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  1. Since smartphones and tablets really jumped into the consumer space, there has been a push to ensure they become the definitive all in one device. That is to say they are to control (or be integrated into) every aspect of your life, if you think about it there are 'apps' for everything, and you can use NFC to pay for things etc. Again recently companion devices such as smart watches seem to be gaining ground, but what I'm really trying to gauge is the future trends for such devices As far as I can determine there is a push towards the "internet of things", and I believe you're smartphone w
  2. The livery is nice, but the Jordan liveries were much better.
  3. Honestly im just looking for a solid overview book, nothing that focuses on a specific area too greatly. Let's just say im in my masters year of a CIS & EEE degree, none of the classes ive picked in uni really have covered machine learning, hence why i just want a good overview and im not really worried about how in depth it may get.
  4. Hey guys, Just looking to see if any one has any suggestions for good books on machine learning? Cheers
  5. Metallica hmmm. Some real heavy music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWjQAkihbp0
  6. I enjoy unboxings as they give you a quick insight into newer products, and they keep you up to date with product releases. But product reviews are good for in depth looks into products. Maybe group unboxings of similar products?
  7. This guy knows. I used to be into metal alot more, than i am now. But Lamb of God, Slipknot and Machine Head are still where its at.
  8. Not bothered, just need something that works tbh. Yea my bad forgot to quote you.
  9. Integrated is fine, its just going to be used for programming, word processing and googleing the answer to things.
  10. So far ive just had a wee scout around pcworld.
  11. Hey, im looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for a fairly cheap laptop. The one i currently use for uni is dead, i start back in 2 weeks, and have limited funds. It will be mostly used for programming (in Eclipse, Arduino stuff), and your usual word processing. Im not bothered about OS, going to throw Win7 on it. Would like it to have an intel chip (i5 if possible). I dont care if its haswell. >= 4GB Ram => 500GB storage A nice keyboard would be a plus. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. Born: Paisley, Scotland Lived: Renfrew, Scotland/ Geulph, Ontario Live: Erskine, Scotland
  13. I'm not going to lie, im going to spend one day walking through Glasgow trying to get as many people arrested as possible.