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About SansVarnic

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    The Ban Hammer of Fate
  • Birthday May 13, 1981

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    I have it. :) I don't usually share it.
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    I have it. I don't usually share it.

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    Behind you with my Hammer Lulz
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    To many to keep track of... hmm must be bloatware.

    Reading <-- lots of this
    Just to name a few. . . .
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    I was born in Iowa. I have had no reason strong enough to move, yet.

    Served 12 years of my life for the country I love.
    Engineers Lead the Way. Essayons!

    I am Married to the most beautiful woman that I know.
    I have 5 children. My wife has 6.
  • Occupation
    None - I resigned from Work. (actually, I am self-employed)


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    Commonly Practiced eUphemisms is a hobby of mine. yup
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    My Mother doesn't Board ... err um what?
  • RAM
    Got some of those, the horns hurt, a lot.
  • GPU
    Sorry my Grandpa doesn't have a Personal Unicorn
  • Case
    Ya I think I have one of those it where all the cool techie stuff goes in right?
  • Storage
    Oh definitely, I keep all the stuff I can't fit at home in...
  • PSU
    Partially Stupefied User, yes I know a few.
  • Display(s)
    You want to Display what?
  • Cooling
    I'm to hot.
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    My typewriter works better, you cant even fit paper in these, uugh
  • Mouse
    Caught one last week, it bites too.
  • Sound
    Bit flat
  • Operating System
    MS-DOS 6.2, MSVII, MSX
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  1. @Odinroy Please correct your Formatting and update the topic to meet the guidelines or this will be moved to another sub-section. Posting Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING - Tech News - Linus Tech Tips
  2. -= Locked =- Not much in the way of discussion material.
  3. -= Topic moved to CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory =- Posting an already available product on a website is not considered news. This sub-forum is more appropriate for this discussion.
  4. -= Topics moved to New Builds and Planning =-
  5. -= Topics Merged =- OP please know Moderators have the ability to move topics, if you misplace your topic again just report said topic and a Mod will move accordingly.
  6. Additionally for the OPs understanding and benefit; We do not allow the discussion of moderation and this includes the moderation of other sites as topics like this do not produce or promote positive conversation other than mod bashing.
  7. -= Topics Merged =- No need to create a new topic when updating the previous one.
  8. There is a thing in this world called Satire. LMG is not owned, supplemented, conglomerated, or share invested by NVIDIA or any other company. Linus is the sole owner. -= Topic locked =- As mentioned, there is a topic for video suggestions please visit that thread to post them. Thank-you.
  9. The best burn for Apple users is to install Windows on a Mac then walk around various coffee shops and use it. Maybe even make a laptop sticker with the following? WinMac or Macdows... or something else funny to slap on there. *edit Disclaimer: I am not anti-apple but I seldom get to make apple jokes so here is my once-a-year attempt.
  10. This is why we have moderators... report and let them do the job of moderating. To prevent topic derailment, you may pm me if you wish to discuss further.