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  1. Much worse than my monitor, but my monitor cost more than that.
  2. What you day about PSU and power efficiency only really matters for full load if you think it will actually spend a lot of time at full load. PSUs also get less efficent at low loads but then it's also drawing less. (5% of 800 is more than 5% of 200 % ) I doubt you would actually need 1300w ever unless you go dual CPU or GPU. But I had not thought of warranty or how long it lasts. I don't know if other PSUs have as long warranty. That had not crossed my mind.
  3. I have a question, why did you get an PSU with that much watt?
  4. If he used JBOD as he probably did because Unraid and didn't do anything special, no he don't need to have most of them online at the same time. If it was RAID he would have tho but that's not how must us Unraid. With JBOD you should be able to put in one and one and get the files off them, but depending on how you have set it up it might be messy because I don't know how folder structures works then. I have never done it myself but it should be possible as each file is stores on one disk and not spread on multiple in JBOD.
  5. A good WiFi card and an ok router can be almost just as good as ethernet cable, but bad ones are bad. For example, before I put up. An ethernet cable to my NAS and therefore just did it to my computer too, with the PCIe Asus WiFi card I had I got 350 down of the 350 from the ISP. But at the same time I only got like 70-100. Also heard about worse before. But to help more we have to know of you use ethernet or WiFi.
  6. The fact is that the duty is on everyone. But some companies for example wont do their duty without the force of either consumers or government.
  7. Yeah, that is what I think of it basically, really. But I have seen quite a bit of US people thinking of it as Only US/Canada. And I have heard some Europeans count for example Lithuania as in the west while other dont. Even if something have a definition doesn't mean everyone think like that definition.
  8. Something I have noticed, is that for US people, "the west" seem to mean US and Canada, while for Europeans, everything in central and west Europe (and US and Canada), is "the west" too. Wonder what an Japanese or Turkish person would call "the west". For some people "the west" might just mean countries that use languages based on the Latin alphabet for what I know.
  9. Best way to limit the impact on the environment: Buy less, for example longer time between every time you upgrade your PC. If buying higher end now makes it take longer time before you upgrade, that is better. Reuse, for example use older equipment for something else, or sell or give away to someone else that will. Recycle, of something is broken or too old that anyone want to use it, don't throw it away to just be burned or throw in a landfill, throw it away somewhere you know it will be recycled.
  10. There are crypto currencies that don't use much electricity, why can't at least ones that do die and those that don't survive?
  11. Ah, I didn't know about those mobile CPUs.
  12. My guess is that they haven't managed to push the clock speed high enough on 10nm for those parts to be better than the current 14nm desktop CPUs. Either that or failure rate is still too high.
  13. Or should I just boot from another OS from and USB drive and not bother with disabling it?
  14. Lets say I want to boot off an USB drive with another OS to more securely look at an HDD or other storage I dont know the contents of. Is it any way to temporary disable an M.2 drive in such a way that the OS on the USB drive and whatever is on the HDD cant access it, without physically taking it out, and without any issues when I enable it again (OS drive)?
  15. If the only thing you care about in games are gameplay, I can understand why you might not like Witcher 3, but I personally loved it. The story and universe and more.
  16. If the salary mentioned here for Google software engineers are true, that is insanely high. No way they need even more than that. But curious, how many hours a week do they usually work? And do Google require them to work as much as they do?
  17. How unions are in Norway works. We have unions but there are still IT companies here.
  18. Of people running passmark, aka just a part of computer enthusiasts and tiny amount of gamers.
  19. RISC V have a chance to compete with ARM, but it doesn't with x86 unless it ends up being multiple times the performance, and even then it would take many many years after that, and software companies would be the ones deciding it.
  20. Saying that it won't be missed do not mean you don't think it was important at its height. It just means it haven't had any reason to exist the last few years.
  21. First, if you focus on a fast moving object and compare it to another where you focus on something stationary while another object is moving fast in front of it (your eyes are standing still), it's very different situations. Our eyes doesn't work like cameras or monitors at all tho, eyes do not have a frame rate or frequency. But one thing I have read that seems logical to me, but someone else would have to confirm or deny because I am not 100% sure on it: Eyes have lots of light detecting cells. They work in the way that they send a pulse as nerve signal wh