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    i3-2130(Sandy Bridge)
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    6.00 gb
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    Hp-omni 120-1233il all in one
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    500GB HDD
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    integrated Led panel 720p res
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    Logitech(Ancient mod)
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    HP( Wireless idk mod)
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    integrated speakers
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    win 10 home

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  1. Really sorry for late response I was very caught up, I am planning to ditch the ssd, have upgraded the ram already and looking for 2600 i5 second gen. The SATA situation is complicated the MOBO has a full fledged SATA2.0 which is connected to hdd however the SATA for optical drive is diffrent, It does not have a power header and seems like some mini-SATA version. Thank you very much for taking your time and replying me!!! have a nice day!
  2. wow! This is amazing, tbh I thought no one would respond to this topic - I cannot thank you guys enough; Thank you for taking your precious time and guiding me though :) Lol! I've to caught up with geometry, generally in my tests i do not even study geometry, just because I feel like there is a lot of mugging up of formulas and visualization too(at least for my courseware) I like Matrices and vectors though 8-) Thank you for your reply sir!! That is something totally new for me that they do differ in terms of their algorithms: Thank you very much for your input sir!
  3. Hello everyone! I have this PC: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c03437996 MOBO Specs:https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-omni-120-1200-desktop-pc-series/5268240/model/5306873/document/c02993109 I am looking forward to upgrade it so it could handle my python scripting needs; this could very well handle turbo cpp mainly DBMS and some school assignments with some crashes here and there. My upgrading strategy: I am upping the RAM to 6gig (DDR3-1333). there are 2 x SATA 2.0 one goes to hdd(500gb) and other one is for optical drive So my choices are
  4. //hello everyone! void main() I know math is not compulsion or a imposed necessity for programming, But still I feel like they Both are just parallel to each other and feel the same to me. I wanted to know:what Mathematical components were a huge necessity and benefits for your particular type of work or while at uni, and what factors should I focus on more as I am in love with it and exploring -if you are willing to share
  5. Hello everyone! I have this PC: https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Omni-120-1200-Desktop-PC-series/5268240/model/5306873?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_s-001_title_r0001 MOBO and Specs:https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-omni-120-1200-desktop-pc-series/5268240/model/5306873/document/c02993109 I am looking forward to give her some more shelf life so as it could handle my python scripting needs; this could very well handle turbo cpp mainly DBMS and some school assignments with some crashes here and there. My upgrading strategy: I am upping the RAM to 6gig (DDR3-1333) fo
  6. well unless you end-up with a 'silicon lottery' with the i3, but that is rare with newer gen chips.
  7. dumb and creepy! why so much automation? it takes almost two clicks to play a freaking song.
  8. I agree with you; my opinion was biased on the basis of the price to performance ratios, and yeah the RTX do good compared to GTX cards- the sheer output difference in fps is minuscule considering the price tags. The RAMs do affect the performance output, the capacity component is not an issue(Depends) although the actual speed of data transmission the RAM can handle does greatly affect output. i do understand CPU's wont matter as much in terms of sheer output alone, but these games are basically a complex program of vector graphics and good output oh high res. ∝ A better GPU, but still I do
  9. 1440p monitors do look crispier, but trust me after about 5 min in the game with 1080p you'd feel just as fine. I would not spend a single penny on something other than 1080p with higher refresh rates. i really do not buy the hype of high res. and yeah on 1 meter distance reading will sure as hell look a lot better on high res, but it is until you compare 1080 with other high res panels:side-by-side. My opinion would be to stick to 1080 sir, unless you are upgrading your pc soon down the line.Then yeah the 1440p with higher refresh rates is the sweet spot. PS I do not think that it i
  10. To be fair and simple, in my experience native 1080p res screen vs 1080p up scaled,looks way better and as far as your general consumption goes: the distance at which you'll be seating and the usage time-to be frank Your own experience with 4k screens will be the deciding factor. For me the difference was negligible I would just stick to 1080 screen with a high refresh rate ~120hz Which would suffice for the 1080 gaming experience. Edit: The screen size is just psychological adaptation you'll be just as fine with 32" until you glance over a 27", and then it might feel huge.
  11. From my troubleshooting experiences the extreme edition is limited to hitting electronic components, copulation is way out of my expertise, try it at your own risk,might work XD
  12. happened to me once, I just Hit my PC with hard knock, and voila-The DIMMS woke up!!! :)
  13. nah man thank to the LMG team;literally this platform they've built is just priceless and awesome for noobs and tech enthusiasts like me and you.
  14. makes sense you got 6 SATA ports just jam in one SATA ssd- boot win through it and install games on it too and use hdd for more secondary storage. will crank up performance and elongate the system threshold.