? I know there are hardcore fans out there and its a series I want to enjoy I just seem to get bored with them real quick but same time I really want something super immersive and deep story. Might just do another playthrough of x
  14. So ACC? how is everyone finding it?! Also looking at finally getting away from the G27, been enjoying the sim but time to build a nice alloy light one and take it to 2DOF for that bit more fun. Been a while since I was last here so here the updates on my Sim I built. Nothing fancy but working really well and super adjustable. So for the new One, I'm looking at doing the Thrustmaster XS-PC and building my own Pedal box and button box. Not going to bother with a Manual lever as barely using it anymore and just doesn't seem worth the effort, but hey can also add the Thrustmaster one l
  15. Let me guess... V8's are the best RWD or it's a granny car Fuel efficiency is for suckers The Nurburgring ring is a Stupid place for those silly euro Toys American Muscle is the pinnacle of all performance cars!! Sorry gramps, 5 Cylinders Torn the Rally and US IMSA world to shreds, they are proven to be an amazing engine. and isn't it funny when little 3pot Turbos make more power than a 5.7L V8. So yeah not an excuse its just called evolution.