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  1. Just using the words "alignment" and "css" in the same sentence is giving me flashbacks. That crap has given me trauma.
  2. Question for LTT. In the last few years laptop manufacturers have adopted Apple's practice of riveting the effing keyboards to the laptop frame. So if anything happens to the keyboard (which are usually one of the first/easiest pieces of a laptop to be damaged) it becomes a freaking nightmare to replace, and usually just ends up with you having to get a brand new laptop. What used to be a $30, 15 minute fix you could do yourself now essentially totals your laptop. I would just really like to know why LTT has not been calling manufacturers out on this? Linus has spent years compl
  3. I agree with @tarfeef101 This is a good case of "Learn the rules before you break them" Speaking from experience though I will say this is a very, very good rule to follow. Because global variables can be modified by any other code, this can lead to some extremely infuriating intermittent errors that can be a nightmare to solve. So it is best to just go ahead and get in the habit of not using them, until you come across a situation where you need them.
  4. Best bet would be to find an introductory tutorial for node.js which shows you how to return a file based on an http request. This one may be of some help to you https://www.tutorialspoint.com/serving-html-pages-from-node-js
  5. So I think there's actually at least two different questions that need to be answered for this to make sense 1) How is the webpage you view and interact with generated, both initially and as you use it? 2) Is the DOM just a parsed version of the HTML text or is there more to it than that? 1) One thing you'll notice on most pages is that if you go into the Inspect Element viewer, and compare that to the HTML when you go to View Source, you'll see that while they may have a little in common, there's still usually vast differences between them (technically they cou
  6. Let's say you have a 10gb file you want to copy. Your program will initialize a certain number of threads (lets say 10 in this case). Essentially what we'll do is divide the file into fixed size chunks, and we'll assign a thread to copy each chunk. To be clear, we won't actually move data around to divide it, just give it different start and end bounds in the file. So the thread that copies the first chunk will get the bounds 0-99mb, thread 2 will get 100-199mb, thread 3 will get 200-299mb, etc. For Spinning Drives, a multithreaded copy is probably going to be slower due to it
  7. Summary NASA has released the full video showing the descent and landing of Perseverance on Mars. Need I say more?
  8. Short answer is no. Source code is intentionally meant for people. The naming schemes, indentation, comments, etc. All are meant to make it easier for a developer to look at the code and have an idea of what problem the code is trying to solve. Machine code is meant to be easy for the cpu to execute, not for a person to read. Don't get me wrong; yeah, some sort of AI could absolutely guess at the source code looked like based on the machine code, but you're still not going to have the naming schemes, you're not going to have the comments, and no matter how good the AI is, it wi
  9. To each their own. Very true, but at the same time if you are going to have to learn a new language (especially from scratch like Lii said), then I would argue it's worth is to add just a little bit of additional work in learning, to give you such a wider range of programs you can make. And hell if he wants, there are a lot of tutorials out there for Python and other languages that get straight to the point, and will teach you how to do specific things in those languages, rather than taking a tutorial that teaches Python as a general purpose language.
  10. I'd recommend learning Python. Has some amazing numerical libraries these days, and since it's a general purpose language, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of what you can do. And it being free never hurts either.
  11. RIP Tyler. This year just keeps taking so much.
  12. This is from a year ago and I know a lot has changed in this time, but PolyMatter had an interesting take on Apple's problems with India.
  13. Figured I might as well go ahead and ask this here. See my thread here for for the full story. Quick Summary though 1) ARC not a reliable option (see story above) 2) Setup is like this HTPC \ BluRay ===> Samsung TV (via HDMI) ===> Surround Sound System (via toslink) Console / Samsung decided to be a PITA and not allow Dolby Digital passthrough if source is HDMI and it's outputting through toslink. So even though EVERY SINGLE OTHER LINK IN THIS CHAIN SUPPORTS SURROUND SOUND, the TV won't for this configuration. So, what
  14. So, a little backstory. Earlier this year I decided to upgrade my entertainment center. I got a 65" Samsung TV (~$500) and a Vizio 5.1 Surround Sound System (~$250). Nothing super fancy by any means, but a decent upgrade from what I had before. The surround sound system in particular I was really looking forward to, and made sure the TV was compatible with it. So, get it setup. Have my HTPC hooked up, Switch & Blu Ray player. Find out about ARC, and get that setup, so everything can play through the sound system without needing a bunch of wires....... Except ARC is r
  15. This is a bit like complaining that a lamborghini is more expensive than an suv, but the lamborghini is 1/5 the price it was just a few years ago and getting cheaper each year.