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  1. It’s not so easy to fuck up an entire planet. Fuels don’t even cause so much harm. And they will eventually stop using fossil fuels because simply they are not as good.
  2. I've heard YouTube favors livestreams. What might be the reason for this?
  3. You can't know for sure.
  4. For real do you think it would happen? I think gold is popular enough soo.
  5. I am talking about long term. At least 50 possibly a few hundred years.
  6. Wictorian

    Gold Boom

    I think gold's price will hyperdeflate. What about you?
  7. I don't know either but you can use another key if you can't find the fn keys
  8. I thought planck mass was the lowest possible mass. Anyways, if we assume the mass of a photon is equal to planck mass, it turns out it jas an energy of 6.54 joules (if I did it corrctly). Now, is it impossible for a photon to attain that kind of energy? (I would guess lights would use up a lot of electricity then though)
  9. Then planck mass isn't really planck mass¿ Also still it doesn't mean it is possible if they are massless.
  10. What I mean with the first question is, wouldn't that much energy floating around hurt us? So is it possible that they are lighter than planck mass?
  11. The point of education *is* indoctrination.
  12. Chromebook can do things like browsing like a charm but don't even think of gaming on it (unless you use services like Geforce Now) AMD laptops are fine. Even the cheap ones cna handle gaming. I don't know much about intel laptops but I guess everything should be fine if it is recent.
  13. You can write a script using AutoHotkey which will press fn if you press those.