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  1. Well. I'm at a loss for words. One of those two things actually fixed it! Thank you so much @WereCat
  2. > Try disabling Fast Startup in windows, make sure to restart the pc afterwards. Interesting, I'll give that a go. Any idea why that might cause the issue? > game mode ON and OFF while having Game Bar and XBOX DVR disabled. Oh good idea I haven't tried this. Fwiw its a fresh install of windows (as of 2 days ago). Do you have recommended steps on how to do this
  3. Hey all - As the title states I'm getting massive stuttering in PUBG. I'm running the game on medium-high settings and I get constantly over 100 FPS. My specs should be more than capable of running PUBG smoothly - I've got the 3950x, 64GB dominator platinum, and the gigabyte 2080 ti waterforce. I managed to capture a video of the stuttering (extremely evident at the 1:30-1:50 mark) As you can see here the frametimes (measured using RTSS) are all over the place: ' Some other notes: I've got gsync on, with a gsyn
  4. I'm not trying to solve it, I've already created a solution. I posted the problem for others to try.
  5. A monkey is trying to cross a river, that is slowly going down. He wants to cross the river at the earliest possible time. The monkey is able to jump up to k stones. One assumption can be made: the time it takes the monkey to make jumps between stones in negligible the value of the max stone he must jump to is the time at which he can cross the river. The input looks like this: r, an array of integers >= -1 representing the time at which the stone becomes available to jump to. If the stone is -1, then there is no stone at that location. k, an integer > 0 and le
  6. Just a little update... Today I recieved some MDPC-X sleeving along with some custom made sleeved SATA data cables made by https://beyondcustoms.net/. I used the sleeving to sleeve my Corsair H100i V2 USB 2.0 internal connector. Here are some images:
  7. Flip the res or the rad? I could easily flip the rad, but the res probably not.
  8. Hey, So recently I posted my build log here: One of my improvements is to do a hardline liquid cooling. While I don't plan to do this until next summer I was going to start planning and determining the parts required/layout. I've created a quick sketch in MS paint to determine roughly what the layout might be. To the pros out there, how does this look? All of the darker blue lines would be the hard clear acrylic tubing. The light blue would be used as the fill port/access to the res. The only major concern I have is the tube going from the GFX card
  9. What about that car tree with the huge trunk at 5:09 how'd that happen?
  10. Still have to play that one Yeah haha it's pretty bad right now. Glad you like it! or are you just hungry?
  11. Someone on /r/pcmr also said the same thing! The reason is I name all of my computers after marvel characters, so due to the red/black theme this one became known as Deadpool. However I was a big fan of AC syndicate, so I wanted to get that vinyl on the side of the case. However I do have the deadpool within the case, and the theme does meet the color scheme of deadpool
  12. Hardware All prices in CAD - Intel i7-4790K | $475.00 - Asus Maximus VII Formula | $525.00 - Corsair Vengeance (Red/Black) 32GB 4X8 2400Mhz | $185.00 - MSI R9 390 8GB Gaming | $450.00 - Corsair 760T Black | $240.00 - Asus Xonar DSX | $70.00 - Corsair H100i V2 | $135.00 - EVGA Supernova 750 G2 | $145.00 - Adata SX900 256GB | $160.00 - Mushkin Reactor 1TB | $250.00 - 2x Seagate Barracuda 3TB HDD | $125.00 each - 2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD | $60 each - 1x Western Digital Green 2TB HDD | FREE (from work) - 3x Corsair AF14
  13. Hello world in Javascript (seriously, paste it in you're browser's console!) [][(![]+[])[+[]]+([![]]+[][[]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+!+[]]][([][(![]+[])[+[]]+([![]]+[][[]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+!+[]]]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[][(![]+[])[+[]]+([![]]+[][[]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+!+[]]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+([][[]]+[])[+!+[]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]+!+[]]+(!![]+[])[+[]]+(!![]+[])[+!+[]]+([][[]]+[])[+[]]+([][(!