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  1. I hope that the whole ... as a Service / ... in the Cloud marketing bullshit will meet its fate soon(ish). You cannot decompile web applications locally - not without interpreting most of them.
  2. Oh, good. Then maybe I have some more months... I need my F24 key at home!
  3. That's not good. Given that my 2018 PC122 has quite some issues with its casing, I totally want to have a new one now and I'm already bankrupt.
  4. After decades of "we have to use IBM's old, unflexible machinery", this is still good news.
  5. I heard that Unicomp still plans to make them.
  6. For privacy, I use NetSurf and/or w3m. The only problem is that their JavaScript support is not quite good, so if you absolutely require JavaScript, you might lose here. Still, disabling JavaScript protects your privacy better than anything else could in the web.
  7. Universities probably won’t use Python that much, at least they were rather Java-focused not too long ago. Maybe Python is the wrong language to start with?
  8. Scratching your back can be a project.
  9. All hacking ist ethical, solely depending on your ethics.
  10. Well, if your Model F collection needs a new home one day...
  11. Those colored keycaps though. Ugh.
  12. Yep: Both need to be added once and work fine then. Riiiiiiight. Please don't even try sarcasm here. It makes you look weird.
  13. Actually, @JacobFW did. Because the question was not which programming language to use, the question was which tool to use.
  14. Dare you to show me any benchmark where NumPy and SciPy outperform SBCL's math libraries. So the whole discussion about Python was irrelevant in the first place.
  15. A myth that's easy to debunk: https://github.com/drujensen/fib Cython can be faster than Lisp, admittedly - Python transpiled into C. But that only means that C is faster than Lisp... And depending on how much you know about compiler optimization, even that is wrong: https://lbolla.wordpress.com/2010/12/05/sbcl-quicker-than-c/