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  1. No it does not. Imagine it is a comma. Basically 0.5 means 5/10
  2. I am not asking if sqrt(2) is equal to 0.1414 tho. Basically is 0.1*sqrt(2) equal to 0.sqrt(2) ? Some guy was saying it is not because it would be double dots (0.1.1414)
  3. Maybe you have seen this meme. It says sqrt(2)/10 = 0.sqrt(2). Is it incorrect?
  4. I think it means the post has a both high upvote and downvote count, correct?
  5. Then I thought it would cause no time dilation, basically be the same as not teleporting.
  6. Tbh that's how science fiction works
  7. I don't know but if you were to teleport someone in a room full of air I think the air would just move to other parts of the room. Like dropping an object in water
  8. That's not teleportation, in that case you are right except you wouldn't experience time dilation because you wouldn't be alive.
  9. If the entire universe can be simulated it can be done. And that's not what teleportation really is.
  10. No I didn't mean that. Yes this is pointless. Yes you are dead. And no you are not teleporting, you are travelling at the speed of the light. Teleportation means instantly appearing at a new location. @Master Disaster @RedRound2
  11. What do you mean it would take a long time?
  12. Is it impossible at our scale tho?
  13. It's wrong because you don't travel at an infinite speed. You don't travel at all. Idk if time dilation is 0 but basicall it is the same as just standing still, so I assume 0.
  14. Yeah I was talking about this case.
  15. Objects are not kinds of energy tho