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  1. I found that very late: Conan can be integrated with CMake and automatically download and link your dependencies. The one missing feature in C/C++! https://conan.io
  2. Well, the original assumption was that Notepad wouldn’t work. It would. When someone asks me how to use a specific tool to solve a problem, I’d rather not suggest a different tool first.
  3. True. But: The most interesting question here, surprisingly left unasked, is whether the OP wants to have (nearly) instant results or to actually learn how Windows works. Sure, if all he wants to achieve is a quick tool never to be touched again, the former might be a reasonable assumption - but if he wants to go deeper, moving from one giant level of abstraction to another, including having to learn how to use a new environment (IDE) as weirdly recommended above, makes no actual sense in my eyes.
  4. Surprisingly, Microsoft wants to sell their .NET stuff. Even more surprisingly, Microsoft (whose popular IDE comes with no C support at all and whose C compiler is stuck with an ancient version of the standard) does not endorse C. That says a lot about Microsoft and nothing about C. .NET applications usually don't directly use the Windows API for GUI elements, WPF and all of its recent colleagues are quite the same thing as Qt (minus the portability). I fail to see a good reason to add a multi-megabyte overhead for something which your operating system provides at no additional ru
  5. Luckily, the Windows API is exactly what enables you to write graphical Windows software in C.
  6. Dat Guy

    Samhain 2020

    Have a blessed Samhain!
  7. Yes, it can. Write your code in Notepad and compile it with a compiler. There is absolutely no need in installing a multi-gigabyte software package only to write code.
  8. The last version of Microsoft Xenix was released not many years ago, assuming that UnixWare is basically its successor.
  9. Slackware is the oldest surviving Linux distribution, first released before Debian was a thing.
  10. Distrowatch stats as of now: - Void: 42 - Gentoo: 45 - Slackware: 35 Anyway... thank you.
  11. Write in C. (Knowing how memory allocation works can and will be useful later.)
  12. If Deezer would support more devices per user, Deezer... but as it doesn't, TIDAL. And my vinyl player.