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  1. This should of been solved since November of that same year. The problem was the motherboard, not the PSU. We bought new components for it and works fine till this day. MOBO CPU RAM HDD old PSU still works fine.
  2. Those were my initial sentiments but I understand it more than I first did on the surface.
  3. Codecademy if you were asking for a place to learn. Trust me its great and its not clustered with too much information at once. The way its setup you'll never a website in a week time. You basically just have to stick with it. or you can try tutorialpointz
  4. Beautiful beautiful work. Is it possible to show how the bottom tier is setup? Monitor connections?
  5. I setup a poll or i thought i did. I dont see it
  6. where is that option hidden I sorted it out.
  7. Lmao I'll fix it. ohhhh the irony