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    Xeon E3-1230v3
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    ASUS TUF Z87 Sabertooth
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    G.Skill Sniper 1600MHz 8GB
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    EVGA GTX 750ti SC
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  1. Removed the two new sticks and it hasn't crashed after three games (which is really good for this POS). Now I wonder why the same memory with the same timings was having issues unless one of the sets may be slightly faulty or lesser quality and cause stability issues.
  2. It runs a few degrees cooler now but after looking it up, high 70's to low 80's are normal for the 980 ti under load. So changing the paste helped but it seems that it wasn't really that much of an issue to start. Thanks y'all!
  3. Good evening y'all! I'm having some fun issues with Warzone after changing my CPU and GPU and adding extra memory; didn't have any issues prior. It will crash at various points when in Warzone on either map in any game mode and tonight I finally got a BSOD. Current setup - EVGA 980ti, i7-9700k, 32GB of Corsair Dom Plat LED 3000mhz ram (4x8GB), MSI Z370-A Pro, 650W Corsair PSU, H80i CPU cooler. I've tried changing thermal paste on the 980ti and 9700k but both are running in low-moderate temps when under load so I don't think that's an issue. The mot
  4. Gnarly, thanks! Just picked up some MX-4. I'll post an update to whether or not it worked
  5. Rad! I'll try that next. Tried the other three already with no success. Been out of the game for a few years - any new and fancy thermal pastes?
  6. Airflow is fine; three 120mm fans in, three 120mm fans out Not a blower; EVGA ACX 2.0 cooler Haven't wanted to dissect the card yet; saving that for last Cooler is clean; no dust or debris What's the lifespan of thermal paste on a GPU?
  7. Howdy y'all, My card is running HOT. See the Hardware Monitor stats from a single Warzone game (1080p, all minimum graphics settings). Running decent fan setup. Any idea why it's so spicy?
  8. It's been a LONG minute but I'm back

  9. Got a new truck! It's been a while since I've been on here...


  10. Damn, that first post is an old photo... here's an updated one!
  11. It recommends 500W for overall system usage.
  12. Ram is only guaranteed for the speed that is on the box and on the sticks. Overclocking RAM, just like CPU's, is a crab-shoot; you may have gotten golden sticks for overclocking and he may have poop that wont go more than a few hundred MHz over stock rating. It varies - only way is to test it and find out!