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  1. I am planning on spray painting my ugly blue and red sata cables to black.What precautions should i take while purchasing a paint can and what safety measures should be taken while painting to prevent inhaling fumes and other hazardous chemicals.
  2. Mods great,but stop taking away freedom *insert murica meme here*
  3. Looks so ugly.Asus has a better color scheme even super micron green boards look better than this.
  4. $849(*Price inclusive of shitty drivers) 849$ is a bit high.Nvidia is ready with its 980ti there has to be a price cut-down.Also nvidia would lower titan x's pricing.Amd has done something innovative first time in years they should not mess it up with bad pricing.
  5. My mom plays hearthstone i have no idea why...

  6. ISIS Needs to blow up those who assemble such tests rather than killing innocent people.
  7. I am not hating on linus i am just pointing out that by reviewing clothes he has gone too far,general hardware,bagpacks,gaming chairs are fine but clothes are just too much.I know how business function duh dude <_< Shadowcaptain>Hardwarecanucks>Linus>Austin evnas>Awesomesausce>paul>jayz>Tastytv>AMD>Nvidia>Asrock>TECH OF TOMORROW(RUDE)
  8. Yup them too,but trust Linus as in a tech sense i mean,i trust him more than Jayztwocents or Tastytv since both of them are sellout-outs. Hardwarecanucks>Linus>Austin evnas>Awesomesausce>paul>jayz>Tastytv>AMD>Nvidia>Asrock>TECH OF TOMORROW(RUDE)
  9. I normally listen to programming podcasts but wouldn't mind listening to some music.Suggest some nice workout songs.Cant seem to find any other than lose yourself by Eminem.
  10. That what i said,during learning its better to stay off music.
  11. Hunting in Gta V is fun

  12. Never mix memory of different timings it wont work.Unless you force the cl9 memory to do cl11.