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About SansVarnic

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    The Ban Hammer of Fate

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    My favorite MLP character.
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    Ooohh yeah... love those rooms.
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    I have no origin, I Just Am.
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    I play?
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    Yeah my brother and I do this to much.
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    Stupid Birds.

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    Behind you with my Hammer. Lulz
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    To many to keep track of... hmm must be bloatware.

    Reading <-- lots of this
    Just to name a few. . . .
  • Biography
    I was born in Iowa. I have had no reason strong enough to move, yet.

    Served 12 years of my life for the country I love.
    Engineers Lead the Way. Essayons!

    I am Married to the most beautiful woman that I know.
    I have 5 children. My wife has 6.
  • Occupation
    None - I resigned from Work. (actually, I am self-employed now)


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    Commonly Practiced eUphemisms is a hobby of mine. Yup
  • Motherboard
    My Mother doesn't Board ... err um what?
  • RAM
    Got some of those, the horns hurt, a lot.
  • GPU
    Sorry my Grandpa doesn't have a Personal Unicorn
  • Case
    Ya, I think I have one of those it where all the cool techie stuff goes in right?
  • Storage
    Oh definitely, I keep all the stuff I can't fit at home in...
  • PSU
    Partially Stupefied User, yes, I know a few.
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    You want to Display what?
  • Cooling
    I'm too hot.
  • Keyboard
    My typewriter works better, you cant even fit paper in these, uugh
  • Mouse
    Caught one last week, it bites too.
  • Sound
    Bit flat
  • Operating System
    MS-DOS 6.2, MSVII, MSX
  • Laptop
    Lap Top. . . well, I lapped once but it wasn't from the top :\
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    Samsung Note 9
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  1. As long as you dont replicate the trademark you're fine.
  2. -= Topic Cleaned =- Non-productive and derailing comments removed.
  3. Big difference between the two. Europe should not rely on US banks. Im from the US and know better than to have centralized anything.
  4. -= Topics Merged =- There is no need to create a new topic to continue the discussion. Please keep topics on the same subject/question in the same thread.
  5. SansVarnic

    Scan Stock

    -= Topic moved to Hot Deals =-
  6. -= Topic Cleaned =- DO I really need to explain why? Those of you involved should know better. Continuation will result in unfavorable actions. This is a good video suggestion but as for the second part: This topic will remain open and in place.
  7. -= Topic Cleaned =- Stay on topic. Dont turn this political.
  8. SansVarnic

    MC skin

    -= Moved to PC Gaming =- Typically, this would be locked and marked as "best suited for Status Update" which it is. I'll leave this open for comment and discussion as I know there are some of the community is interested in MC skins.
  9. That solves the problem, I dont eat ramen, unless im starving or my wife makes me [and thats very seldom] she knows I dont like it.
  10. bit late for that reply. My opinion hasn't changed since I wrote that, just so you know. After 12yrs in the military and other influential non-military exposure... I can find better ways for me to eat without using chopsticks or sticks but if I really have to use sticks, I can use them last resort. But that said I always have one of these in my bag, the Kabar hobo-tool, I also keep one in my car and use it when in the road. https://www.kabar.com/products/product.jsp?item=1300
  11. -= Topic moved to Phones and Tablets =-
  12. -= Topic moved to New Builds and Planning =- Build Planning Help, Appraisals, Tips and Tricks
  13. Babylon 5 the original DS9. Gonna add this to my Vudu account soon as I can.
  14. Hey, here's what you were waiting for:


    1. TheCoder2019


      well im surprised to say this isn't F12'd