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  1. I would highly recommend checking out this youtub channel that tests different suites using actual virus samples as well as ransomware samples. he test individual components of each suite and also checks resource usage. highly recommended https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePCSecurity Edit: His newest video on eset is old (1.5 years old) so things might have changed, while his newest f-secure video is only a few weeks old. Do what you want with this info Edit 2: obviously the newer video is more in depth and is generally more in line with more moder
  2. are you willing to wait a couple months or do you really need to buy it now? prices for gpus are slowly coming down so it will really help your budget if you wait. also, i highly recommend using pcpartpicker to get your list sorted out https://no.pcpartpicker.com/ ^^norwegian website for pcpartpicker
  3. self host? free web services tier (google cloud, AWS, oracle, azure)? these all have free tiers (connect via ip address, not domains afaik. but you might be able to get a domain from cloudflare and point it to your cloud machine but idk if thats possible/allowed. not sure about this but I bet there are lots of open source things for this. web hosting is a big thing so its highly likely that it exists on github somewhere
  4. well that depends on you. since prices are inflated currently, its expected that the inflation will decrease by about ~~10%/month eg: msrp is $500, selling on ebay for 1000 (100% inflation) expect price to come down by 50$/month so next month price will be 950 (90% inflation) these numbers are all examples and its unknown how quickly price will come down also keep in mind that there are rumors that there is going to be a huge 3060 supply dump soon so that could impact pricing as well.
  5. can you wait for prices to come down? or do you really need to buy it now?
  6. its unfortunately not possible to do that.
  7. what do you plan on using this laptop for? what is your budget? any reason why you picked those in particular? what programs will you be running? if you use chrome, how many tabs do you usually have open?
  8. first things first. LG phones are dead. no point buying those phones now
  9. oh definitely. hdd is like 1/20 speed of even a super cheap ssd. upgrading that to an ssd will feel like you just got a new computer. that should be the first thing you do and that is #1 priority. you can get 500gb ssd for $40 and it will make a gigantic difference in day to day usage.
  10. its hard to say without trying but it will help for sure. you are also running low on memory so windows will move things to the page file which is extremely slow (it uses your ssd for the ram. and ssd's are like 1/100 the speed of ram) so adding more ram will stop windows from going to the page file which will speed things up, and then dual channel which will get you at least +10%
  11. thats not nessesary. just close chrome before you play or anything else in the background. just buy the same ram stick you already have but another one.
  12. thats why I was surprised. I thought they would make newer ones and stop selling the older ones but i guess not. I think its the best because its something almost nobody makes and its genuinely useful to mod if you have a FE gpu and actually makes a difference. most aftermarket GPUs nowdays barely do anything for performance compared to FE and cost like $200 more
  13. can't believe they are still selling those
  14. the problem is the ram. you dont seem to have enough. if your laptop lets you add more ram, please do. ryzen is heavily memory starved so giving it lots of *fast* ram is very important for performance.
  15. screenshot task manager performance tab while you are in a deathmatch game