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    Official LTT Tinfoil Hat Wearer
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    You're on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.
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    Tech in general
    Mock the fuckin Week
    Survival skills
    The apocalypse
    Hating apple
    Hating CoD
    MOTHER FUCKING OUTLANDER SERIES. Watch it if you haven't seen it.
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    Bit of a nutjob. I'm a redneck survivalist hippy gamer (yes, a bit contradictory). I hate apple and CoD with a passion. I'm actually pretty open minded, at least on things you'd think I was against.
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    Pocket Sand Manufacturer


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    Intel Core I7 7700k
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    AsRock Z270 Supercarrier
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    4x8 32gb G.Skill Trident Z RBG 3400
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    GTX 1080ti FE custom watercooled
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    CaseLabs Magnum SMA8
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    A bunch of Samsung SSD's
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    EVGA Supernova P2 1000w 80+Platinum
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    2x Asus VE248, 1x LG 4k monitor
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    Custom water cooling loop. 1x120mm radiator and 1x480mm radiator
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    Corsair K95 RBG
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    Logitech G502
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    Sony 470w sound system. (dual 8 inch woofers, 14 "driver units")
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    Windows 10

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  1. And people look at me funny when I refuse to fly. I don't care what the statistics are, in the eventuality (assumption a crash is occurring) of a crash, a car crash is far more survivable than a plane crash. I've been in a head on collision (I was not at fault, other driver veered into my lane) and that's been my only accident in 14-15 years of fairly heavy driving. I'd rather just drive. That way I can vape, listen to music as loud as I want, not die because some financial exec wanted to save an extra half % for the company and get his bonus, stop for a piss, get decent food. You know, the little things.
  2. Trik'Stari

    Does Facebook even care anymore? - Plain Text Passwords

    I am right there with you buddy. Let Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat die. Social media (not forums) needs to die in a fire.
  3. Trik'Stari

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    I've really been disliking GPU shroud designs lately, from both AMD and Nvidia. Hoping Intel can at least do something industrial looking that isn't cheap garbage plastic. The first one is kind of good looking to be honest.
  4. I feel like the use of the word "alleged" in the first paragraph of your post is excessive. Apple absolutely is a monopoly (edit: within their platform). That's the entire premise of a walled garden ecosystem.
  5. I would assume they either had that, or the manifesto he wrote, posted.
  6. Defy government censorship essentially. I'm not arguing for his viewpoint. I'm merely pointing out that they are basically carrying out his work by responding in the way they are. I don't see how it's beneficial to anyone to willfully deny information to the public, as well as increase the divide between the media and the public, when that relationship is already heavily strained by corporation corruption and intellectual dishonesty in the wider media as a whole. This kind of censorship only increase the distrust between the wider public and goverment/media as a whole. I don't view that as beneficial. I don't view any form of censorship as beneficial.
  7. Fair point. Until you consider the consequences of the media and governments doing these things, further division between society, media, and government.
  8. They're doing what he stated they wanted him to do, in his manifesto. That's concerning.
  9. Certainly they wouldn't want the wider public to realize that they(government and media entities) are behaving in exactly the way THE SHOOTER FUCKING INTENDED. This is what he wanted. This is what the shooter wanted. Go read his manifesto. They are basically complying with what he desired to happen because he knew the results of those actions (that of the governments and media). What he did was despicable. The media and government complying with his desires is worse.
  10. Trik'Stari

    Amazon sued..... by Brazil and Peru

    But then they'd have to get google or whoever to change search algorithms to not list things in alphabetical order. Or else .amzn might come after anything else beginning with .am
  11. Trik'Stari

    MySpace admits losing 12 years of music

    .................. .........................People still use myspace? WHO?! The same people using AOL?!
  12. Trik'Stari

    Nvidia Brings DXR Raytracing to Pascal, Turing and Volta

    The problem there is you'd be playing Battlefield 5. And no one, should be playing Battlefield 5. DICE completely fumbled this game chasing the arcade shooting and battle royale craze. And no one should reward that behavior.
  13. I seriously doubt it. No one is going to enjoy the lag from that. Regardless of what internet speeds you have, multiplayer will likely not be enjoyable for anyone more than a few miles from the game server.
  14. Trik'Stari

    Another navi leak

    As long as they go with GDDR6 instead of fucking HBM. We get it AMD, HBM is neat, but you need to actually have shit in stock for people to buy.
  15. It's almost as if remotely located hardware streaming games to your home is a stupid idea.