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  1. To each their own. Very true, but at the same time if you are going to have to learn a new language (especially from scratch like Lii said), then I would argue it's worth is to add just a little bit of additional work in learning, to give you such a wider range of programs you can make. And hell if he wants, there are a lot of tutorials out there for Python and other languages that get straight to the point, and will teach you how to do specific things in those languages, rather than taking a tutorial that teaches Python as a general purpose language.
  2. I'd recommend learning Python. Has some amazing numerical libraries these days, and since it's a general purpose language, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of what you can do. And it being free never hurts either.
  3. RIP Tyler. This year just keeps taking so much.
  4. This is from a year ago and I know a lot has changed in this time, but PolyMatter had an interesting take on Apple's problems with India.
  5. Figured I might as well go ahead and ask this here. See my thread here for for the full story. Quick Summary though 1) ARC not a reliable option (see story above) 2) Setup is like this HTPC \ BluRay ===> Samsung TV (via HDMI) ===> Surround Sound System (via toslink) Console / Samsung decided to be a PITA and not allow Dolby Digital passthrough if source is HDMI and it's outputting through toslink. So even though EVERY SINGLE OTHER LINK IN THIS CHAIN SUPPORTS SURROUND SOUND, the TV won't for this configuration. So, what
  6. So, a little backstory. Earlier this year I decided to upgrade my entertainment center. I got a 65" Samsung TV (~$500) and a Vizio 5.1 Surround Sound System (~$250). Nothing super fancy by any means, but a decent upgrade from what I had before. The surround sound system in particular I was really looking forward to, and made sure the TV was compatible with it. So, get it setup. Have my HTPC hooked up, Switch & Blu Ray player. Find out about ARC, and get that setup, so everything can play through the sound system without needing a bunch of wires....... Except ARC is r
  7. This is a bit like complaining that a lamborghini is more expensive than an suv, but the lamborghini is 1/5 the price it was just a few years ago and getting cheaper each year.
  8. Useless for the YT app I'm biting the bullet and giving premium a try. Galls me a little bit, but I'm getting irrationally angry over it and and having to resist the urge to throw my phone at a wall, so the $12 a month will definitely be cheaper than having to buy a new phone. I just really find it amazing how quickly youtube has changed. Two years ago I was having discussions where I praised Youtube for doing ads right, by minimizing content interruptions , encouraging ads that were short, creative & memorable, & mixing things up so we don't get irritated seeing the same
  9. I just realized I misread the title. For some reason I thought it was referring to executables and just ran with it. Sorry if I confused anyone. But the answer is still no. The only way it would even be possible is if you basically have an AI which can do it for your (and if you had that why the hell would you waste it on a task like this). Again, another good example of where using a DLL would be beneficial.
  10. Have ad block on my laptop and desktop (ironically i had disabled it on Youtube after being guilted by a bunch of the youtubers I watch but I've resumed it since all this started). Issue is no only when I watch on my phone.
  11. Completely agree. The point though is that those guys have to deal with the same generalized problem: how do we make code developed for one system run well on another. I can't think of a reason why this should be possible, but I'll admit, I'm nowhere near an expert in this field; those guys are. If someone has developed a grand solution us average mages can't even dream of, it will likely be someone in that field
  12. Just as a general debugging tip, create a separate script(s) to test specific aspects of your code, isolated from the rest of your code. In your example, since the loop seems to be the issue, I would suggest creating a separate script, where the ONLY thing it does is read in each line of the file, and then output it for you to see. Work on that one aspect until you get it working, then integrate your solution back into your main project.
  13. Would recommend sticking with native javascript, but I will admit that it's somewhat dependent on exactly how "simple" your "simple" website actually is. One thing to bear in mind though is that if later on down the line you decide that some upgrades are needed to your code that turns your "simple" site to a much more complicated one which would be better written in a js framework, this may involve a complete rewrite of your existing simple site. To be fair though, that might actually be better for you in the long term. I've had plenty of projects that started out simple, then la
  14. Might try discussing this on some forums dedicated to emulator development, as many emulators have to do this to some extent, by mapping the instructions and registers used by the original cpu & graphics chips to that of their modern equivalents, or by reverse engineering the code and rewriting portions of it so that it can run on modern hardware. This is one of the things that dll's can be used for. By keeping certain portions of the code separate, they can be updated independently of the original executable, to allow for better performance/compatibility as new hardware becom
  15. #FirstWorldIssue I know; just need to do some venting. A lot of ranting I want to do, but I'll start it off by asking if anyone else is just losing their damn mind from Youtube's ads lately? It just feels like over the last year (even prior to Covid) that they've just been getting worse and worse. Roughly a year ago I started having this issue where I would only get one ad the entire day. And no, I don't mean they would only play a single ad every 24 hours; I mean whatever the first ad I saw that day, every single ad spot would be the exact same ad, over, and over, and over, and