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  1. in my experience, eset is not the best antivirus so running a few other ones can help you be more sure that its gone. you should run malwarebytes, hitmanpro and then optionally run kaspersky all using the free trial versions.
  2. you should also use a free trial of hitman pro to get rid of any traces of the virus https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us
  3. dead pixels are not always fixable with software. if this is a new monitor, you should get a replacement.
  4. for a high end build like this, 4 sticks is going to look nicer and having dual rank dual channel is going to help performance there are actually some differences that are deal breakers for some. I would rather just get a windows 7 ultimate key and then use it for win10. i think it still works and you cooul potentially save money.
  5. if you dont care about RGB, i would rather go for the arctic liquid freezer II cooler. its much better and much cheaper too. There is a GamersNexus review if you want more details. the samsung pro drive seems unnecessary. for a gaming machine, the extra speed will hardly make any difference especially when other drives are cheaper and perform almost the same. Edit: that case does not have good airflow so your temperature will be higher
  6. Hey, um... SCHOOL? Secretly putting vaccinations in our BEANS? How DARE you!


    1. TheBean


      yea I wanted to change my username but I can't do it yet since you're only allowed to change once every 6 months. the_Vaccine was my old gamertag but I go by TheBean now. 

  7. you can run whois checks on websites to figure out which domains are registered with who, but thats hard to do since linustechtips is registered to LMG while floatplane is registered to floatplane. so figuring out which one is which is hard Edit: lttstore.com seems like is registered with shopify or maybe google, not sure
  8. many workloads if they are short will benefit with the extra performance PL2 since not everything that you do runs full tilt for more than 50 seconds. so something like botting windows or opening a new program or something will launch a bit faster and then it will slow itself down to save power. also, since it is a short burst, you wont over heat even if you are using extra power. Then it will go to PL1 for performance but which is not 100% full speed to save thermals, noise and electricity.
  9. you could get a cheaper ssd.. that doesnt make any difference and will save you a at least 20euros. a case with better airflow will also help. 3600mhz ram is not that nessesary either. could go with 3200 and still be fine.
  10. What you can try and do is run the disk cleanup program and also restart your computer and install updates. When you install updates and restart your computer a few times, windows will run some background tasks slowly since for some reason it doesnt do many important things at once. then you can run disk cleanup and remove those files if they still exist.
  11. windows prevents you from modifying the game files directly and it is very hard to gain access to delete files that windows has protected (but still possible). You need to go to the store and uninstall it from there.
  12. if you are in the USA, then upgrading ram will not void your warranty. according to the "Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act", the company needs to prove that adding more sticks of ram broke your computer (which is exceedingly rare) so that should not be a problem. also, be aware of shipping and delivery times on prebuilts. you might be able to buy them now, but they will deliver potentially weeks or months later since stock is non-existent for everything. the build looks fine but also beware that sometimes prebuilts have non standard parts or potentially lower quality parts i
  13. if you are adding another module of the exact same stick (same timing, same speed, same model number etc), then you could potentially gain performance depending on if the stick is single rank or dual rank, but that difference will be negligible.
  14. ask yourself a few questions, what games are you going to play, what settings, how long do you plan to keep this cpu before you upgrade it, do you need to do anything other than gaming or is it purely for gaming? if you ware going to keep this cpu for 5 years or more, I would try to find the 5600x when its in stock at msrp. you could also potentially wait for the 5600 non-x (if that ever becomes a thing)
  15. so restart your computer and run it again.......