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  1. They use plutonium dioxide. About 11 pounds to produce 110W. Electric cars need kW’s of power. The US has only recently started making plutonium dioxide again and only for use by NASA for space missions. it’s not at all a viable power source for electric cars. It works well for space missions as the only alternative is solar which loses efficiency rapidly as you move away from the Sun.
  2. EVs used to use cost $100k. Gas cars used to only be owned by the very wealthy. As the tech matures it will come down in price. It’s already happening with Tesla’s model 3 and Nissan’s Leaf both being $30 - $40k.
  3. People have been predicting their death since the original Roadster and they are now on their third mass market car. People have also been saying the competition is catching up and a new Tesla killer has just been released but none of the Tesla killers have really stuck around. Look at sale numbers for EVs. Tesla has all of their cars in the top five and in some countries hold spots 1, 2, and 3. This is in no small part to being able to get enough batteries. I believe pretty much every other mass market EV is battery constrained and using batteries that are decently more expensive then Tesla’s
  4. There's plenty of people getting pissed at devs and publishers too. For Metro I think the Publisher and devs were getting more criticism then Epic as they were the ones who advertised the game being on Steam and then pulled it. Also Epic just bought the studio that makes Rocket League so that's now off Steam.
  5. Epic could have competed on store features. Instead they offer almost nothing. Besides the big games were advertised to be on Steam, Metro was even up for preorder, and then suddenly went to Epic. Currently they are all slated for release back onto Steam when the exclusive period ends. No one would care if these games were just sold on Epic. It’s that Epic paid to take them away from Steam and force users to use a worse store. Hell people who managed to pre-order Metro were able to pre-download it on Steam. Those that bought it on Epic couldn’t as Epic doesn’t have that feature. Epic isn’t bri
  6. I think it’s a terrible argument. Steam’s just a storefront. You can sell your game through them and any other storefront you want to. Steam doesn’t require you to sign exclusive or timed exclusive contracts with them to be sold on their store. The only issue would be if steam blocked cross play between them and say GOG as someone mentioned but didn’t seem sure of. The only actual exclusives on steam are their own first party games which is expected. Steam has the most games because they are the biggest store. They are also at or near the top with features for people selling and b
  7. The only reason YouTube did this is because people stirred up the media and brigades companies who advertised on YouTube. Because of thst YouTube has to do something. Explaining what they were currently doing to combat these issue wouldn’t work. Youtube is in a lose-lose situation. Either they go aggressive Amme innocent channels get affected or they go gently and guilty people get away with it. Both get them in shit with people.
  8. Right now the batteries are installed into the grid. Once their weight to energy ratio is too poor for a car many companies, not just Tesla, use the batteries for grid storage. At that point space is cheap so using degraded batteries isn’t an issue. Besides recycling isn’t that hard. It’s more expensive then making a new one but Tesla and other companies have the processes in place, they just aren’t really needed yet as these batteries can have a effective life of a few decades.
  9. OP seems to be poorly informed on the subject unfortunately and hasn’t edited their post with correct info.
  10. Lol. This isn’t a game. It’s a test rocket SpaceX built. Star Citizen is the game and is progressing.
  11. But the game isn’t done when you pre-order. The game is also being made by an established studio with multiple revenue streams. SC has none of that. As for it being a scam I can’t really see how it is. They’ve released taxes and such. How the money is being spent isn’t a closely guarded secret. They have weekly videos detailing what’s being worked on. If it was a scam they would be doing a terrible job with how much of the money is being spent on actual stuff.
  12. The law doesn’t require this. It was just about providing legal cover to bypass drm and such to repair your devices. A parts catalog isn’t related to that. Thats why companies like Apple and John Deere haven’t released similar catalogs.
  13. What does that have to do with permanent profits? That investigation is over production numbers.
  14. They’ve never claimed to achieve permanent profitability. They achieved a quarter of profitability after the S and a larger one after the X which happened after a quicker ramp up in production. The model 3 is just following in that trend.
  15. Elon Musk has said that unlike the last two time they posted a profit for a quarter they are going to hold off on big expenditures to be able to post two quarters of profit. After that it’s onto the model Y and more factories I believe.