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  1. Those aren't terrible temperatures, but there's room for improvement. If you find it difficult to understand, you can just leave it alone, and if those are really the peak temperatures, you should be fine for many years still.
  2. There were two different allegations: One that alleged that two different products from two different companies (admittedly, owned by the same parent company) sometimes accidentally traded with each other. The allegation admits that these were accounted for and shown to the public. The other allegation is that someone was also manually engaging in wash sales to bolster the numbers. The second one is a serious crime with serious penalties. The first one is a flimsy allegation, and if it holds up , a whole lot of firms are going to have to do some very serious rest
  3. This is one is a stretch. Mostly because, by the governments own admission, Coinbase did in fact publish the information about them trading to themselves. If various traders or agencies were too dumb to take the volume/liquidity net of those disclosures, that's not Coinbase fault. This is also flimsy because, since Coinbase did disclose that information to the public, the government would have to prove that they took active steps to make it's disclosures difficult to find or read with the express intent of misleading the market. However, the rest of the accusations are
  4. Facsimile machines have a place. They can be made to be much more secure than email, and automatically generate paper copies at all ends. I hate most driver assist technologies. If the car can't drive itself, I don't want it taking control.
  5. Then this entire discovery is academically interesting, but a non-issue for users. If someone can get your processor to enter debug mode (especially without unfettered physical access) then there's a much bigger problem somewhere else, and the end user is already fxed. The feds can, and have, installed hypervisors that can hide themselves in certain hard drive controllers. This was the major capability of the EquationGroup's espionage platforms, or so says Kaspersky.
  6. In my personal opinion, the Grid is one of the most overused elements in WPF. You can build this with 6 StackPanels, which will make it easier to add, remove, or change the game elements, and virtually not change in any way your ability or means to control the relative sizes of components. Here's a graphic to help visualize this. As a tip for building a layout this way, docking the stackpanels to simple window locations is useful, and so are the horizontal and vertical alignment properties available on the StackPanel element.
  7. Thermal paste is like good sushi: You need to clean your pallet with 99% isopropyl alcohol first. /sarcasm
  8. cannot hold a match to the most powerful application processors. https://kinvolk.io/blog/2019/11/comparative-benchmark-of-ampere-emag-amd-epyc-and-intel-xeon-for-cloud-native-workloads/ If you look at these benchmarks, the ARM CPU outperforms the x86/64 processors in memory accesses. Which is a reasonable and expected conclusion since these processors exist mostly because AWS commissioned them to help run their database and AI offerings, which could really really benefit from a lot of in memory databases (hence high blocking I/O performance was the main point of optimization). I
  9. Pretty much everyone agrees that it will take around a decade of concerted effort to switch enough consumer applications to ARM for it to really become attractive. I will capitulate that we've seen the start of that process already. That's true enough, but my intention was to compare top-of-the-line offerings to top-of-the-line offerings. ARM will always have a leg up in the low power space, that's where very nearly 100% of it's development effort (both from the brand and from the individual suppliers) has been directed since the introduction of the brand. At the moment, it
  10. What? Have you actually looked at real benchmark scores? The most common M1 chips have only like a quarter the single or multithreaded performance for most non synthetics that the big boys (i7's and threadrippers) have. Just wait a bit on that one. The big limitation for x86/64 chips is particle physics. The big limitation for ARM is that no one has tried big, fast, ARM chips before. Let's just see what happens with the benchmarks over the next decade. Apple's ARM chips have HUGE ground to cover to catch up to current x86/64 offerings.
  11. I've been living in Mississippi for a little over a decade now. I am aware of what happens when your city doesn't have any snow plows and it snows almost 2 feet overnight. Within the next day, all of the retail parking lots where cleared, and the major roads had been packed down enough to make it passable by virtually any 4+ wheeled vehicle whether 2wd or 4wd. I'm also aware of what living in an area with excellent snow management is like. Even with top notch snow management, you still have to drive on ice, packed, and sometimes even fresh snow.
  12. Just to set the stage for what I'm about to say, I grew up in Wisconsin but I've been living in Mississippi for about 10 years now. We got the same snow storm that Texas did, mostly to the same extent. It really wasn't that bad. People in the south would just rather use snow as an excuse to not do anything than learn how to drive in it. Literally. The snow, overall, stayed on the ground for only a week (the bulk of it stayed for only three days), and yet every store was empty, suppliers didn't deliver to retailers, and people wouldn't come to work. But I drove a front wheel drive Ford Esc
  13. Do not, under any circumstances, cheap out on the Power Supply. A cheap or underpowered power supply can cause myriad issues that are difficult to diagnose as being a weak or bad power supply. If there is any component you should splurge on, it should be the power supply. Do cheap out on a case, on memory, on SSD/HDD, or on a GPU. Those parts are easily replaceable, and won't cause problems with other components if they are unreliable or have a failure. The power supply, on the other hand, is central to everything in a computer, and a bad or poor quality one will really wreak
  14. So how do you actually become a verified gamer to get this. I can't find any information besides two threads and the original tweet. Is that intended?
  15. I've adopted a good strategy. It's simple really, all I do is remind myself that I aint talkin' bout love. It's completely possible to love someone (truly and unconditionally) that you also can't stand.