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    ┌ I was born.

    ├ I found LinusTechTips.
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  1. That doesn't explain wanting to stop someone from viewing your profile though.
  2. Why exactly do you want to block people from viewing your profile? You mentioned stopping them from replying to your status updates, but not being able to view your profile wouldn't block that - status updates are also accessible from the widget in the sidebar and from the all status updates stream. Are there any other reasons that you want them not to view your profile, or is the feature request here that you want to stop people from replying to your status updates? (Feel free to PM me with reasons if there's anything you would prefer not to discuss publicly.)
  3. Generally either PC Gaming, Peripherals or Displays would be the right place, depending on the precise question. Here, that's probably Peripherals.
  4. If you don't select "Remember Me", you will be logged out after about 30 minutes of inactivity, and I suspect that's what's happening here.
  5. A "proper" solution is not likely any time soon, but a hacky solution to removing from widgets/streams/??? is probably feasible. I would however need a complete list of the places that should be supported.
  6. Can you record your screen when reproducing it, and post it here? I'm sure I understand the issue, and it will be much easier with a video of what you're experiencing (or at least a sequence of screenshots).
  7. It's worth noting from the article that in practice the problem is in the implementation rather than the spec, so the impact will vary significantly by device.
  8. It's worth pointing out that this is only a change to the default font for documents/etc in MS Office, not a change to Windows or even to the font used by the Office UI itself. The others don't use Calibri anyway - the default system font is Segoe UI. Bierstadt would be my preference - it's clear, legible and doesn't try to do anything radical (cf. the ɑ rather than a in Tenorite, and the variable stroke widths on the e in Sleema), while also not being unnecessarily widely spaced (cf Grandview).
  9. I believe it should be coming in the next major update, which will probably arrive some time this summer.
  10. Currently, reputation is inseparably linked to reactions, although in the next major update, which may come this summer, I think IPS are planning some changes to how that works - once that's out, we may be able to reconsider, but I won't promise anything.
  11. We're not going to do something like that here. Either it's community-curated, in which case we end up with a bunch of legal headaches and have to worry about malicious content, or it's staff-curated, which would require a vast amount of effort for almost no benefit.