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Ultimate Programming Resources Thread

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https://www.raywenderlich.com for iOS, Android, Swift, and Kotlin tutorials.  They have some Unity and Unreal Engine stuff too, but I haven't gone through those much, as I prefer Godot for game development.  Disclaimer: I work for them but I used the site to learn iOS programming before I got hired.

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On 1/31/2015 at 3:32 AM, Markmjb said:

Some of you guys might now Zonked thread with the exact name. He started the topic to gather our knowledge of the best programming stuff you can find.
So first, a thank you for Zonked who started this work!
Since he is unable to update the thread regularly, I will, with the consensus of alpenwasser, continue his thread.

Zonkeds intro
I decided it would be a good idea to have a thread that is a complete collection of helpful programming resources and tutorials. This will be an going, frequently updated post that will require input from you guys also. So help me build the ultimate programming resources thread. Simply leave them in the comments and I will add them.

General Programming Resources
Stack Overflow -A forum inhabited by professional developers. You can also ask questions and will receive help.
MIT Open Courseware -Online Computer Science lectures from MIT University. Features lectures, resources and handouts
The New Boston - Video tutorials of lots of languages, also entertaining.
Code Cademy - Interactive learning with rewards in a variety of languages
Code School - Interactive Tutorials in a variety of languages
TopCoder - Programming competitions
Google Code Jam - Archived Google Jam contests and exercises
USACO Training Gateway - Programming problems
Tutorials Point - Extensive written tutorials about a variety of languages
Tutorialized - Tutorial Site with the code embedded next to the tutorials
Educator - Tutorial site on a variety of languages

Learn Python The Hard Way - Extensive HTML book on the basic of Python
Dive Into Python - Same concept as the above resource, but slightly more advanced
PyGame - Features tutorials for Python game development.
Python.Org - Official Python website. Includes tutorials and documentation.
Invent With Python - Online tutorials of actual programs and games (very good!)

Live Gnome - Variety of C resources and projects
Learn C The Hard Way - Learn C the Hard way (Work In Progress)
C Programming WikiBook - C programming Wiki
Tutorials Point - Lots of C resources
Learn C.org - Interactive C resources

[bOOK] C Programming in Easy Steps -  Mike McGrath (isbn 978-1840785449)

MSDN - Official Site for C#
Home and Learn - Beginner C# Tutorials
C# Crash Course

C++ Reference - C++ reference
C Plus Plus - Official C++ reference
Tutorials Point - C++ tutorials
C Programming - In depth tutorials on C++
MSDN Visual C++ - Visual C++ tutorials
Stephan T. Lavavej Video Tutorials: Core C++
Stephan T. Lavavej Video Tutorials: STL
Stephan T. Lavavej Video Tutorials: Advanced STL

Visual Basic
VB Code - VB tutorials
Home and Learn - Basic Visual Basic tutorials
Tutorials Point - Loads of great VB tutorials
Tutorialized - Even more Visual Basic tutorials

Oracle Docs - Official Java documents
Code Ranch - Great Java forum
Tutorials Point - Lots of Java Tutorials
Learn Java Online - Lots of Java resources and interactive learning
Programcreek Great Java Tutorial Site

W3 Schools - Good starting point for html/css/javascript
Mozilla Developers - Web development tutorials
HTML Dog - HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials
CSS Tricks - CSS Tutorials
JsFiddle - Javascript Collab Tool

Better PHP - PHP Video tutorials of code snippets
PHP Academy - PHP videos and tutorials
PHP.Net - Useful PHP documentation

Learn SQL the hard Way - Learn SQL the Hard Way

Perl.Org - Official Perl website.
Perl Meme - Perl Tutorials.
Perl Begin - Perl for beginners.
Modern Perl Books - Book on Pearl
High Order Perl Book - High Order Pearl Book

Try Ruby - Ruby interactive resources.
Learn Ruby The Hard Way - Learn Ruby the Hard Way

Android Development
Android Developers - Official Google docs, tutorials, guides, tips and tricks
Google Developers - News and guides for a variety of languages including Android development
XDA Developers - #1 Android dev forum. Includes tutorials, ROMS, news, tips, techniques and much more!!!

iOS Development
Apple Documentation - Official Apple Documentation
Apps A Muck - Lots of iOS development tutorials
App Coda - More iOS application development

3D Programming
OpenGL Tutorials
Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming

Free Programming Book List on Github
Stackoverflow C++ Book Guide
Think Python -Allen Downey
Design for the non Designer -Robin WIlliams
The Pragmatic Programmer -Dave Thomas
Javascript: The Good Parts -Douglas Crockford
Code Complete -Steve McConnell
The Art of Computer Programming -Donald Knuth
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists -John Truss
The art of Unix Programming -Eric S. Raymond
Head First Java and Design Patterns -Eric Freeman
C Programming Language -Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie
Computers as Components -Wayne Wolf
Operating Systems Concepts with Java -Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Galvin, Greg Gagne
Higher Order Perl - Mark Jason Dominus
Perls of Wisdom - Steve Litt
The C++ Programming Language -Bjarne Stroustrup
Game Coding Complete -Mike McShaffry
Introduction to Algorithms -Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson and Ronald L. Riverst
Computer Organisation and Architecture -Linda Null and Julia Lobur
The Mythical Man-Month -Frederick P. Brooks JR
Computer Organisation and Design -David A. Patterson and John L. Hennesy
Architecture of Open Source Applications
Modern C++ Design -Andrei Alexandrescu
Computer Networking: A top-down approach featuring the internet -
Database System Concepts -Abraham Silberschatz, Henry F. Korth, S. Sudarshan
Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach -Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig
Concepts in Programming Languages -John C. Mitchell
The Art of Prolog -Leon Sterling, Ehud Shapiro
Elements of the Theory of Computation -Papadimitriou
Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice -Hughes, van Dam, McGuire, Sklart
Java - How to Program -Harvey & Paul Deitel
Thinking in Java -Bruce Eckel
C++ Primer Plus (6th Edition) (Developer's Library)-Stephen Prata

Microsoft Visual Studio - Microsoft Visual Studio (C, C#, C++)
Eclipse - Eclipse (Java/Android)
Netbeans (Java)
Code Blocks - Code Blocks (C++)
Bloodshed (C++)
Android Studio
Jetbrains - Several IDE's and/or plugins that make C#/Python/Java/Php etc easier to code

Text Editors
Text Mate (Mac)
Sublime Text(Windows/Linux)
Aptana -Open source web development tool
Qt Project - C++/QML IDE
VIM -Advanced (!) Text Editor (small tutorial[/url)
Emacs -Advanced (!) Text Editor

Gamedev.net - A forum full of professional game developers
DBforums - Database Forums
Codingbat - Java & Python Challenges
Bitbucket - Source Control Provider like github, but then Private
Sourcetreeapp - Tool to manage github/bitbucket
OverAPI - Cheatsheets for several languages
Regexr - Regular Expressioin Tester
Project Euler - Programming and math exercises (Can get quite advanced)

Contributors So far...
fletch to 99


thanks for this initiative!

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The "Compilers/IDE's" should just be named IDE's

Sure some IDEs includes whatever compiler they like, but they are not compilers per se, they often just call the compiler externally.

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osdev.org for good free information about OS development. Be warned that the site expects you to already be an excellent programmer.

Additionally, for Unix compilation tools, GCC should be included. It is very nearly a reference ANSI C compiler, but it also includes tools for a number of different languages and targets.

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Recommended books on programming and computers in general:

  • CODE by Charles Petzold (should be required reading for any CS course, honestly)
  • nand2tetris

Recommended books on C++:

  • Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers
  • C++ Primer by Lippman et al (make sure to get the latest edition)
  • The Design and Evolution of C++ by Stroustroup

Recommended books on computer graphics:

  • Peter Shirley's raytracing series ("Ray Tracing in One Weekend", etc.) - those are available for free online (http://inonewekend.blogspot.com)
  • More advanced reading: Physically Based Rendering by Pharr et al. (also available for free online: http://www.pbr-book.org
  • Realtime Rendering (http://www.realtimerendering.com)



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