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  1. The spider inside. I don't know where it is, all I know is its existence.
  2. I wonder if they decided to take orders when they didn't have stock, assuming they'd get enough to cover back-orders in the future. That's a no-no.
  3. I think it's more of an upfront cost but there's geothermal systems that just flow water through an exchange underground where it's warmer than ambient temps in the winter / colder in the summer. Would be closer to 50* than 60* but that's still an improvement I imagine.
  4. Those temps aren't terrible, you should look at what the most stressing thing is that your computer will actually do too. Though, I'd probably put some more paste on there since I'm not sure that would be enough to fully cover the IHS. If you pull the cooler off you'll see how much it's covered and if it needs more.
  5. Interesting, perhaps bad cooler mount? I wouldn't expect the cooler itself to perform poorly. You do have a high(er) ambient temp to work with though. Undervolting is lowering the voltage your CPU runs at (changed in the BIOS) to lower the temperature. Lower it too much and your CPU becomes unstable, so you'll have to play around with it to see how far you can lower it but maintain stability. (Take note of the original voltage, benchmark any changes made) Contrary to popular belief on tech forums, no you don't, the mounting pressure from the cooler will spread the paste
  6. That's hot. But you have a case that suffocates airflow, and I imagine the cooler isn't going to be great for an Intel 8 core. Take your front panel off and/or side panel and see if temps improve. No, it's bad. Especially 90c.
  7. https://nzxt-site-media.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/uploads/download/attachment/846/KRAKEN-X_Manual_690x405_020720_for_web.pdf
  8. 1. kits sold with multiple sticks are just verified to work together -they do not need to be together to work, you can split them -you can even use sticks from other kits together* *terms and conditions apply 2. basically, if it doesn't boot then reset your CMOS and give it a restart or two if needed
  9. Sounds like you're missing a required mod for them to run. Check documentation if there's anything you're missing.
  10. I can't make any sense about a 4k capable Switch aside from YouTube. That's it, that is the only thing on the Switch that would be worth 4k support, but even that's a stretch because your TV probably has 4k support in the YouTube app anyways. There's absolutely zero point to render games in 4k, if they even attempt native rendering, or the UI and home screen. No point, none. Make it competent at 1080p and upscale it.
  11. Its scales poorly and will look worse than 1080p or 4k on it.
  12. Your minimums have probably improved, but only a bit. It's something to take the time and benchmark and see if there's a real difference. If anything, you can probably use both kits and at least have the capacity, if that's of any use to you.