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    Intel Core i9-9900K
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    ASUS Strix Z390-F
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    G.Skill Trident Z Neo
    2x16GB @ 3200 14-14-14-34
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    EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC Ultra
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    Fractal Design Define R6 Blackout USB-C
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    ADATA SX8200 Pro 2TB
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    Logitech MX Master 3
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    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus + iFi ZEN DAC
    Audio-Technica AT2020USB+
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    2018 Apple MacBook Pro 13" (i5-8259U, 8GB LPDDR3, 512GB NVMe)
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    Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB

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  1. There's a reason you don't see people daily-ing overclocked 3950Xes pulling 250W+, but you do see people running 300W 10900Ks on air cooling. Or the 5800X being harder to cool than a 10700K. More, smaller transistors will be harder to cool than fewer, larger transistors. Again, as mentioned previously, the difference between 7nm TSMC and 14nm Intel isn't as large as AMD's marketing hopes to make you believe (since "7nm" seems to be plastered over any of their recent CPU/GPUs), but this still holds true to an extent.
  2. MacBooks are bad and Apple succs.



    (also, new lens... finally!)


    1. Meganter


      One Apple a day keeps your money away.

  3. If you're using a CPU that actually needs more than a single 8-pin EPS for power, then you probably shouldn't be using a CV550. What components are you using, exactly? And no, don't use random SATA/Molex adapters that do more harm than good.
  4. Building a Coffee Lake based system nowadays doesn't make much sense, considering both Intel and AMD have newer and better options. Not that there's something inherently wrong with the system you put together, but there might be better alternatives for the money. What's your budget in RON?
  5. Sounds like a bad mount. Try remounting the CPU cooler, and also removing the thermal paste that's on there and applying some fresh one, if you've got any on hand. Also, try being extra careful when you're taking the cooler off. Because of the AM4 socket and CPUs, often times the especially sticky thermal paste will glue the CPU to the cooler and pull it right out of the socket (which isn't ideal, to say the least). A good idea would be removing the cooler right after shutting down the system (so the paste is still warm), and also pull the cooler off with a twisting motion, as
  6. An NH-U12A or even NH-U12S should work fine, though ideally I'd get a case that isn't a hotbox.
  7. And it'll probably (hopefully) be another Jack Thompson case, where the dude and his half-brained ideas end up getting clowned on in court. vIoLeNt ViDeO gAmEs
  8. The fact that you've gone from a single-rank to a dual-rank memory configuration will make up for the slight drop in frequency. If anything, you could also try tightening the timings.
  9. Ryzen 5000 CPUs use the same memory controller as 3000. Your best bet is lowering the memory frequency and/or bumping up your SoC voltage slightly.
  10. You'd be better off getting a proper dGPU in the first place than going for some crazy expensive memory kit now in an attempt to juice up what is still inherently a low-end, last-gen GPU. Or wait for DDR5.
  11. Should work just fine - just make sure that the GPU you're upgrading to only requires an 8-pin for extra power, as the CX450 only has a single 8-pin PCIe connector. For instance, the Founders Edition RTX 2060 only requires an 8-pin for power (which would be alright): But the Strix 2060 requires one 8-pin and one 6-pin (so it wouldn't be an ideal choice):
  12. Should be fine for 2027, but 2028... hard to say. The real question however is whether 10GB of VRAM will be enough in 2077.
  13. Blue PCBs are hawt. Or.. cool?...




    (yes, I am taking old junk apart because I'm bored, don't mind me)

  14. Have you tried disabling XMP, if it was enabled initially? Have you tried DDUing your GPU drivers and downloading the latest from AMD's website? 600W certainly are "more than barely enough" for an ~80W CPU and ~120W GPU.
  15. The 5800 and 5900 were announced back at CES 2021, a little over a month ago. They're available for OEMs only (prebuilt systems), not the DIY market.