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    You're on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.
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    MOTHER FUCKING OUTLANDER SERIES. Watch it if you haven't seen it.
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    Bit of a nutjob. I'm a redneck survivalist hippy gamer (yes, a bit contradictory). I hate apple and CoD with a passion. I'm actually pretty open minded, at least on things you'd think I was against.

    https://youtu.be/jQkNxLU2wvk?t=3053 That time I was in The News. Luke's reaction to me being the author is exactly what I am going for in life. Legitimately my proudest moment in life lol
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  1. I'm curious.


    Can anyone linked up with the LGBTQ community honestly tell me it hasn't, at least on social media, become as toxic and cultish as the people it claims to hate or be oppressed by?


    To clarify:


    My only problem with ANYONE in the LGBTQ community is their assault on privately held businesses or religious institutions. I am an atheist that has grown up in the south, but I still find a way to respect the beliefs of those who are religious, be they buddhist, christian, jewish, and even islamic. Despite me having serious problems with some of those religions, I still try to see some good they do society in their beliefs. Particularly, I share a lot of the values of christian families because I feel they are a net benefit to society (emphasis on respect, politeness, family, etc.).


    My example would be a christian wedding cake baker not wanting to be forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding.


    1. that's their private business, and

    2. that's their religious right to not be involved in something that they see as counter to their religion. The way I see it, if they say simply "I don't want to be involved" that's different than them trying to prevent the wedding from occurring in the first place. You are free to find a baker willing to participate, which I doubt you'd have trouble doing.


    Another example would be a church refusing to officiate a gay wedding. That's their right under freedom of religion. If you want further context, compare it to an Islamic mosque.


    My other big problem is the trans community, in their stance towards language. If I knew a trans person, personally, (I don't), and they said to me "I am a male that wants to live as a woman, please use female pronouns when you refer to me" I'd be willing to do so. The problem I have is when they say "I am a woman, you HAVE to use female pronouns when referring to me".


    One is a request with a sane statement behind it, the other is a demand or proclamation that is not only not backed up by science, but is actually contrary to all biological science.


    Again, I'm an atheist conservative that grew up in the south. I would prefer the term classical liberal, because while I believe the tradition nuclear family is the strongest foundation for a society, and that speech and right to bear arms are the two most important rights and group of people can have, I am willing to discuss other ideas and beliefs. My regards towards government is "as limited as possible".


    Go get a job supporting a local governmental body like doing tech support for your school systems, and you'll understand quite quickly why government should be as limited and tightly controlled as possible. Government is always the worst solution to any problem, in my opinion.


    I'm drunk, might respond sparingly to this tonight because I have to be up at 4am to drive 400+ miles to deliver laptops to a school system, then drive all the way home again. Hooray IT work.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. dizmo


      You can bet your ass that Christian baker would be up in arms if they went somewhere and they were refused service because they're Christian.

      It's no different with how you associate your sexuality.

      In specific terms of the baker, refusing that is just poor business. Nothing more.


      Christianity, in reality, was made to help society move forward amicably. That's why a lot of the commandments exist. It's also largely why most religions were started, if not for personal gain of the person or group that designed it.


      Agree about the trans thing, though you seem to have an issue with separating the physical from the mental reality (to them). I do, however, find it odd that it's only now this is popping up. Times change and we advance medically, I suppose. The worst is when it's a kid saying they're the opposite sex and the parents just go along with it...they're too young to really comprehend that, I think. After all, one of my friends used to think he was a cat. He has since grown up into a helicopter gunship.


      @Tech_Dreamer Got a bit of a thing for Janice? ;)





    3. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      i've talked about this before but LGBTQ are thier own enemy. they attack their own people more than others. its getting incredibly hard to justify every time they get fake outraged for nothing, attacking their own allies for talking sense. and don't even get me started on white knighting. they're even worse. 

      that being said saying i won't do weeding cakes is same as saying i won't do cake because you're black, no matter how you twist your words.

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      Either You're with us or against us. :ph34r:

  2. Fair enough, but I could make the argument that the fewer accounts I have the less likelihood I have of a breach occurring with my information in it. I'll admit I hate the streaming services for becoming exactly what people did not want them to become. I'll give it maybe 5 years before they start including advertising because "we need it to continue existing".
  3. What I'm getting from this: Don't use these streaming services at all, because they take security about as seriously as they want to provide a good value for the money they ask for. Honestly, I'm wondering when some executive is going to get caught selling the credentials on the black market just to try to increase quarterly profits.
  4. If I was a lawyer for this guy I'd be pushing this straight to jury trial. Seems remarkably easy to make the argument "you find a device attached to your car, you didn't put it there, it wasn't there before, literally anyone would have removed it. If anything, it's the governments own fault for putting it in such an easy to find spot.".
  5. That'd be actually kind of awesome. The Cherenkov effect is fucking awesome. You'd expect nuclear reactors to have some kind of glow to them, and damned if physics didn't meet that expectation.
  6. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2019/12/hardscrabble-car-salesman-wins-defamation-trial/


    I remember being apart of a rather massive debate over this on here.



    1. Tech_Dreamer



      “You wanna award damages? How about one dollar?”


  7. >typing on a 7700k I really want to switch to AMD.
  8. That's essentially what happened. I'm just pissed because I can't get the side mount lower section drive cages for this machine. I could have some made, but I'd also need to have the damned mount for them made. Damn you Caselabs, damn you for going out of business and leaving me fucked over. I wish someone would at least release blueprints for all their parts so we could at least have them custom made.
  9. All I can think is "we are talking about apple users here...." I seriously don't understand how people continue to buy their marketing crap.
  10. That's an extreme example of "how to let your company go out of business and screw over your customers, because you refused to partner with another company to make your products more accessible". totally not butthurt at all about my inability to get parts for my SMA8 magnum.
  11. Funny considering my S8 has a USB C port and a headphone jack and is waterproof. Which I did not know, until I dropped it in the tub whilst soaking my feet. I freaked out because it's a replacement for the first one I bought, and my roommate was just like "bruh, it's fine, they're waterproof". It's almost like this is dumb B$ and Apple knows their fanboys will buy anything they put out regardless of how stupid it is as a concept.
  12. Somehow I always forget how fucking good the writing was for KOTOR 1.


    EA seriously needs to do a UHD overhaul with no story or gameplay changes.


    I'd buy the fuck out of that.

    1. HalGameGuru


      So much yes. Revamped engine, updated graphics, HDR, make it work at modern resolutions. Would pay full price for that.

    2. HalGameGuru


      or don't, just make it work properly on modern hardware and displays. no other changes. pay 20 bucks for that all day

    3. HalGameGuru
  13. I should be more clear, What those games did, was to make big budget mainstream games, as a whole, completely fucking shallow. Games have, an inherent ability to be absolutely incredible medium for story telling. Not only in strength of emotional reaction but in terms of the depth of what is conveyed. If you want proof of this, go play Knights of The Old Republic a few times. I'm currently watching a long format video on the philosophy of one of the major characters of the second game, and I honestly forgot how insanely good the writing is. I honestly cannot think of a single game SINCE KOTOR 1 and 2 that had writing even remotely that good. Not even Fallout New Vegas was that well written. I feel justified in saying that if you haven't played KOTOR 1 and 2 at least twice each, you know nothing about the depth of the Star Wars universe. And now, modern games are just what skin you use, how well you play, what hero you "main". It's fucking shallow bullshit. Just completely shallow.
  14. Overwatch and CS:GO are EVERYTHING wrong with modern gaming, and have largely contributed to the complete an utter devaluation of modern big game titles.
  15. The bigger problem I see is that many younger kids (I'm talking early 20's, and I'm only about to hit 31) don't see any value in a game unless it has active multiplayer with microtransactions. Seriously, I know a kid who built a $1500 gaming PC just to play fucking overwatch. and ONLY overwatch. He has no interest in any other games, skyrim, battlefield, CoD, Stardew Valley, Fallout, etc. Just overwatch, ONLY overwatch. And he gets seriously defensive when you point that that building a $1500 gaming PC to play overwatch is like buying a Ferrari and driving 5 miles under the speed limit, in the left hand lane. Like, he gets SERIOUSLY butthurt about it.