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  1. https://youtu.be/bbFAPxzXExo?t=553 Timestamp embedded in this link
  2. I could be wrong but I think I heard some people talking about how the debouncing on that mouse was causing problems for some people. So it might be a problem that you cannot fix, but you will have to check the logitech about this since this is very specific and a niche thing .
  3. I dont have a source but pretty sure even 5w will work but just painfully slow.
  4. you should contact your isp... sounds like an issue on their end. also, make sure you are not using a vpn
  5. well the best thing you can do is get as many devices off the wifi as possible, connect everything with ethernet where possible. next, if you know how to, go through your router settings and change things as nessesary to make the wifi better. only do this if you actually know what you are doing since this can fuck up your network. if you are willing to spend money on a router, then def do that. the all-in-one devices that ISPs give are terrible quality. using your own router will make everything nicer and will also give you more range. to test speeds, use dslrep
  6. what cpu do you have/does your friend have? how much ram?
    1. Schnoz


      I wonder why a bot would be created with that username. Even more strangely, the URL on their profile leads to some info about Charlotte Douglas International Airport.  

    2. RockSolid1106


      22 minutes ago, Schnoz said:


      Seems it is removed now, I can't see it

    3. TheBean


      their content is removed, since it was reported as spam, but the account is still there

  7. you are putting an AIO onto a rx480? seems highly unnecessary for that kind of gpu.
  8. 1. honestly, just avoid putting it where people will step on it, over time it can damage the cable. 2. that will all be aesthetics it doesnt matter how/where you put the cable. 3. not really. shielding will just make the cable thicker which will make it harder around bends. just the basic shielding is fine (to avoid at least some interference). 4. afaik, it doesnt matter. flat will be easier to use for long straight runs since it will be MUCH easier to keep it on a straight line. 5. measure approximately how much you need. cables come in standard lengths so just get one t
  9. honestly for a laptop the 3070 is not worth it. you dont get much more performance for the extra money so I would save and get the 3060.
  10. cloning windows installation is almost never worth it.. just do a fresh install.
  11. epic games has only given devs to *option* to enable it now. so if the game dev does not want to spend time testing/checking it or if they are not bothered to change it, nothing will happen
  12. idk how well this works since ive never tried it, but i've heard people using a tool called Custom Resolution Utility (CRU). I think you can change the refresh rate from here but idk how well it will work or if it will at all. https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU why do you want to limit it at all? higher is better in 99% of the cases
  13. with ram, if you mix different speeds/types, then the motherboard will change the timings so that all of them run at the same speed (but at the slowest sticks, speed/timings). so all ram will always run at the lowest common denominator
  14. theres probably a reason why its half the price of other ones... its a bad psu.