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  1. try microsoft technet site as it has a plethora of information but can get overwhelming also never hurts to goto cisco or qualcom sites as they have help sections and their is always wiki(goto sources linked at bottom of articles) old fashioned library great as well
  2. goto your network adapters hold ctrl on keyboard and click both adapters right click and select bridge this should allow that pc to even share wifi to other lan pcs if right click the new bridged icon and select share connection i used to use laptop wifi for internet and lan port of laptop for xbox360 internet this way
  3. also note for windows or any OS you can firewall microsoft from communicating to your device till you disable the rule sooooooo data collections somewhat in your power
  4. linuses nose in win10 video looks swollen and bruised anyone else see this?
  5. my tv blew backlight and i put new led strip in and was up and running. 4 parts to a tv main board, power board, screen, and backlight how tv repair center failed to fix is kinda of a joke my tv blew backlight it would turn on but flash red standby light a few times then go solid(is tv in off mode) i used backlight from tv thats was year older than mine(but same model mostly(funai to emerson))
  6. i really hate people that start post just give themselves "the best answer" stupid stat padding/building scheme and is a forum violation of conduct
  7. right click recycle bin then properties whats the size stored here??? also check softwareshadow service and windows restore for excessive amount of restore points make those other guys happy by opening c drive then click view from menu bar and tree/list form then click size button(no app needed) and do screenshot then use paint to erase any personal data from pic(draw over as this is simple to remove) resave pic then in paint right click select copy then right click in forum writing form and paste im betting you have a few sys restore points that need removed
  8. very likely the cell phone will try to use its internet as well as your isp landline internet but watch linus video on cat cables and their frequencys used(100mhz 200mhz 250mhz) cat5 works with 1gbps but it does not share well as its 100mhz cable(it takes ages to talk) open youtube video then goto settings and play speed treat normal speed as 1gbps 200mhz now set video to .5x playspeed this is how router sees the slower freq cable try setting your adapter to halfduplex and it should behaive better as this will force the adapter to do either send or recieve bu
  9. all vizio tvs of your series have chromecast built in yup you got chromecast why windows should see the tv as a projected display
  10. wmc is easy to use but is not supported by windows staff as its considered depreciated but windows still has legacy links thru their download center for the softwares(yea no every otherday updates for wmc woohoo) it uses the same setup as youtube screenconnect(goto this page enter this number thing) hdmi connect thing has numerous options but according to hdmi specs and the group derived rules on hdmi you should be able to use CEC to do this switching but it appears its called a different name by each device and they do not seem to communicate correctly(as CEC supposed to be 16 devic
  11. only -128 to 127 if you are assigning 0 to be a neg value 0 is neutral so you get 127 neg and 127 pos and 1 neutral =255 values with power off state(needs no bits at all)for 256 options
  12. do you have the broken pieces still? id super glue the plastic back in place(plastiweld cement) but broken pin is issue though be best to find another sata drive and desoldier and swap the pin headers out
  13. in server you need to link vpn gateway to lan interfaces ip address
  14. try looking in pc quick launch for wireless display or project display(maybe under devices)