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    i5 4690k @ Stock
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    Asus Z97 Pro [Wi-Fi ac]
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    A-Data 8GB 1600MHz
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    Astro A40
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  1. holy moly i have not logged on to the forum in a year

  2. Thank you for the input. I didn't get a chance to do a ton of research last night beyond the Tamron but it really is looking like a great package for what I'd use it for (again, very casual street and friend use) and I do really wanna search one down for the right price assuming I don't find a better package for a similar price. I forgot about dxomark too, I'll definitely use it as a resource.
  3. I just watched his video on the lens lol. He seems to give it a positive review and he reviewed it from a more technical perspective. I want to believe the categories that he harped on it for would be less critical in a casual scenario. Will continue my research. Thank you for the help!
  4. Funnily enough, this is what I just started doing after I made this post. I came across a 24-70 2.8 from Tamron. I'm going to look around and see if there is a place near me where I can hopefully get my hands on one in order to see how it performs and whether or not I like shooting with it. In terms of fast 24-70 lenses, would you happen to have any recommendations to look at further?
  5. Hey all, I've been meaning to get around to shooting more lately and have been realizing that one of the restrictions I face is that I only have a single lens, which is my 50mm 1.8. I have a 5DII, an aging, but still perfectly functional body for what I use it for, and I can't help but think that I need a more functional lens to start exploring different styles as well as for the sake of all around versatility when it comes to shooting. I suppose my question is as such: will lenses that are a generation or two older than the most recent iterations work well, as in, will I be able to produ
  6. Yeah, I personally prefer handwriting math on paper but there are plenty of practical applications that an iPad or laptop can be used for in a math-related course, especially in engineering/architecture/CS classes (obviously). And yes. even if a majority of the actual notetaking and work is being done in formats other than electronically, just having the device for the sake of accessibility in a classroom is extremely important. Like I mentioned, a lot of colleges require you to have a laptop before arriving on campus, mine included. I suppose they figured they would be unable to push their cu
  7. This is assuming we're talking about college/university but to be fair, there are many colleges now that require you have a laptop or similar device prior to arriving on campus. Yes, there are classes where handwritten notes are much more favored, like math or whatever else. But for literature courses, writing courses, English courses in general then a laptop is a very beneficial tool. Also, most schools very prominently use a form of online assignment website/portal that is highly important and usually has to be accessed throughout the day and in class. Pen and paper solely won't cut it for m
  8. Yeah I'm not too worried. I don't stream at all but I record often and I can do it fine with less intensive games, if anything just turn down settings a little bit.
  9. Yeah pretty much. I suppose that is good to hear. I'm gonna eye a few listings for 980's and 980Ti's and see what I can pick one up for.
  10. I see. Do you think my 4690k is going to be a limiting factor when paired with a 980 or 980Ti?
  11. I mean, I'm not really objecting to anything I'm doing, just don't know what purchase is reasonable and makes the most sense. But yeah, I know what you mean lol
  12. According to the link I was given above, the 980Ti ousts the 580 in pretty much everything. However, I don't have a FreeSync or GSync monitor. Mind linking me an example of a fake GPU listing so I know what to sorta look for? Right now a used 970/980 sounds very appealing both in terms of power and the fact that I can finally stop being held back by 2GB of VRAM because honestly, the 770 has a lot of potential to run games on higher settings than what I'm running now, but it is kneecapped by its 2GB of video memory.
  13. Would a 980/Ti be better than the RX 580?
  14. I was just looking at some 970's, they seem to be going for very fair prices. Pardon?
  15. Assuming I can get around $100 for the card, I'd probably be willing to throw another $100-$150 on top of that. Would I be best off going new or used? I remember a while back a lot of people talked about staying away from used cards because they'd probably been mined on, is that something that carried over to the current used market?