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  1. Going to make this very, very simple for you. It's high school physics. You ready?
  2. No, you're wrong. Accelerating a vehicle from a stop is significantly less efficient than staying at a set speed (say, 50 mph for EPA enjoyment). Guess what a USPS vehicle does? Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. A lot. At low speeds. Far outside the range of efficiency for running a vehicle. Add in elevation changes like in many, many areas in the country and your stop and go efficiency drops even more. Is it clicking for you why "300 miles" is not just "300 miles?" This is ignoring the hilarious logistics of modifying USPS vehicle yards to charge all of the veh
  3. S&S are bad games for a ton of other reasons, I couldn't care less about re-used models in comparison.
  4. Well, it'll be hard for them to do worse than the garbage that's Sword & Shield, but DP remakes are gonna need to stay very close to the originals. Legends looks neato but the Switch already has problems with open world stuff.
  5. Okay, the majority of them aren't difficult to run, that being said: overclocking won't fix anything at 5760x1080 that doesn't already run well enough. It either will run fine (adjust settings to be lower) or it won't. just my 2cents playing at this resolution.
  6. Affinity needs to be reset when you re-launch the game. That's why things like Process Lasso exist (which by the way isn't snake oil in the slightest, I've been using it for years).