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  1. They will never have a monopoly on the internet. They can’t service cities at all due to the density. They also have a relatively low max user count. They are doing this as it’s a market they are uniquely positioned to dominate and it will raise a lot of money they need to fund Starship and their goal of landing humans on Mars. There’s a middle ground between giving stuff away and bleeding your customers for every cent they have.
  2. That 71% includes the oil we burn. So burning less oil is critical to impacting climate change.
  3. The FSD beta already has creeping for vision and will drive over yellow lines to pass stopped vehicles. There was one update to the beta that made that behaviour too strong and the car kept wanting to drive around cars waiting at stoplights and stop signs. It’s capable of bending the rules the way humans do.
  4. You weren’t using the FSD beta which has all the advancements. Autopilot is just adaptive cruse control with steering. Navigate on autopilot adds automatic lane changes and can take exits and entrances for you. The FSD beta is only open to a few hundred people or less. AI Driver is a great YouTube channel that covers the FSD beta.
  5. You got like nothing right. first Must founded Zip2 with his brother and some other people. That company was later sold for over 100 million. Musk used that money to found X.com. X.com offered online banking. Another company called Confinity started around the same time and the two directly competed. They eventually decided to merge. Musk was made the CEO of the new company and he was the largest shareholder of it. It was called X.com. One of the products offered by X.com was PayPal which was originally under Confinity. There was disagreements within the company and about a year afte
  6. He didn’t hire people. He was the lead coder in both companies. I don’t get why people are sooo adamant that Musk can’t have any talent except money. There are sooo many people with millions of dollars yet they aren’t turning into billionaires. Bezos didn’t find some geek and finance him. Gates, jobs etc. All these people were the ones with the idea. They obviously weren’t alone but the fact that they were there at ground zero and stayed till the end shows that they were contributing something critical. Apple even tried to go at it without Jobs and had to buy NeXT out of debt to get him back t
  7. He wasn’t living in a slum but he didn’t just get a couple million from his parents to buy companies either. He got around $40,000 from his dad. I got that much from my parents and I’m not on track to even be a millionaire. While private schools aren’t cheap they also mean very little. Millions of people attend private school and go on to lead normal lives. Musk founded Zip2.com. Musk founded X.com and later merged with Confinity to form the company that would become PayPal of which Musk was the first CEO. Tesla Motors was started in 2003 by Eberhard and Tarpenning. They
  8. They use plutonium dioxide. About 11 pounds to produce 110W. Electric cars need kW’s of power. The US has only recently started making plutonium dioxide again and only for use by NASA for space missions. it’s not at all a viable power source for electric cars. It works well for space missions as the only alternative is solar which loses efficiency rapidly as you move away from the Sun.
  9. EVs used to use cost $100k. Gas cars used to only be owned by the very wealthy. As the tech matures it will come down in price. It’s already happening with Tesla’s model 3 and Nissan’s Leaf both being $30 - $40k.
  10. People have been predicting their death since the original Roadster and they are now on their third mass market car. People have also been saying the competition is catching up and a new Tesla killer has just been released but none of the Tesla killers have really stuck around. Look at sale numbers for EVs. Tesla has all of their cars in the top five and in some countries hold spots 1, 2, and 3. This is in no small part to being able to get enough batteries. I believe pretty much every other mass market EV is battery constrained and using batteries that are decently more expensive then Tesla’s
  11. There's plenty of people getting pissed at devs and publishers too. For Metro I think the Publisher and devs were getting more criticism then Epic as they were the ones who advertised the game being on Steam and then pulled it. Also Epic just bought the studio that makes Rocket League so that's now off Steam.
  12. Epic could have competed on store features. Instead they offer almost nothing. Besides the big games were advertised to be on Steam, Metro was even up for preorder, and then suddenly went to Epic. Currently they are all slated for release back onto Steam when the exclusive period ends. No one would care if these games were just sold on Epic. It’s that Epic paid to take them away from Steam and force users to use a worse store. Hell people who managed to pre-order Metro were able to pre-download it on Steam. Those that bought it on Epic couldn’t as Epic doesn’t have that feature. Epic isn’t bri
  13. I think it’s a terrible argument. Steam’s just a storefront. You can sell your game through them and any other storefront you want to. Steam doesn’t require you to sign exclusive or timed exclusive contracts with them to be sold on their store. The only issue would be if steam blocked cross play between them and say GOG as someone mentioned but didn’t seem sure of. The only actual exclusives on steam are their own first party games which is expected. Steam has the most games because they are the biggest store. They are also at or near the top with features for people selling and b
  14. The only reason YouTube did this is because people stirred up the media and brigades companies who advertised on YouTube. Because of thst YouTube has to do something. Explaining what they were currently doing to combat these issue wouldn’t work. Youtube is in a lose-lose situation. Either they go aggressive Amme innocent channels get affected or they go gently and guilty people get away with it. Both get them in shit with people.
  15. Right now the batteries are installed into the grid. Once their weight to energy ratio is too poor for a car many companies, not just Tesla, use the batteries for grid storage. At that point space is cheap so using degraded batteries isn’t an issue. Besides recycling isn’t that hard. It’s more expensive then making a new one but Tesla and other companies have the processes in place, they just aren’t really needed yet as these batteries can have a effective life of a few decades.