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    Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB
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    HyperX 3K for OS and 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black
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  1. It kicked into my head, it was "dream machine" fcking stupid brain. Mark Farina - Dream Machine. Thanks a lot for trying guyz
  2. I tried, all i can remember is something like that "we are stuck in a time loop/ machine", i truly can't remember much, i can remember the flow and the cover and the fact that a girl was singing
  3. Hello guyz, as the title may suggest, i am in a desperate need for help. I have been searching for this song for the past few hours, but i can't find it. The title was time machine, i was a really soft song, something about love, the cover was some kind of radio and a giant, i really can't put my finger on it. I heard it a long time ago and i found it once, but i can't find it again, so i am trying my luck here. Thanks in advance for your help
  4. We are from Romania, but thanks for your offer. If it wasn't for the delay and the shipping i would buy it for him
  5. It's not a bad move, but for now the money he spend were for nothing. He has to wait for about 3-4 months to get enough money for a 4460
  6. Lucky bastard found a brand new asus 7970 platinum. Some warehouse was cleaning old stock and found a bunch of those. He got it with 100$. As for the cpu, a g3258, not a bad one, but god damn does it hold that card back The ram is fine, he has a single stick of 8gb.
  7. So, my friend bought himself a new gpu without asking myself or anybody about it. A few hours ago i got a call from him complaining he sees no results with his new gpu and i went to investigate. This is what i found. Kids, don't be as dumb as my friend tld_2017_02_12_23_34_59_527.bmp
  8. Yes they are quite dead, but repairing them is not worth it. Is not about the money, it's the fact that it's hard to get your hands on original parts. I could rewind the coils or make new ones and fix the basket, which both of them are bend, but that is not an option. Even if i do it properly, the chances of it sounding the same are really minimal. As for the cabinets, i all the information i need, frequency and resonance spectrum, all i need to know is which brand produces good quality drivers, good sounding ones.
  9. The cabinets were made by technics, some old school stuff, as for the size of the drivers, 12 inches for bass units and 3 inches for tweeters if i remember correctly
  10. The task is simple, new speaker cabinets will be coming soon from a friend, but sadly, the tweeters and the low frequency drivers are dead. I need to know some hi-fi speakers manufacturers. Why? So i don't buy some crappy drivers and then cry about it. Name some you trust, if you know any, or just any you know that produce good quality speakers. Thanks quys
  11. Ye, i guess it's time to find another hobby. I have been thinking about going to gym and investing more time in myself. Learning new things, getting my driver license, saving for a car, you know....
  12. I don't know how many of you can relate, but for the past 2 months, i no longer get any satisfaction from play games. Now i only play 2-3 games of lol per day and that it's. No matter what game i chose, old or new, i no longer have the patience or the urge to play it. To put it in a few words, is not that i don't want to play games, i just feel they are becoming very boring.
  13. M.2 is working off the sata controller, nvme is working off the pci bus. I might be wrong tho. Nvme is a lot faster too