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  1. The older you get, the harder it is to learn new things. The saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" holds true in real life.
  2. My room doesn't have a window and I leave the door open 24/7. I want to have the ability to close the door but I'm worried about overheating my computer. The room typically ranges from 22-27C but with the door closed it gets to around 35C+. With my PSU, could I do this without worrying about my computer breaking? Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I consider myself tech savvy but I'm not very confident when it comes to laptops. I'm looking for a laptop that's great for a student who likes to play games like Europa Universalis IV (CPU intensive.) I would also like for it to have a good battery. My budget it $1500 Thanks!
  4. I think the whole thing is hilarious.
  5. My friend needs a new CPU to pair with his gtx 960. He's leaning towards getting a Xeon, but I've been trying to tell him to get an i5. He plans on gaming and browsing. Aren't Xeons generally bad for gaming? Am I going crazy?
  6. It could be better but it's certainly not terrible. Family pressure to get a minimum wage job while I wait for college is the only thing that's really annoying me.
  7. Wishful thinking. Have you heard some of the stuff that guy has said?
  8. The highest I've gotten is 132. My school had the foresight to teach us typing in 1st grade so I got a pretty big head start.
  9. Do you also think Macs are the spawn of Satan?
  10. Humanity is doomed if people think certain words/phrases should be censored. Ever heard of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? You people make a fuss over cat calls and being called bad words. Boohoo. The world isn't one giant liberal arts campus, get over it.
  11. Who the fuck thinks females shouldn't play video games? Do you live in Saudi Arabia, OP? At this point, I think people are just being victims for the sake of it.