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  1. What are your thoughta on The Art of War?
  2. What's the point of rep farming? Also my point was very controversial so I guess its negative? I am not against adblocking btw. Its just people are so sensitive about piracy and even if adblock isn't as bad its definitely hurting revenue. If you watch LTT on youtube it hurts youtube not LTT
  3. Also I think the time is faster in the simulation because whou would wait billions of years?
  4. It depends on the purpose of the simulation, I don't think it is about us but rather the universe itself, then they can't use tricks like that. If it's about us they could as well delete the planets.
  5. I meant the particles in the room by weather example (my bad). But it also works for weather, if its chaotic, we cant simulate it with maths and we have to simulate it with more details ( even in atomic level to be precise) Yes, but how can we disprove that we are in a simulation?
  6. I am talking about personal use btw. actually adblock is stealing because you are using resources like bandwith whereas piracy is not because you aren't actually hurting the revenue (it's the same as not buying)
  7. What are thoughts on Adblock? I personally find it even worse than piracy ( which I am actually not too strict about)
  8. Also google meet has subtitles ( though probably not as good as teams as they are same/similar to youtube's)
  9. Also some people do it to get songs' names from copyright warnings.
  10. As far as I know you can see unlisted videos if you know the URL but not private videos.
  11. You said yourself. We can't really know it but proving it would be a lot easier than disproving it.
  12. > That's why I said simulating the universe is impossible. > The weather example is exactly why a simulation wouldn't work. For example to determine a baby's gender, you could choose one with 50% chance, but that's actually not how it works and with enough data, you could know it beforehand. > Wow, the idea that the laws of physics are changing is crazy! It would be a pain in the ass for us. At this point I would like to quote Murray Gell- Mann, "Imagine how hard physics would be if particles could think". But I would rather think our understanding of the univers
  13. Actually I was asking about how I could get the data to feed it.