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  1. I made the experience that seemingly "unmaintained" software tends to be "good enough" (as in: won't need updates every week), while "maintained" libraries break their APIs more often than not.
  2. I, personally, prefer libraries which have a sane license (GNU licenses won't fit my own software) and come with as little overhead as possible, even if only three people use it. Naturally, if I find a bug myself, I'll report it.
  3. One day I might or might not tell this forum the amusing story on how I registered my Twitter handle as an Artist name in Germany, making me capable of using it to actually do official stuff with it.
  4. You can't put a complete C++ program into one line, unless you don't need one single #.
  5. Certain kinds of “apps” don’t belong in a web browser. We already have something better: actual operating systems. If only there were more than two languages! From what I understand, you think that everyone who dives into the world of JavaScript would absolutely adore enforcing a client-side runtime on their visitors. Let me assure you that, even although many people do it, it’s still horrible.
  6. FASM is a mostly sane compiler which comes with a built-in linker and allows one to write (theoretically) portable ASM code.
  7. And it has become worse by 2021. I warmly recommand to use as little JavaScript as possible. For menu animations and similar weirdness, CSS is enough; and AJAX can usually be replaced (or accompanied) by a good old HTTP POST.
  8. Adorable, minus the many colors on your keycaps.
  9. Depends on which Buckling Springs you mean - the M ones or the F ones?
  10. Buckling Springs actually are switches.
  11. You can get Buckling Springs at Unicomp.
  12. Buckling Springs have been on the market for 40 years now.
  13. I warmly recommend Delphi: The power of Object Pascal with a long history of mature products and cross-platform RAD development - finally including Android and iOS/macOS. Also, you’ll get professional support outside Stack Overflow.