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    The Force is Dead

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    Rohith Kumar Sp
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    so member titles are back?
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    Gaming , Technology , TV shows , movies
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    VFX Compositor


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    Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor
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    MSI Z97 GAMING 5 (Intel LGA 1150)
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    Corsair Vengeance 8+4+4 = 16 GB
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    MK330 - Logitech
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    Creative SBS 370
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    Windows 10 pro 64 bit
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  1. i too would like to know how to stop pizza addiction
  2. you post got deleted, what did you reply? 

  3. if its a form of currency that someone can make purchase that someone else can gain money because of the purchase and then that person spends that money to buy groceries or essentials for his/her family that pays tax, yeah... i can go on but its far from inconsequential, at the end of the day the money is being spent somewhere and it ends up in the system, wasting all that becasue you are being petty is really lame, i don't even care about BTC but i rather use it than put it into a ether after spending so much energy by mining it,
  4. kinda sadistic isn't it? if the value is already mined with the cost of Co2, won't it be worth spending and redistributing it rather then wasting electricity for no reason?
  5. not really, they can't make enough of them to sell
  6. i guess you could say you are the textbook definition of being ignorant on the matters that takes in a foreign country without stepping a foot in it.
  7. https://www.eiu.com/n/campaigns/democracy-index-2020/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index
  8. bruh, i live here, i know my govt better than you. i can't possible post links on this forum without getting the post locked.
  9. trouble trouble? , ofcourse, if they can arrest a 16 year old environment worker under false pretense and escort to a different state without proper procedures for simply sharing a tweet, they can obviosly make an example out of you, the 2nd route is they simple will ask fb to remove your page.
  10. it's clear as water why this move is done right now, underneath all the noise, its just plain censorship hiding in the name of "THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN/fake information"
  11. contradict what? do elaborate. that has been questionable day by day and i don't want to dwell into whataboutism, EIU Democracy Index of India in last 10 years and respective ranks Freemond of expression has been good down to drains over the year with India restricted Internet access more than any country, lost $2.8 billion Source : https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-50819905 https://www.theleaflet.in/internet-shutdowns-plague-and-paralyse-parts-of-india/# https://frontline.thehindu.com/dispatches/india-restricted-internet-access-more-than-